Friday, December 01, 2006

Scaring myself

32. The Guardian- Liked this movie, it didn't get great reviews but again just another reason not to listen to those folks. It was a great story and it was eye opening to the job of Coast Guard rescue divers- a lot of respect. A lot. Did I mention Kevin Costner was in it? Yeah, Kevin Costner. He's in it :-).
33. Flags of Our Fathers- Another well done movie by Clint. I liked the way he told the story and how depicted the characters. It's not you're typical "war" movie. I liked it. It's long and is a tad slow in development.
34. The Lost City- Loved this movie. It told the story of communism in Cuba, it was beautifully done, the characters are awesome, there's real footage included, the music is amazing (as a matter of fact the story is almost completely told thru the music) and I loved the depiction of the culture. My best friends mother is from Cuba and a lot of things she mentioned actually clicked for me while watching the movie.
35. Three Times- I don't know where I was when I read about this movie. It's foreign. I thought the concept of telling the same love story in three different time periods was a neat idea. The movie was kinda slow but I held on eager to see what would unfold. I had to get use to the style. It's shot very....minimally. The camera's don't move much. In a lot of the movie the camera is set on one part of the room and that's all you see; the characters move in and out of that room but all you see is what happens to be going on in that one spot. Something else that struck me was how lovely Qi Shu is. She's the chick from the first Transporter. I liked the movie enough; I still liked, and I liked the characters. I would not watch it again though. Once is enough.
36. Deep End of the Ocean- Apparently I had seen this before and didn't realize until seeing certain parts of the movie. I really like Michele Pfieffer, she doesn't do many movies anymore. This was a good storyline; it might have been good enough for it's time but after watching it the other day I really felt like more should have been done. I felt like they depicted the emptiness in the relationships but didn't build enough on each characters position. Had just a little something missing. Nevertheless the movie was still suitable.
37. Casino Royale- My o My. I will say that this was the best Bond film made in recent day. Daniel Craig did what should have been done with the coming of each new casting of the Bond roll. He made it his own. There was plenty of action, subtle humor, flair, and skin. Funny enough Bond himself was the "skin" attraction not the Bond girl as it so usually goes (Halle Berry anyone?)
Also, nobody told me he would be naked. Have I not warned you folks that my husband has been away? Thank you Sony...

I truly do love the eighties

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