Saturday, February 25, 2006

One for the road

Unfortunately for all of you who have fallen in love with my sweet little dog. He won't be making anymore appearances at the Bailey house hold. He's a gonner.
I came home Friday from my lunch break to find that he had ripped up the whole front hallway of carpet. He not only pulled the carpet up but he mangled it and ripped it in two. This was pretty much the last straw. I think you all recall two weekends ago when he ate the remote control which resulted in another over $200 vet expense, the week before that he pulled up and mangled our vinyl and knawed down our lovely front entrance table.
I mean, dude... I've been patient, I've been understanding- even after he ate the vinyl but the carpet was over the edge. It's been almost 2 years of damaged property and replacement, paying for his little issues at the vet and "bowel accidents" after he's destroyed something. I just can't take it anymore! He's going to go live with the least we'll still be able to visit him.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Finally I have a couple of progress pictures up. Unfortunately it's the onlyprogress I've made since last weekend.
I haven't knit all week long. I will be happy to finish up the sleeves of my sweater this weekend if I'm lucky. There is just so much to do. I joined the sexy knitters club today and am quite pleased with myself. Have to admit that I am feeling rather sexy these days! (DH knows what I'm talking about)
Err...anyways I have so much I want to do but I don't think I have the money or the time to get it done this weekend. As I stated before I need to purchase a zipper for my sweater, I want to find some lovely beads and possibly some new yarn to knit this snazzy beaded cap I saw on knitty. I want to find some black but thicker than worsted weight yarn to knit myself a little shrug to wear over my tank tops in the office (summers is coming up dude). So much to do, so little time.
As far as working out I have been sticking to it hard core and am about to go into the 4th week of my personal challenge. I haven't weighed myself yet. That happens in 4 more days. I am pretty anxious y'all but I'm feeling confident. I have actually been getting up to do my cardio in the mornings in addition to the time I spend after work at the gym. (This is crunch time b/4 weigh in)
Anyway, I must say that this little game has me quite motivated. I hope I can keep it up. I'm thinking the first of March I'll ease up on myself just a bit so I don't get too burnt out. I'll still go everyday but lift a little less hardcore and do some easier cardio. The spin classes and the 9.0 incline walking might have to come down for a week.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's just see what kind of record I can set for blog entries without pictures. Last night was kick butt at the gym. I did 30 minutes of cardio. I'm pretty proud of myself over that. Not that it was 30 minutes that's normal but I did it on the treadmill at an incline starting at 7.0 and went up to 9.5.

It was the best workout for my butt and calves while getting in my cardio. I think I'm going to keep this one up for a week or so. I did my upper body weights after that. I really wanted to smoke my arms b/c as I mentioned before my guns are really starting to develop. I just want to push them over the edge. I saw "Muscle Booty" at the gym doing these nifty one armed cable pulls for his triceps last week and thought I would add it to my upper body routine and superset it with a cable bicep curl- just flip the exercise around- I thought I was so clever in this right...

Who frickin' knew you needed massive forearms to complete more than 2-3 reps of that exercise (even with only 10 lbs on). I marked that one out and replaced it with skull crushers & concentration curls for the time being.

Those big muscled FREAKS. :-)

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm working on my two sleeves for the little jacket now. I finished the back...finally. I am getting quite tired of knitting stocking stitch. I still have the two front panels to go after this. I guess the good news is that it gets really exciting after that with the seaming and sewing in of the zipper. I think I might knit up these cute Mary Janes my sister knit a couple of weeks ago. It will be a nice change to knitting the sweater. I was hoping to just "knock it out" but doesn't look that is about to happen. I'll post pics tonight or tomorrow of my progress. If you have just gotta see where I'm at check me out here. Otherwise just hang on their coming...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yet another post without pictures...
I definately need to put some up of myself. The gym has been going incredibly well. I am just full of energy these days. I feel strong and motivated. I still haven't stepped on the scale for fear of disappointment. I'm even scared of weighing myself at the end/beginning of the month. I've really been busting my arse and eating a good diet. To tell the truth I would be devastated to find out that after a month there have been no changes after all my hard work. That is the trouble with losing weight. You have to be patient.
I'm totally stressing on the inside over this b/c I feel like things are looking better- (my little biceps are starting to pop out) but I don't know that they are. And yes--yadda yadda yadda, about the whole "you can't rely solely on the scale especially when your lifting weights; go by how your clothes fit", blah-blah-blah. That doesn't really detour me away from looking at the scale folks. Let's just be real. I ( and probably half of all the other women trying to lose weight) WANT TO SEE THE SCALE MOVE! Seeing your clothes fit differently is nice and rewarding in itself- there's nothing like going to the store to buy a smaller size or taking your measurements and realizing that if you knit yourself a sweater you'll have to wear a M instead of a L. Still to see the numbers go down... Lawd, have mercy- to see the numbers go down; it's like relief, fulfillment, excitement, satisfaction, accomplishment and twenty other things I'm not going to be able to explain adequately. After knowing one number on the scale for so long and then see a different number it's like "Dude, I'm a different person now". Peeling the numbers off is like peeling off the person I always knew I could be to me personally.There's so much more hope in it.
LOL...I can only imagine what a little goober you guys must think I am with my little weightloss blurbs! Deal with it...I just can't help my crazy self. Enough weightloss philosophy for the day. Maybe I'll actually post some knitting tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One of the THOSE blogs

I haven't worked on my sweater much lately. I've been quite busy these days. I have about a ton of excuses. Laundry, the gym, cleaning, cooking, work...etc etc. the typical stuff. I am hoping to get some done tonight. I've got like 1 1/2 more inches to finish the back and then I can cast on the two front panels. I wonder how long they will take? I guess this is only my 2nd week knitting it. I'm being kind of impatient.

I have just been itching to post up some type of progress pictures on my blog. I LOVE to look at blogs with lots of pictures and I didn't want to post a message without one but I've been wanting to post so I've had this huge ordeal over it. I finally broke down and decided to post WITHOUT ANY PICTURES! I'm sorry. I hate being one of those all talking text only sites but this seems to be what will become of me if I don't do more knitting. I could take pictures of myself in my new exercise clothes(hehe). When I went to the gym I was strutting my stuff like a diva. I looked good too (so there).

I haven't weighed myself all month but I feel like I am making progress. I've been making good food choices and sticking to exercise. I just added some morning cardio to my routine so this should really make a difference. I've decided I am going to run a race in April. I would actually like to do one in every month starting in April and finishing in September. I'm not talking marathons here but maybe 5K, 8K, 10K, 10 miler. Maybe the final whopper can be a half marathon. I was going to do the Richmond SunTrust 8K this past year but I had all kinds of drama pop up and didn't do it. Last year I started this journey and this year I want to finish it. This is my year. My 26th birthday will really be something to celebrate and a feeling of accomplishment. That's what I truly want and I'm on the path to get it.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Had a pretty crummy Sunday morning today. I woke up to walk my dog and found that he had an upset stomach from one end of my house to the other. Me and my husband spent hours spot lifting and then shampooing our carpet (DH finally thought the Kirby vac was worth the $1500). After working up an appetite I made belgian waffles and that made it all better (comfort food-lol).
Our carpet looks like new now so I guess I can't totally be upset. Although I'm sure Charlie was originally thinking, "This woman is a raving lunatic!" Poor little fella, it was touch and go there for a second. How could I really be mad at that face(see right). He really is a sweety pie. He's just been somewhat acting out every since his Dad (DH) went back to school. He's not even two years old yet either.
Anyway, me and my girlfriend had a very successful shopping trip yesterday. I went out looking for new exercise clothes. Cute ones. I had one of those Oprah Ah-Ha moments last week at the gym when I realized maybe one of the reasons I felt like the UFF was b/c I looked like it. I was wearing the same gym clothes I was wearing when I first started working out. 30 pounds ago- everything had a saggy booty and was far too big. I must admit that I was looking pretty frumpy. Anyway, Target and Sports Authority were very supportive in my venture. I got some Nike pants on sale at Finish Line too. It was a good day and I should be looking right at the gym come Monday. I guess the weekend balanced out...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's coming along.

I think it should be repeated how well this wool ease Lion brand stuff is knitting up. Not that I'm some type of yarn snob; I use whatever I like but others have had their doubts about the cheap stuff. I guess I better not speak too soon. I still have to knit the front, the arms and then block, seam, and sew in a zipper before I can really brag. As ya'll can see I'm halfway done with the back. Doesn't my little bottom ribbing look so cute? Excuse me, this is my first sweater. I did my gauge swatch I really hope this baby fits when I am done.

wish I had more traffic

I'm home today b/c I have a spastic colon....haha
seriously though it's gross but true. I had an endoscopy done yesterday and the doc's diagnosis was hiedal (spell?) hernia and irritable bowel syndrome.
I've been yaking up everything I've ate every since the procedure yesterday. I'll spare you the rest of the details. I had intentions of going into work today but I ended up getting back into the bed and not getting up until around 11:30.
My job pretty much gets on my nerves anyway. I used to love it but now it is just so full of drama. It's a long story folks. It's not like I have a huge following of people checking me out anyway. If I did I definately wouldn't be talking colan right now! I really wanted to exercise today but every time I walk and get my stuff to moving around in my stomach I feel sick. ICK!
Anyway, I can't wait to go gym clothes shopping this weekend. I've pretty much had the same workout clothes since I started this weight loss thing and I'm looking pretty frumpy now. Alot of my pants are too big and too high. I'm looking for some really cute pants that are long and match my variety of shoes....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Got my swatch done.

Finished it on Sunday night and then casted on and completed the first row of ribbing for the back of my sweater. I am actually about an inche away from starting the arm shaping for the back now. I must say that this cheap Lion Brand yarn is knitting up magnificiently. I just can not believe it. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I wonder how it will block after I'm all done.
I must say I am quite excited about this project. It presents two challenges: seaming and sewing in a zipper. Yes A ZIPPER FOLKS!!! Should be interesting. Finally got a picture of it up. Hope y'all like it as much as I do! I'm actually knitting it in the same exact color. (Don't worry, I've got the complexion for it)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Y'all I don't know if I did it wrong or if blogger is having trouble or what. My little buttons for the knitalongs I just joined don't seem to be working out. Let me know if you click on the buttons and it connects you someplace random on blogger.
Anyhoo, I am casing on SuperBowl Sunday! It should be pretty relaxing to sit and knit today. Maybe it will get me in the zone for my usual crazy week ahead. I'm starting the fur collared --not fur collared jacket from last spring Knit! magazine. It's the bolero thingy I referred to on my first post. I'm knitting it with out the fun fur collar.

Well it has been two days and my legs are still sore and killing me. It's a good feeling yet still painful all the same. :-) Hopefully it will end up all being worth it. I'm sure one day you all will zip past my blog and this hot chick will be posted up there - it will be me! Yeah!

I'm sure I'll keep all posted on how the knitting goes.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Obsessive posting

I posted twice today at work and now here I am again. I need to get some pics up on this baby. Anyway I'm being a little obsessive about blogging- I'm sure it is just the excitement, with it being new and all. Anyway, this time it's not about knitting.
I went the gym after work and did 30 minutes cardio on the bike and then my lower body on weights. I am feeling really good about my self right now. My butt is going to be screaming in the morning. I can hear them already "WHAT DID YOU DO GIRLFRIEND?"
I did squats, walking lunges, quad & ham extensions, the inner & outer thigh machines and the butt blaster machine. I was sweating like a hog. My two girlfriends that go to the gym with me are both these little things so I always feel like this big oaf next to them. They are just working out in their little gear like "whatever" I'm in there fighting a war. The 3 of us are on the cardio bikes. I'm interval training and pedaling my literal ass off and the two of them are like "Hum De Dum". I know I'm just hating on my girls right now. It's ok I'll be there soon enough. I challenging myself to transform in the next twelve weeks. I'm not even done with week one.
I told my husband I feel like the UFF (ugly fat friend) . I don't think I'm fugly (frickin' ugly), I'm cute in my own way but I do feel self conscious next to them.

There use to be a time when i had confidence and felt like my stuff didn't stink but these days I'm about thirty pounds too much overweight to be kidding myself. I'm just faking it until I make it. But honestly, I don't even feel like me anymore... I guess the good thing is that when I exercise and eat healthy I feel great. I just have to make sure i stay on track. When I don't do those things I feel like I am at the bottom of the barrel. Nonetheless, the point in my post was to say what an incredible work out I had today and my eating was on point. I fit in all 5 meals and they were all balanced and prior to 8:00 pm. Hawaii here I come.

Year of the sweater

Frick yeah!! I just joined my first knit-a-lizzle (KAL). I was looking for one and I came across the year of the sweater and yarnbotanika's post about moving beyond the scarf and doing a sweater. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Eventually I want to be like one of those Vogue and Rowan magazine pimps producing flawless sweaters...but right now I have major trouble just seaming up a knitted cap. This is definately going to be a challenge. Fun! What fun.

First Blog Projects

I'm trying to decide what my first blog project will be. I am currently knitting a two sided scarf in Lion Brand Thick n' Quick (I know that sounds horrible) I'm not a yarn snob or a purist. I like what I like and will pretty much knit with whatever I like.
I have about a ton of acrylic left over from my younger crocheting days. If anyone is interested in some teal Red Heart holla at a sista.
I've had my eye on this bolero. I think I am going to start knitting it. It has minimal shaping and says EASY. We'll see...remember folks I still a beginner. I also have had my eye on a yoga mat carrier from Stitch n' Bitch Nation. I might throw that is there so I don't get bored.

So it's settled these are my projects. Y'all can watch me suffer through them.

Double sides scarf- 30%

Bolero sweater thingy- 10% ( have the yarn and pattern - hey it's my blog!)

Yoga matt holder- 10% ( Don't hate the playa, hate the game)