Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Mason to Dixie

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...this is the start of my log cabin blanket. I'm using all Lion Brand Wool. I like the colors they offer. I'm thinking it will just be a little baby blanket, fabulously chic and in vibrant modern colors. The kind of baby blanket a neo-soul yummy mummy would go for

Thursday, July 26, 2007

36. Employee of the Month-Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. It was goofy and cute. Jessy did a generic job…she was probably better in Dukes of Hazzard (which I don’t know what that’s saying) I don’t know the movie was a giggler. I liked it enough.
37. Tristan and Isolde- OMG, by the end of the movie I was just irritated. Please everyone just die already. I guess it just burns me up in real life, so to watch someone on screen pretend to be a friend- family even! and then stab another in the back SO severely…it’s just like “Hurry up and die”
Et tu, Brute?
Furthermore, I think it irritated me that it was a like poorly done First Knight meets Romeo and Juliet mash up too. (I really liked First Knight with Richard Gere) I know others probably loved this…not me- just my opinion.
38. Poseidon- And the V8 goes to….then again Josh Lucas was in it (Well, hulloe thare)

39. Red Eye- Why does Cillian Murphy look so freaky!? Don’t you remember him in Batman Begins? FREAK!! Sometimes he wants to trick us but really he is truly a freaky face. Anyway, this movie was good. It took me so long to watch this because I was convinced that it was a scary movie and not a thriller. As we all know I don’t do scary so Rachel was getting no play in the Bailey household (well maybe a little from baby bro Bailey-who loves her but whatev). There actually ended up being thrills and butt kicking and connivery (probably not a word). It probably would have looked better to me if I would have seen it when it originally came out. It always amazes me how goofy/cheap quality a movie can look just a couple years after it was made when viewing it on cable TV…
40. Transformers- Can I just tell you that I saw this movie twice in the theater and would pay a third time to see it? It is that freaking awesome.  MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. Little Shia LaBouf really did a great job in carrying his part too. He has me looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie. Let's hope Harrison doesn't break a hip! I really can’t wait for the sequel to transformers- it better be freaking awesome and when this comes out on DVD, I want a gold plated special edition (because they always make those) Can you guess my pick of the week?

Monday, July 23, 2007

two week trial

Dudes, I think I'm switching to Netflix from Blockbuster Online. Ever since I moved to Georgia it takes longer and longer to get my movies in the mail. It's ridiculous.
Netflix has a two week trial period that I just signed up for today. We'll see how long it takes for me to get my first three movies to.
I mailed movies back to Blockbuster last Wednesday or Thursday- got the notice they received my movies and still haven't gotten a email that they've mailed out what's next on my Q. I went to the physical (Blockbuster) store a few weeks ago and they wouldn't let me "hand in" my mailers for new movies, which is supposed to be one of their great selling points over Netflix. Don't get between me and my movies....
I'll keep ya informed. Oh, I already like that you can set up separate Q's for different members of you family on Netflix. Already got 60+ movies set up to sent...I'm a junkie

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't go changing...

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I just spent a ridiculous amount of time on Ralvery. It's so addictive. You just click and click and click and click; looking at EVERYONE'S stuff. It's crazy. I love it. MUST. HAVE. MORE.
Oh so this is my "progress" on the Namaste yoga bag...what?
Well I could see how u could forget but yes I was working on this in the beginning of June end of May-ish. Haven't really touched it since then but I will so be done with this like yesterday as soon as I pick it up again. I'll send u all a picture of the other stuff I've been working on instead of this tomorrow. The next time you see this guy he'll be finished, ok? Geez, I swear u guys (all fourteen of u) can really b pushy sometimes:-)
I must say that I love this cable pattern though. I can't remember which way is which for me now and I'll probably pick it back up knitting the cables in the reverse order but I'm not that phase by it...
Furthermore I know most people have their "knit cables with a solid color so the cables really pop" thing but dear Mr. Namaste, I like u just the waaaayy u rrrrrrrrrr

Friday, July 20, 2007

So anyway

When Matty and I went to our baseball games way back when we also visited Strings and strands in Atlanta.
I got three vintage pattern books there--wait b/4 I go into all that let me just say that Strings and Strands was a cool store they had lots of variety and a whole room of clearance items. In that room is were I found a whole bin of vintage pattern books but since poor Matty had already been there for quite some time I just took the best three that I has skimmed through (out of lets say 8-10 I had picked up out of the first pile of books/mags) Of course I'll take pictures of some of the awesomely great and awesomely horrendous things I found in them later and post them up. That in itself was just way cool. Yep there's the picture to ur left. My cute little books- actually they are as big as Rowan books but anyway...
I had a really hard time at this store just because of the discount room. I just didn't have enough time to agonize over which things I really wanted and such so I ended up leaving things. I totally regret not buying more of the incredible deals/steals they had to offer. I did pick up this bag of peachy cotton yarn for $21. It's 7 skeins of NAIF (German) 100% cotton which equals 637 yds of yarn. I really wanted to make one of those nifty little Turtleneck tube vest from Fitted Knits. I'm worried I won't have enough yarn. I'm absolutely the person to think I have enough yarn and run out...and guesswhat? Can't reorder this stuff- nevertheless I'll find something great to do with it because I love the color and the sheen that it has.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


26. Accepted- Sitting through all the previews before this movie I really started to dread what
I was to come in contact with but I found the movie refreshing actually. I thought it was a great satirical comedy (is that an oxymoron?). More than anything I viewed it as poking a big joke at how serious and crazy and important people make college for their kids. To the point that the pressure is unbelievable for some. While it’s meant to be one of those Van Wilder/National Lampoons type movies it comes off a lot milder and I would even say cuter than some of those raunchier college comedies. I think the movie makes several valid points in very clever ways. I found it amusing and Justin Long was unexpectantly cute as a button too. He’s pretty cute in the new DieHard as well.

27. All the Kings Men- Drama drama drama. So good though. Long but really good. Sean Penn and Jude Law. They were freaking awesome in this movie. Dude, Jude Law he’s a sleeper. The guy is a pretty good actor and really brings it to the table. Cold mountain, Enemy at the Gates, Road to Perdition, Closer, The Aviator just to name a few. I’ve been really surprised at how well he’s been able to disguise his accent. Same for when he did Cold Mountain- anyway this story is complex and well done. At the end you totally know what is going to happen but you are still on the edge of you seat waiting, needing to see how it all plays. Everyone gives a tight performance- did I mention Anthony Hopkins is in there? Yes folks, he’s in there with the rest of the perfectly air tight cast. This made me feel like I got my money’s worth after Crank. Holla at ur girl b/c this is my pick of the week.

28. Idlewild- Very creative. I enjoyed watching this just for the creativity it embodied. Some things about the storyline were assumable but I forgive them because it was so creatively executed. I will say that this movie reminded me of Belly. Belly seemed like a long music video shoot to me at the time. Idlewild had it’s moments where I was waiting for the video information to flash up after they completed their song and dance. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and I definitely didn’t feel sorry I rented it.

29. Fever Pitch- A cute little movie! I thought Drew and Jimmy had great chemistry and the cute little story worked well. It was entertainment and I enjoyed it. Nothing spectacular just typical; in a nice sort of way you don’t even have to think about. Sometimes that’s nice.

30. Bee Season- Such an interesting and different movie. The whole movie is haunted by the audience knowing something is really wrong with the whole family but never being able to pinpoint exactly what. There’s a whole mystic overtone too. Don’t know about that…Veered!

o yes,

Did I mention that there is a Pho Saigon place down here in good ole Columbus, Georgia. It was perfect for when I sick.
I also saw Pirates III the week before the NYC excursion. SOOO much better than that weak-sauce Deadmans Chest Pirates II hot mess they put out last year that sent me home with nothing more than disappointment. I mean I could of had a V8....

Can u believe

I went to NYC- yarn store heaven and did not make it to a yarn store? I met my good friend Teenie there for a girls weekend. We pretty much just ate, danced (mainly salsa), shopped, and visited some tourist spots like Grand Central Station, Hudson River dock- I got my nose peirced in Greenwich Village. We went to the wax museum. I got a Frauda/Prada bag etc. We really just hung out and had an awesome time

When I returned home I decide to get a wickedly disgusting cold, so really this is my first week back really. What a week. I checked my bloglines and my life was just out of control on there seriously. Furthermore I discovered that I have 14 subscribers to my blog (that I hadn't updated in ages) How freaking exciting. Makes a sista want to step it up a little more
When I checked my email I also was pleasantly surprised by a Ravelry invite. Woohoo!!!! Now to just get my site and blog updated, all my emails read, and All my bloglines subscriptions read--I subscribe to almost 150. I guess that's what I get for being so nosy...
O and I've seen some really good movies too. I've got a stock built up of reviews for you guys. I've also seen Mr. Brooks (which I actually really liked), DieHard4 (plenty of action), and Transformers (you know I'm all about it wouldn't mind paying to see it in the theatre a 2nd time)
I'll post up some of the movies I've got stored up but after than I promise some actual knitting content or at least pictures of new stash

Monday, July 09, 2007

Annnnnnd we're back

Dang I've been gone for a bit again. Did a little traveling. Been studying, working, and living it up here in Columbus. I've got a list of things I need to update on; it's as much for me as it is for you
1. Went to NYC
2. Almost done with 2tone shrug
3. Almost done with Namaste yoga bag
4. Have a crocheted hat to share
5. Got my Ravelry invite
6. Have new stash to share
7. Still want to share my vintage pattern books
8. My bloglines subscritptions are out of control (apparently everyone else continues to post when I'm away---everyone except my sister that is)

There are still some other things I need to delve into but I'll start with these few first. Post addressing some of these things tomorrow!