Friday, December 01, 2006

Scaring myself

32. The Guardian- Liked this movie, it didn't get great reviews but again just another reason not to listen to those folks. It was a great story and it was eye opening to the job of Coast Guard rescue divers- a lot of respect. A lot. Did I mention Kevin Costner was in it? Yeah, Kevin Costner. He's in it :-).
33. Flags of Our Fathers- Another well done movie by Clint. I liked the way he told the story and how depicted the characters. It's not you're typical "war" movie. I liked it. It's long and is a tad slow in development.
34. The Lost City- Loved this movie. It told the story of communism in Cuba, it was beautifully done, the characters are awesome, there's real footage included, the music is amazing (as a matter of fact the story is almost completely told thru the music) and I loved the depiction of the culture. My best friends mother is from Cuba and a lot of things she mentioned actually clicked for me while watching the movie.
35. Three Times- I don't know where I was when I read about this movie. It's foreign. I thought the concept of telling the same love story in three different time periods was a neat idea. The movie was kinda slow but I held on eager to see what would unfold. I had to get use to the style. It's shot very....minimally. The camera's don't move much. In a lot of the movie the camera is set on one part of the room and that's all you see; the characters move in and out of that room but all you see is what happens to be going on in that one spot. Something else that struck me was how lovely Qi Shu is. She's the chick from the first Transporter. I liked the movie enough; I still liked, and I liked the characters. I would not watch it again though. Once is enough.
36. Deep End of the Ocean- Apparently I had seen this before and didn't realize until seeing certain parts of the movie. I really like Michele Pfieffer, she doesn't do many movies anymore. This was a good storyline; it might have been good enough for it's time but after watching it the other day I really felt like more should have been done. I felt like they depicted the emptiness in the relationships but didn't build enough on each characters position. Had just a little something missing. Nevertheless the movie was still suitable.
37. Casino Royale- My o My. I will say that this was the best Bond film made in recent day. Daniel Craig did what should have been done with the coming of each new casting of the Bond roll. He made it his own. There was plenty of action, subtle humor, flair, and skin. Funny enough Bond himself was the "skin" attraction not the Bond girl as it so usually goes (Halle Berry anyone?)
Also, nobody told me he would be naked. Have I not warned you folks that my husband has been away? Thank you Sony...

I truly do love the eighties

Ultimate '80's Rock quiz
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Thursday, November 30, 2006

How could I forget?

1. Running Scared- Another Paul Walker movie. This one was not very family friendly at all. It was violent and the characters were all kinda weird. Actually the characters were all kind of video game esque. The movie reminded me of Grand Theft Auto or something. It was a cross between that video game and Sin City the movie. That's what it reminded me of. It was rough and harsh but I actually liked it.
2. Casablanca- This movie is still good. I didn't realize how much I never picked up on when I was younger. There really is a lot going on in this movie and I just love that era of movie making anyway. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie again. The gun scenes were actually hilarious to watch this time around for some reason. i guess because to compare it to movies nowadays it was so...awkward, even the actors seem uncomfortable holding/using the guns-it was a big deal to have a gun pulled on you. Movies now it's almost like, "where are the guns?" Anyway, ya'll should rent an old will feel so good to watch it.
3. Before They Were Kings- Before they were kings some of these guys were boring. Take DAve Chappelle for instance...he seems reallyuncomfortable in front of the audience- Keenan Ivory Wayans was a yawn too surprisingly. I think a lot of it had to do with the type of audience too. The audience was pretty dry, it seemed like a lot of the comics were holding back or uncomfortable.
4. The Departed- I saw this movie in the theater. I have to agree with my buddy miah when he says he's "all about the Boston accent." The cast was a pretty stellar list of males. It's one of those movies that you have to watch a couple times to pick up everything from all the characters or at least I feel it is. It's like 12 Monkeys or Oceans 11 or The Thomas Crown Affair- you get it but you want to see it again to see how it's done...with eyes wide open because it's just so clever or shocking.

Enough Already

1. The Island- Not as bad as I had previously believed it would be. Alright plot and clever twist in the typical storyline. It's not a waste but it's not a must- see if ya know what I mean. Anyway, this was pretty much my first time taking a look at Scarlett Johanson. I usually don't buy into the whole blonde hair, blue eyes=beauty thing but that girl is lovely. Her voice is surprising gruff in this movie...wasn't expecting that. Will see her in other things soon to form an opinion.
2. Shopgirl- This was an unexpected story. It was somewhat slow and it was weird seeing Steve Martin be a love interest and....starring in a movie with such mature content. It was totally different from anything I'd seen him in prior. Oh, it just hit me why this movie is so weird. Me and a girlfriend rented Pink Panther. I couldn't even sit thru half of it. It was horrendous. Huge contrast in movies.
3. The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio-
This movie....hmmm. It was so clever and there were several things that I could pick out of it that I thought were interesting. I liked the way they tied the jingles in, showing how maybe they were developed from the Ryan family history. I thought the depiction of "don't cry over spilled milk" was stellar. I don't know, this movie did something for me but did nothing for me...I know confusing. I guess I just get irritated with movies where the characters are so clever yet so dumb without proper explanation. I need to understand why the character makes silly choices despite how smart they're suppose to be. I don't know....check it out for yourselves
4. Proof - Once I saw this movie and decided that I liked it I thought I had to see A Beautiful Mind because in my mind (since I hadn't seen it) maybe this was the same movie. I was wrong. Two totally different movies. Both good. This one's quirky and I found myself irritated a lot. For someone so smart these people sure put up and allow a lot of stupid crap. Her sister would have started the movie out with a good slap in the face...silly writers.
5. The Pink Panther- Don't do it even if you think you can.
6. Polyanna- My boss is always referring to me as Pollyanna and told me I should rent the old original if I really wanted to see why. It had the chick from the Parent Trap (Hayley Mills) in it. I was excited once I found that out. What a splendid little movie. I actually really enjoyed it and it broke my heart when Pollyanna tried to climb back into her window....and to my boss; it never hurts to be grateful, thank you very much.
7. Friends with Money- Slow, long, drawn out. I was continuously waiting for something in all of the characters to develop....the development was dumb, the ending was dumb. Of course me being me could pick out some elements I enjoyed about it. There was a little humor and irony but when it was over I felt like I wasted my time. Why Jennifer? Why?

I don't know, it feels like I'm forgetting a couple. I'll have to go back through the receipts

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More movies

1. Annapolis- I didn't find this believable enough and too many things reminded me of "An officer and a gentlemen." However, it was entertaining enough for me to keep watching. Also James and Tyrese are in really good shape. Tyrese, tyrese, Tyrese. I was glad to see it. :-0
2. Layer Cake- I was glad to see this too. (Can u tell my husband's been away too long- my hormones are out of control!) Nevertheless, I liked the movie (Layercake). The final outcome was pretty much what I expected but it sure was exciting getting there. If you don't like violence u won't like this btw. I can't wait to see the New 007 in Casino Royale . Think I'm going sometime this week or this weekend.
3. In Her Shoes- I liked this. It was a clever storyline and the characters carried it off. Toni Collette's face is a tricky one. Sometimes she looks like the extreme ugly duckling and then all of the sudden you wonder, "Is she actually attractive?" Tricky Tricky. Her teeth pretty much made me cringe the whole movie. It was good though, look past it- see the beauty within....
4. Some Like It Hot- I've been wanting to see this movie for a while. I really liked it. Dude, Marilyn Monroe was totally making out HARDCORE withTony Curtis on the boat. I had never seen a movie from that time period were the folks are just making out like that. Pretty much it was always the scrunched up face kisses and then the characters would retreat to different bedrooms in a respectable way. It was pretty amusing too. Tony and Jack dress up like chicks to hide from the mob. Sounds like the theme of a lot of modern day movies. It had a lot of good humor. I liked the closing line on the boat. "Nobody's perfect" Wow.
5. Chocolat- Good movie. Pretty entertaining, wish there were more Johnny it. Anybody notice the hot chocolate in this movie? It is like literal melted chocolate. Just think melted Godiva. Some of you chocoholics might just like the movie for the confectioners porn.
6. Captain Corelli's Mandolin- I liked the movie, I liked the love story, I liked relationship between the penelope and her father, there was just so much to like. I liked this movie. Knitpickings I did not like: I realize that for character and time period sake it made sense but Penelope sure does have a lot of underarm hair in the love scene. It just kind of jump up there and shocked me. BOO! lol
Oh, and Nicky Cage has a pretty horrible Italian accent then again anybody remember the horrible southern accent he had in ConAir? Boy o boy.
7. Finding Neverland - Did I mention that I love Johnny? I was terrified that the relationship was going to go wrong the whole time. This turned out to be a really sweet, great story. Thumbs up :-)
8. The Breakup- This didn't get good reviews either, people didn't like the ending. I thought the ending was fine. For some reason when the movie was out I caught one of those Thumbs up/Thumbs down type shows and they were going on and on about how obnoxious Vince was, that the story was ridiculous, etc etc etc. I personally found the movie entertaining. In the beginning scene I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the singing brother. There was some laugh out loud humor and some funny entertainment but then they brought it around to the seriousness and drama of things. I thought it was well done. It was a Jennifer Aniston movie that I didn't go away with the "well, ok, alright" feeling...
9. Casanova- I think Heath Ledger is a really good in this genre/time period of film. A lot of his stuff is Shakespherian or medival with a modern day twist. Suits him well. This movie was so clever and had those little humorous punches. I'm not mad at you Heath.
10. A Beautiful Mind- Oh how I wanted everyone else to be proven wrong in this movie. I just wouldn't liet myself believe it for like the whole first half. This was an interesting movie. What a story. Jennifer Connelly looked great in this movie. I found myself thinking what does she even see in this guy in the first place...maybe she's a spy. Too much ALIAS for me!

Movie Time

1. New World- It didn't rate well, but I liked it. There wasn't much dialog but I like it that way. The characters relate their affection for each other through touch and looks. It was kinda sexy...I'm just saying. What I didn't like was the orchestra selection (score) in the beginning & end. It sounds like a horrendous bunch of jumbled mess- especially on surround sound.
2. Take the Lead - Anyone seen Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, Save the Last Dance, or any of those other dancing + rough side of tracks meets a more distinguished world type feel good movies?
3. Aquamarine- I was curious. It was a mistake
4. Click- Funny. Very predictable. The minute they showed him lounging on the bed in the beginning I started quoting BiggySmalls "It was all a dream..."
5. 8 Below- This movie is a yes for a couple of reasons...Paul Walker is hot. Might not be much of an actor but I can sure look at him. Puppies (actually dogs but they are beautiful and smart). Disney. If you rent this for your family it's a Bambi tear jerker dude. Boy those shorts are dangerously low...btw-neither of these pictures have anything to do with the movie. 8 Below is a nice wholesome movie.
6. ATL- From the previews I thought this was going to be Boyz n' da Hood, Jason's Lyric, ghetto love story rise above the odds material but it was actually a lot softer than that. The acting was ok- TI was actully alright, everyone else seemed to be really mediocre. Of course there is some rough neck in it but think more along the lines of "the Wood" or "Barbershop" than New Jack City.
7. Rumor Has It- I liked it. I must say that I want to like Jennifer Anistons movies sooo much, because I really like her but they usually leave me kinda like "blah, ok, alright".
8. Elizabethtown- this was a cute little movie. While I liked Orlando and Kirsten together, from the very beginning i thought "Tone it down girlfriend". WAAAY too peppy and a little odd. Nevertheless, I like the storyline and depiction of the family. It's humorous and I love the progress his character makes. I like the trip too (rent the movie if you're curious), I thought it was great closure.
9. Upside of Anger - I like this movie. There is soooo much implied but never said and I actually came to like it that way by the end of the movie. I kept thinking the big climax scene would be when all of the family secrets come out. It wasn't what I expected. As an aside, I've watched quite a few Kevin Cosnor movies (I think he's a really good actor who has picked some horrendous rolls -Postman or Waterworld anyone) and as a 1)young and 2) black female I have to say that there is just something appealing about good ol Kevin. I think he's sexy- he's not even that handsome but he's got the something about him factor. It's probably another reason why I liked Rumor Has It. He's in that one too. He's in a great scene with Joan Allen in the bedroom later in the movie. She locks herself in the bathroom....the delivery is priceless.
10. Prime- I liked this one too. The acting in this movie is well done. It's an interesting story; I was disappointed in the ending but it was still good. Bryan Greenberg does a good job in capturing the responsible but youthful/naive/inexperienced thing that a lot of us have going on when your the young-somewhat mature type and trying to come into your own. I've decided that I really like Uma too. Uma and Bryan- Uma and Meryl all have really good chemistry too.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Family Ties

My Thanksgiving was wonderful. I went to New Jersey to see my family. Most of my uncles and my grandmother live up there. I spent half my childhood there in BrownsMills. It's a tiny little town and everybody really does know everybody. Everyone has been living there for generations and even though it's kinda old and raggety sometimes, it's always home. I hadn't been there in ages yet I still felt that comforting feeling when we rode into the city. My heart swelled up. All those memories just flood you as you ride thru town. Hardly anything ever changes and if it does theres some town story that goes along with it. :-)
This is a picture of my brothers and sister. It would have been cool if our other sister was there too. Nevertheless, this was the crew and we sure did have a good time. Do notice the handknit socks my sister has on. You know she had to tell EVERYONE she knit them herself...:-) She's too cute....
(Left to right: Philip, me, Janet-aka Black Purl, Baby Glynn)
PS- I got some knitting done...I'll show you later.

The Cookies are gone

When I got home several weeks ago. There was a package hanging out in the cold by it’s lonesome. When I opened it I found amazing gifts from my teaswap partner!
She sent me soap, homemade chocolate chip cookies, chamomile tea balls and a gorgeous hank of sock yarn.

Look at these colors. It’s 330yds of superwash merino wool

I love teal/ turquoise blue. LOVE it. These pics just are not capturing it's essence and it's such a shame.
In fact here are some of my favorite items to show you how dead on my teaswapper was. (This was literally a few quick snaps around the house. Lets not get into jewelry and accessories, skirts, socks etc etc etc. I love these colors.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am sorry it has taken me half a year to say so nevertheless, from the heart THANK U.
I have absolutely nothing left to show for the cookies at this point
My hubby took them with him Ft. Benning Georgia when he visited. We loved them and so did several of the guys in the barracks. They were sooo freakin’ delicious even after having sat outside for a couple of days!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back on post.

Boy have I not been good lately. Between the being sick and being out of town or having someone in town and trying to catch up from all of that my blog, life, emails, phone calls, work, laundry, knitting, myspace, bloglines, house have all been severely neglected. It's a wonder I put up the two measily post I did manage.
Nevertheless, I'm back now. I'm still answering zillions of emails, etc and trying to catch up on my bloglines. I am really touched that some of you guys reached out to me to make sure I was ok or just tell me you missed me. That meant alot. Thank you so much.
I have plenty to catch you all up on but I can tell u up front that I haven't gotten much knitting done at all. It's really quite terrifying. I guess in the end the word is that not everyone is getting a knitted gift for Christmas. :-(
I still need to finish the Danica scarf. Once I do that then I'll feel good to move on with life.
Tomorrow, I'll show you what was waiting for me on my door after the first time I went out of town to see my Mateo.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Feeling Blue and Purple

Dear Celie,
I'm sure Mr. is the only one who still checks the mailbox but in case it's you. I am not dead.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


1. Still Alive
2. Hardly no knitting; not good for Christmas gifts recipients
3. Going to see my Matty Thursday
4. What is going on with Sarah Evans on dancing w/ the stars?
5. Sent sockret pal and tea swap packages out.
6. Contacted my SP9
7. Still getting fit; not going to be lean enough for Nov. 18th :-(
8. Still have Colorswap pic to put up- I did finally receive my package and I finally sent my package!
9. Itching to buy more yarn now that I've destashed-what was the point in that?
10. Thinking since the Christmas knitting is looking bleek I might as well start knitting for myself again. I've got lots of things I really like.......

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Secret Pal Questionaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
I love Noro Kureyon yarn; the colors are amazing. I like Noro yarn in general actually; silk garden is nice. I like Lamb's pride, I've been wanting to knit with Rowan calmer for a really long time... I like it all except for maybe novelty yarn.

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
I have denise’s, and then all my short straights I store in a Bubba Gump Shrimp company glass. I store my long straights in an Ikea candy jar, my circs I keep in the packages and throw in my upstairs knitting basket or this gawdy ceramic shoe, ( yes, you read that correctly..ceramic shoe; it's actually a bootie) it’s from my grandmother. No laughing….

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced? I’ve been knitting for two years. I taught myself from books like stitch n bitch, and a knitting dvd. I’d say I’m intermediate.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
I do not have a wishlist.

5. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products, etc.)
I love COCONUT. Tropical and fruity stuff too.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
I do have a sweet tooth though I’ve been dieting for FOREVER. I love banana laffy taffy and banana runts, I like watermelon bubblegum. I like skittles, I like twizzlers, I like reese’s pieces, I like chocolate but not a huge fan of dark. I like the fattening creamy stuff. I LOVE nuts.

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
I also crochet and have started to daddle in sewing and a little drop spindling.

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
I love music. I am very versatile. I listen to a lot of upbeat fun pop and rap and rock and alternative when I work out but I actually really like jazz and the blues. Sade is one of my favorites. I know way more country than any black girl should know working in construction and being married to a partial ‘neck. I have to admit I really like a lot of it and had a hankering for Reba, Martina, Dolly, Kenny R, etc etc. before any of these other factors came about. (I was born in Texas folks, raised a good part in the south.) My sister was a classical music major in college and my sister and brother both played in orchestra in high school. They both had sqwuillz and I really developed a taste for classical and opera. I like it all folks. My ipod is jammed packed. I’m addicted to music.

9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
I love color period. I look smashing in jewel tones and I’m not afraid to say it. I can work a pastel purple too. I don’t get washed out actually, I can work most colors and I do so surprise me…just don’t shock me with flourescent neon acid. The eighties are back but I don’t know if I have enough diva to work that trend.

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
I am married to a wonderful man. This is going on our fourth year. I’ve actually known him since I was 16 years old. He’s my soulmate. We don’t have any children yet. We gave away our dog to his parents:-)….

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
I wear scarves and hats no doubt; it’s going to have to be a cool pair of mittens or a fierce poncho to get me in it.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
I like it all. I really want be a sweater knitter but you would swear all I know how to knit are scarves, mary janes, and dishcloths around here.

13. What are you knitting right now?
Scarves, mary janes, and dishcloths.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
I like either depending on what I’m working on. I dig bamboo. My sister turned me on to those pony pearl do jobbies. I've got aluminum and I am not ashamed, I like it for some stuff actually.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
Yes, I do.

17. How old is your oldest UFO?
Ummm, I couldn’t even tell you. Pretty old!

18. What is your favorite holiday?

19. Is there anything that you collect?
I love paper and stationary. I love candles I don’t know if it would be considered a collection but…
Oddly, I really like things with my initials or name on them. A lot of times it's really hard to find.

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
I subscribe to Vogue Knitting. I’ve been needing to buy the “new” Rowan 40 and haven’t yet. I will eventually purchuse Rusted Root, Sizzle, Simple knitting Bodice, and green gable; not until January though. That’s when I will resume selfish knitting again.

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
Magic Loop, Socks on Circs; I want to try both. Eventually some fair isle too.

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
New sock knitter actually. I wear a size 9 (US) shoe. I’m not a fan of pointy toes. I like ankle socks

23. When is your birthday? (mm/dd)
Septemeber 30th

Monday, October 02, 2006

We’re Doing Categories Today Folks

Thank you so much to every person who sent me emails and messages wishing me a Happy Birthday; it truly did brighten my day!
It started out very tough. Mateo and I made the mistake of laying in bed and cuddling in the morning before he left. It just made us both dwell on him leaving and be kinda sad. Note for the future is to get up and get out.
However, I ended up going shopping and out to dinner again to my favorite place with a good friend of mine. What a Godsend because I could have seen myself moping around for the whole day. On Friday night before my birthday I went out to dinner with my bro, his girlfriend, my BIL & his girlfriend, Jere (my friend) and the in-laws to Pauli Moto’s, this cute Asian Bistro; if you've ever watched Iron Chef it is owned by Chef Morimoto. It was really delicious. I had lettuce wraps and chicken breast, and veggies. :-)
Diet & Exercise:
I saw Dave today and my stats were alright. My bodyfat is down 3% which is good but I'm still a long ways away from where I need to be. Hopefully this won’t take me forever to get over emotionally. I asked Dave to be straight up with me; “At the rate my body is changing do you believe I’ll be ready for the show in 7 weeks? Should I spend the cash on ordering my suits?”
He said that a lot of change can happen in 7 weeks so don’t stress myself out.
Nevertheless, I am proud of myself. I’ve really stuck to this and committed to being hardcore in the gym. I see little changes in my body or how my clothes are fitting every week, I would even say daily.
My morning runs have been invigorating and have become a very important part of my life. I’ve found that it has become a really awesome time of prayer for me. It all started with me praying, “Lord, help me! I don’t know if I'ma make it back!” or “Lord, please protect me, you know you hear about those women being pulled into the woods all the time,” to me praying for my friends, family, my hubby, change in myself, change in my community, etc etc. It’s just such a good time. BTW, I’m taking prayer request if you have any….
Knitting :
Finally finished the freaking MIL socks! I’m happy with my first pair of hand knitted socks; let’s hope that my mother in law really appreciates and likes the gift. I mean sentimentally she will have the FIRST pair of hand knitted socks I ever made, that’s special…it’s like the macaroni necklace you keep from your kids when they’re little even though you know it’s butt ugly (well my socks r cute of course but y’all know what I mean).
I started knitting the first Neka bag. I decided I could knit the middle sized bag out of wool and felt them instead of using cotton. This is Manos Del Uruguay 100% wool. I picked this yarn out when I first started knitting when I knew absolutely nothing about yarn quality, gauge, animals, etc. I just really liked the colors and the texture- now that I know what it is I’m feeling like I might naturally have really good taste. Lol. This should be really cool right? We’ll see.
So, to sum it up here’s what’s on my needles as of today
1. Entreloc scarf
2. 2nd pair of mary janes
3. 1st Neka bag
4. 1 of 12 more dishcloths (4 sets of 3)

NOTE: MIL socks and Manos pics won't upload right now:-(

Heart Matters:
It’s so weird being in an empty house and it’s weird sleeping alone- though I must admit it feels great to sprawl out over the whole entire mattress (when I can actually sleep) and use both good pillows :-)!
We have the most awesome bed, mattresses, pillows, and comforter set. We (I) took great care in picking out the bedroom accessories and to my hubby’s benefit did a great job. We are always either racing to bed to either grab our favorites before the other can or we wrestle each other and just give each other a hard time over mattress territory. It’s just one of our silly ways I guess. I really miss him...Anyway, I’ve got it all to myself now! Unfortunately, I’d much rather still be wrestling with him for my territory; I’m even going to miss waking up in the middle of the night and snatching the covers back over to my side of the bed….let freedom ring; I know personally that we couldn’t have a better man defending our rights :-)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sockret Pal Questionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The basics:
How long have you been knitting? I’ve been knitting for almost 2 years.
Do you consider yourself a beginning sock knitter, an intermediate, or have you been doing this so long you could probably knit a pair in your sleep? I knit my first pair of socks this August, so I’m a very beginner but I’m pretty comfortable with it!

The measurements:
While your pal may ask for some additional info to ensure a great fit, please provide your shoe size, or any other fitting related info you think is pertinent.
Size 9 foot, I’m not a big fan of pointy socks or long socks. Most of my socks are ankle length
(fiber related) Favorites:
What colors do you love? I love all colors actually. I guess I would not prefer neon colored socks however unless the colorway was just too cool to pass up.
Do you prefer solids or variegated? I’m a big fan of variegated yarn because of the wide variety of colors and I am a color fanatic.
What fibers do you most love to knit with? Cotton, wool, superwash is amazing; merino- I’m not picky
Who do you consider your favorite yarn vendors? I like sweet Georgia yarns, I’d like to try Trekking XXL, I like lorna’s, Koigu is amazing; I haven’t tried Lion Brands magic stripes yet.
What projects (other than socks, of course*S*) do you most enjoy knitting? I like knitting tanks or sweaters in the round. I have also knit quite a few pair of mary janes in Noro yarn. I love that stuff

(fiber related) Dislikes:
What fibers can you not stand to knit with? To wear? I am not picky; haven’t discovered anything horrible yet (well, I’m not a big fan of fun fur and most novelty yarn because I don’t know what to do with it...)
What colors would you never wear? I wear everything; I don’t have the “some colors wash me out,” problem so I’m pretty adventurous the only objection I have is to like seriously acid neon colors (it’s gotta be pretty awesome for me to go there)

The Tools:
Plastic or Metal? Bamboo or wood? I knit my first pair on pony pearls dpn’s and loved it.
Circs or Straights? I knit my first pair on tiny size 1 straight pony pearls but eventually I’d like to try knitting socks on circs or using the magic loop method (No, I am not currently equipped to do so).
DPNs or Magic Loop? (see above)
Are there any knitting accessories you don't have in your collection but would like?

The Extras:
Do you have a wish list? If so, please share the link! No wish list
Do you like sweet, sour or salty? (or all of the above? *S*) I love nuts! (get ur minds out of the gutters) I mean peanuts, cashews, pistachio’s, almonds, walnuts, pecans etc. And I don’t care if they are smoked, honey roasted, salted, all natural/organic (my favorite), chocolate covered, etc. etc. I also really like runts, pixie sticks, banana laffy taffy, gum- etc etc.
Do you have any allergies your pal should know about? (Certain foods, smoke, pet hair, etc)
Favorite scents? Scents you can't stand? I love anything coconut, pina coloda, or tropical scented. No allergies that I know of.
Do you collect anything (other than yarn and knitting toys of course)?
When is your birthday? (month and day is fine!) Sept. 30th
Do you spin? Dye your own yarn? TBD :-)
Your favorite author/band/vacation spot, anything you think will help your pal know you better...
I love going to tropical places to vacation; our last vacation was to Hawaii. I’ve been to Cancun, Mexico twice, Aruba, Barbados, Martinique, St. Thomas, and Anna Maria Island-Florida. I love the sunshine and summer. I love to swim/be in the water. I love going to new places and discovering new cultures; eating new food etc.
I like almost all kinds of music. I know way too much 80’s music for someone my age. I like Mary J Blige, Aerosmith, old Guns n’ Roses, India Arie, Yellowcard, Linkin Park, Tupac, Nas, JZ, Omarion, Danity Cane, Pink, Switchfoot, Pigeon John, Fred Hammond, Crystal Lewis; I guess it’s easier for me to say who I absolutely don’t like: Eminem ( Stan was disturbing but clever), Marlyn Manson, Britney spears( I did like Toxic though).
I read a lot of poetry, I like the Harlem Renaissance era. Langston Hughes is great. Recently I’ve read books by Pearl Cleage and Judy Blume (it was different reading an adult book by Judy Blume; she was my favorite when I was a kid)
I read a lot of fitness mags and books too. I will be studying to get my personal training certification soon. Weightlifting has become a passion of mine; running ain’t so bad either!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Top 9 (because Top 10 is so cliche')

1. Been working slowly but surely on the Danica scarf. I hate weaving in ends-obviously this was not a very smart project choice. Whatever.....

2. I knit 3 dishcloths. These are for Meme (Hubby's grandma on mothers side) for Christmas. I just need to find some cute soap and call it a day. I signed up for the dishcloth along but for some reason I don't think I'm hardcore enough. Those people are pushing out the dishcloths like, "whoa!" I've got sets of 3's to knit for another grandma and like 3 aunties on my hubby's side of the family. These were quick so it's cool.

3. I still need to turn the heel of my 2nd ankle sock for my MIL. I decided that I'm going to rip and redo the heel of the first sock too. Mainly I didn't like the ribbing- it was too tight. I also thought my wraps were a little ugly in a couple of spaces and Wendy has inspired me not to be a slacker. I might include just a tiny bit more rib work too. Can't wait to have these over in the done pile.

4. Matty leaves on Saturday. We celebrated my birthday early this past Sunday and it was wonderful. We ate at Mike's American Grill. I had a 7 oz filet steak and crabcake with a salad. Not exactly on the diet but not so bad either. I'm going to miss my honey but I'm a lot better than I was. I'm kind of excited about the prospect of him coming home to a new me when he's done with this first camp, which brings me to #5.....

5. I'm still dieting and exercising for my show and I'm doing amazing (if I don't say so myself). I've got a little over 7 more weeks to go. I'm terrified that I won't make it to be were I need to but I'm content in the fact that I've done the absolute best I can possibly do and the progress I've made has been amazing. I see my nutritionist on Friday and I'll probably be giving updates then.

6. It has been killing me not to buy new clothes and new yarn. I use to believe I was an emotional eater and shopper. But now I'm convinced that these are simply just activities that I enjoy...a lot. I like to shop if I'm happy or if I'm sad it really doesn't matter. I also realize it doesn't matter a lot what I happen to be shopping for- I even like shopping for groceries (I do favor shoes, clothes, & yarn the most) I've made a lists of boots/shoes, yarn, clothes, accessories. I believe I have a problem. I haven't shopped in a while and I'm scared the binge is going to be horrendously beyond ugly levels. Let's not even go there on how tempting it is to buy some new things when you know you'll be wearing a smaller size but the the little voices in the back of your head keep reminding you that it would be a pointless waste because common sense tells you that you'll be losing more weight...such an inner struggle....Hmmmmm, except for on shoes and accessories- they always fit. Hmmmm

7. I'm turning 26 on September 30th. I'm almost 30 dudes. Thirty used to seem a long ways off but now it's only four years away. I think I'm suppose to be having some kids soon or something. Hmmmm
PS.--I think I'm going to be ok with 30; I feel like I did when I was 20 only better. Plus, this chick is a lot older than me.

8. I cannot wait to quit my job. The people I work with are great, that part of leaving will be devastating. I've been working there for over 7 years. BUT I'm tired and I'm ready for something new. Hmmmmm, Personal training anyone?

9. This is a basket full of the yarn I'm supposedly knitting Christmas gifts out of. Talk about stash busting! I'm feeling a little anxious about my Christmas knitting list. Maybe I'm not being reasonable about this. No, of course I am. Crazy girl, don't doubt yourself.....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey everyone!
I haven't fallen off the earth and I haven't been drowning in depression over my hubby leaving. Been a little busy but still managed to make a little progress on things here and there. I will post more later this week.
BTW, I usually try to comment back to everyone in the comment section. There reasoning for this is pretty much because I'm being lazy and this is the easiest method for me. So check the comments if you're looking for responses from me, K?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Moment of suckage

I may have mentioned that my Matty (honey/husband) is going away to military training on my birthday (Sept.30th).
He graduated from college in May of this year and was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the Army. He has been Goldbarring (recruiting) at the college he attended until he could make it to BOLC II (Basic Officer Leadership Course). BOLC II training is located in Ft. Benning, Georgia. I will be moving down to Georgia at the end of the year. He will be attending several training schools after BOLC. His training schools won't be over until around summer of next year and then we head off to Vicenza, Italy!
Now Italy, I'm pretty excited about- Georgia not so much. Actually, I have nothing against Georgia, it's just the initial leaving my house, (we own it and put a great deal of time and effort into making it our own) leaving my friends and family, and leaving my way of life that is freaking me out.
I actually do pretty good with change and I am definately the type of person who tries to suck things up and not whine about them. I'm actually a pretty tough cookie if I don't say so myself but on the inside I have to admit there is a tiny part of me that is in an uproar over all the change.
Mainly, I don't want to be without my honey. There is that weak part of me that wants to throw myself around his ankles and scream, "DON'T GO HONEY!" :-( I feel like a bad wife, I know it's his dream, I know it's his job, I knew and have always known what we signed up for. I'm partially a military brat myself. I fully support him and his goals and I'm very proud of him and I want to be 10000% supportive but I'm having a moment of suckage here. I'm pretty much being selfish and whiny. Stay tuned tomorrow for something better than this; dude, I totally feel like I want to go buy something new or eat something...LOL.
No worries, I won't.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Got my ColorSwap Pkg!

Look at the cute earth tone themed packaging. Of course with my love of receiving things in the mail you can only imagine my excitement to receive a package on Saturday morning. Here is what was inside:

Sock Yarn! Chocolate! Beads! Buttons! Sock Help (Lord knows I needed those) Novelty Yarn! Soft Bijou Yarn!

Could I use this for that anthropology inspired shrug? I've been wanting to knit it for some time but couldn't decide on a yarn. This may be a winner. It has little flecks of gold in it and I have a broach that will set this baby off perfect if I do make the shrug...things that make you go HMMMMMMMM..... You can see my very bountiful bag of glass beads in the background ever so slightly; I can make about a ton of stitch markers with all of those. It will give me plenty of opportunity to get better at it, I'm still chuckling at the sight and drama it took me to make my very first ones (lol sorry Anne you were my guinea pig!)

Now looka here...I know I shouldn't have this stuff in the house- I'm begging for trouble but look. Those raisinets have less fat in them and dark chocolate is actually good for us now. Surely these treats in moderation won't be the end of me! Abigail you've spoiled me girl. That dark chocolate was the best I've ever tasted (promise I only had a tiny bit)
Thank you so much Abigail. It was a blast colorswapping with you. August went by so quick but surely we'll be seeing each other around the blogosphere and of course we'll keep in touch! Thanks for all the wonderful treats!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

O Happy Day...

Oh happy daaaa-e-yay....when Jesus washed
(choir sings softly) ....when Jesus waaaaashed
He washed my sins away
I'm talkin' 'bout a happy day!

.....What? Have you never seen Sister Act?

It does seem that whenever I'm in a good mood or something good happens I end up busting out in song.

Today, I got at the very least a pound of alpaca in the mail from Kristin. I won a little contest she was having over at her blog last week. Now mind you I don't have a wheel or any of that jazz but I do have a drop spindle that I have been "GETTIN' IT" on whenever I have the chance. It will take me many moons to work a whole pound of soft luxurious alpaca out on the spindle but ask me if I care....
See, see my alpaca?
I've never known a love like this. It is sooooooooooo soft.
Iono, I might just have to take a spinning lesson or two. O, and it's smells REALLY good- really good. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you Kristin. You have given me a happy day; especially after interval cardio training and pop squats! :-(

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Apparently, I'ma sock knitting pimp....

I not only turned the heel I finished the sock!
I have to admit it was touch and go there for a minute but the short row heal came out pretty good.
As you can see this is just a little footie type sock so I only knit 1 inch of ribbing. I love the length and theY fit like a dream. The only problem is that it's a little tight to get into. I may have to rework the bind off in larger needles. The good thing is that now that I've knit one I am fully confident I can do the other and make improvements- I feel like I know what I'm doing now! :-)
Since this sock didn't have much ribbing I actually had quite a bit of my one skein of Lorna's left. I'll see how much it takes to knit the 2nd sock but this might be the case where I can knit two pair from these two skeins. How awesome would that be...I mean, with all my trying on of the sock I came to like it quite a bit...why not have a pair for myself? ;-)

BTW, I LOVE knitting from the toe up. I did it!
(Better pic when I can get hubby to shoot some for me. I took others but they were all awkward looking...)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Will I be able to turn the heel? I'm kinda nervous....

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reading blogs and surfing the knitting net can be a very dangerous thing. My stash is already somewhat out of control. So much so that my honey says to me the other day, “Don’t you think you’re getting a little obsessive with the yarn?”
I simply said “yes” and kept trucking. Of course the thing that comforts me is that my yarn stash is not nearly as bad as everybody elses. That’s what I tell myself at least.
Anyway, when I bought some sock yarn for my color swap partner the other day, of course I had to buy myself a couple of things…all sock yarn (whis is a laugh considering I haven’t even completed my first sock yet- I’m not even sure if I will! Of course I will eventually-think positive)
Anyhoo, it was all on sale, how could I resist and surely I’ll have the process down in enough time to knit a couple pairs for Christmas (mind you this is how all bad stuff starts for me).
I mean when my honey leaves for camp (which he's leaving on my birthday but I won't even go there right now) I’ll have lots of time to devote to knitting in the evenings...right?
Anyway, I wrote a song about it…here it go

description: Regia cotton sock yarn; I really liked the colors- I know it's just black and white but I like it like that

description: Lorna's Laces Superwash Wool; again I liked the colors (105 Glenwood) and it was sooooo soft and it's Lorna's Laces on sale! These will be some funky socks..(errrr, in look not in smell)

description: Fleece ArtistWool Sock yarn; color- midnight
this stuff feels like a dream

Now I have an official sock stash.
So including these, the sockatta yarn I never used and my current lorna’s laces project that should be 6, yes SIX pairs of socks that should be showing up on this baby one day soon.
The only other problem is that I know that I will binge again. I have been torturing myself looking at these yarns for weeks now.
I love the Kill Bill variegated yarn for myself (I guess I'd make socks with it-lol), the dragonfly colorway for michele’s scarf (for Christmas), and I can’t seem to decide if I’ll eventually buy the afterglow, angel, libertine, berry or velvet underground to knit the razor cami out of---who am I kidding? I want them ALL. I'd order every yarn in every colorway if I could. I think I need help.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This morning me and my honey got up and ran together again. We ran 2 miles and I ran it in 23 minutes and 9 seconds. That’s a little more than 11 1/2 minutes a mile. I know for some of y’all that is chump change but to me I feel really good over it. I believe when I first started running it was almost 15 minutes for a mile.
I have to admit I’ve been worried about this competition because I’ve been on the diet for almost 4 weeks and haven’t seen much change—well actually I believe I’ve lost 10 pounds which wouldn’t be bad at all by typical standards but I am busting my tail to cut. I have 11 weeks and I’m fearing I won’t make it. I didn’t stick to my diet hard core last week either so I feel like I wasted precious time recouping mentally from the weigh in from the previous week.
Nevertheless, I’ve been getting comments on the progress that I’m making and I’m feeling more and more committed and strong each day. I am interested in what my body fat is because I do feel and look a lot leaner than before. My body is looking more slender (YAY!) and yesterday some girls at the gym mentioned how much I seem to be leaning out. That came at the perfect time because just earlier in the day I was lamenting to Tina about how if something major didn’t change with my body in September I was going to FREAK OUT!!!
Anyway don’t you know those girls' words rang in my head and pushed me further this morning when the run got a little tough for me. Good stuff....
I’m on my way!
BTW in knitting news: I sent out my ColorSwap package for August. I know- I’m cutting it extremely close huh? I had to admit there were a couple of items I almost kept for myself but I fought the selfish monster down and mailed the package. Now I’m excited to see how my partner likes it all! HURRY UP AND GET THERE ALREADY!!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Here is the "finished" product for the MaryJanes. I say "finished" because I am still lacking the little buttons to really put this baby to rest.
Anyway, there you have it. One Christmas gift down, 20 more to go. At this rate the odds aren't looking so good!
Nevertheless, I did start this project. It's my first attempt at entreloc and I am really enjoying it. I got the pattern off of It is the Danica scarf. What fun, it hasn't gotten boring yet. I am using Lion Brands Cashmere Blend yarn. It's knitting up ok. Not nearly as beautiful as the Debbie Bliss obviously but still very suitable. I'm not mad at you Lion your thing.

I've also got this little Christmas gift going as well. I don't know if it is a keeper yet honestly.The yarn is Lorna's laces; Bittersweet colorway,I think. This is my first pair of socks. I'm sure that you all recall the one start I had on a rather pathetic pair of socks with the sockatta yarn.Well, I'm at it again and I will get this down. I WILL DO THIS!!! As you can see I used my ball winder and I have a neat little couple of balls there. It's almost ridiculous how much I use that thing at this point! That was a $60 well spent. I'm working the socks from the toe up btw. I'm using these little itty bitty needles (size 1; on Pony Pearls per my sisters advice). I've actually knit and ripped these things about ten times already- my first attempts were at short row toe ups, then I cast on for a cuff down pair and didn't like the way it was looking, so then I switched back to the toe up and figured I'd do the same toe I did for the mary janes just with a starting 15 wraps (30 stitches) and work my way up to 72 (since my gauge is 8.5 per inch). I'm researching what I need to do once I reach my instep. This is all I've got so far and I'm pleased with it. I probably won't rip this out but once I get to the gusset I will be inserting a lifeline thank you very much.
I finished crocheting this little blanket (while getting my hair braided for 6 hours last Saturday; y'all know that takes forever; so I brought along my project) and amazingly I was even motivated enough to get it sent out in the mail. Isn't it cute? These pictures are before I weaved in the ends. The pattern is from Leisure Arts Sweet Baby blankets. It's called Crisscross because you crisscross all the little double crochets and make a cute little design like so>>
I used Lion Brand sports weight acrylic yarn. I used this yarn because I've had it in my stash forever (since my first nephew was born- I had originally intended to make a blanket for him out of it) and because it was cheap, and because the couple that I am sending the blanket to are hardcore vegans and do not condone any product or by product that comes from an animal. I don't know why but vegetarians and vegans are so interesting to me. I can not grasp not eating meat but I have a strange respect for non meat eaters. Maybe b/c on the inside i just can't imagine having that much self restraint or strong beliefs about not eating meat. Peoples different reasons vary from the practical to the political too and that is always interesting to hear about. Anyway, I had to really look around and make sure the "ingredients" in the yarn were ok, I guess I could have gone with cotton but I had the acrylic and it was good so I did it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another drive by!
I finally sent out the yarn to my Boomerang ghetto yarn pack winner! (lol). My package delivery guy says it will be there by Thursday Ms. Pinki!
On the other hand I went to mail my other package to Russia and was told it would cost me $191.00 UMMM!!?
I'll check out what rates the post office has going on there. I'll get it to you some way, some how Blackpurl. It's packaged up all nice and pretty like fo ya! :-) Updates to come...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This will be a drive by posting until I actually have time to put something proper up here but I just had to.

I had already received one awesome box of goodies from my sistah when our exchange first started as you all can remember from my post a bit ago. She sent me my very first stash of sewing material too which I hold near and dear to my heart though I've yet to make anything using my sewing machine. Then she sent me little notes in the mail that totally would make my day on those random blah days we all seem to have. Never failed, on those days my secret sistah would drop me a message or I'd get a little note in the mail. Well yesterday I was just thinking, "I wonder if I should post a message on the sistah friends site pleading for the identity of my sistah who had made my first exchange experience so fun and enjoyable."
Wouldn't you know it, I open my e-mail and there is a gift certificate to KNIT HAPPENS from none other than my secret sistah! I don't know if it's uncouth to shout out the certificate amount but let me just say "you outdid yourself sistah, Thank you so much. I really appreciate it from the bottom, center, top, left, and right of my heart. :-)" I did the happy dance at work!
I am so grateful. I've got a billion ideas of what I want to buy and wouldn't you know this weekend they are having a sale on the whole I in heaven? Is this what it will be like?
Thank you, thank you again. So much.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm just going to show you everything. I'm coming clean little by little.
This is what I got at Knitting Up a Storm by the way ( along w/ the Noro of course)....the stash has been greatly enhanced.

What? You can't tell how many skeins of Debbie Bliss I actually bought? Good. I like it that way. DON'T JUDGE ME!! :-) It was all on sale so I couldn't resist; for instance you see the $5.95 tag on the tweed? already a good price right? take not 20, 30, but 40% off- ...BTW, if you're ever in South Carolina I highly suggest stopping into Knitting Up a storm. The folks are extra friendly there and they have a great selection, fair pricing, good customer service, and a nice neat shop. My little sales lady even threw in these lovely samples after I asked a few questions about the products.
I like the idea of showing a representive skein. You know, the one skein that sits out to show people what the one million other skeins you bought the same day looks like. Somehow, I feel less guilty that way. Notice that none of these are the yarns I listed a couple of weeks ago on the shopping list:-( This is a sad fact yet lord knows I can't wait to shop for more.
Anyways, if seeing stash or seeing yarn makes you happy I'm thinking I am going to go on a stash flashing spree for a bit. Besides, there seems to be a few folks out there that can't be convinced that I am not totally a ghetto knitter. I believe some people even mentioned that maybe i should be the queen of my own "ghetto knitters" blog ring. I mean a gal might want to save a couple pennies sometime but sheesh, do I have to be "queen ghetto knit blogring hostess?"
Well. I guess we'll see about that.
I don't know if I told you but I decided to do a bodybuilding show. Actually, I'll be competing in the Fitness/Figure category (which is a little softer than female bodybuilding). I'm pretty excited and I have to admit that I have been extremely caught off guard by all the support and encouragement I've received from everybody. I don't know why I always expect to hear the worse from people. I was sure that everyone would say or at least think, "there's no way you can do that." I know that is bad to admit but I can't be the only one that thinks that way sometimes.
On the other hand I wonder why I am so surprised. Am I not the first one to usually support and cheer and encourage others on? Doesn't it make me the happiest to see people I love and care about acheive their goals or accomplish their dreams? Am I not usually my friends and family's biggest advocate? Why should I expect anything less from everyone else? Everyone I know and cherish personally is wonderful...shame on me for not knowing they would be supportive.
Most likely my apprehension and Negative Nancy-ness stems from my own insecurities and fears. Yes, I'm afraid that I won't cut the weight in time. Absolutely, I'm afraid that I may faulter or not acheive what I set out to do due to some craziness on my own behalf. Still, none of these fears can stop me from at least trying or at least reaching.
I'm about to get real personal with you guys over these next months, so beware. The competition is November 18th

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I went on vacation to Myrtle beach, South Carolina. I know some of y'all are probably saying, "didn't you just come back from Hawaii?" Yup sure did, you can never have too much vacation though.
I went to Knitting up a Storm with my sister while I was down there. We had a blast and she taught me how to do the cast on for these.
Yes that is Noro but no it is not the Noro that I pictured ages ago that my sister gifted to me. It's new Noro that I bought at Knitting up a storm along with this Noro( no Janet your eyes are not deceiving you, the stuff below is not the stuff I bought with you, I actually went back the next day and got this and the tweed that I put back when I was with you but the mary janes pictured above are from the yarn we bought together;I know really bad but true.)
So now I'm working with 6 skeins (well actually 4ish since I'm actually making the one pair of Mary Janes) of Noro wool in my stash. I love that stuff. It is so beautiful, artistic even.
The set pictured above are a Christmas gift. I think I will knit one more set for another gift and then eventually a set for me--it's really easy now that I know how to cast on for it, then again I haven't done any of the finishing but the the finishing is crochet and if I don't say so myself I'm pretty beast at crochet...anyway, I've actually bought a lot of yarn but I just haven't been showing it off. I am in the mists of consolidating my stash, getting rid of the stuff I've had since I was a little girl and organizing it all. I will try to take more pics of what I've got as the process goes on. Before I went on vacation I did order my ball winder and swift. Today for the first time. I rolled my own balls of yarn with them. I had some lovely Lorna's laces Bullfrogs and butterflies (wool/mohair blend) in my stash that I balled up. This stuff was an impulse buy long ago because I love wool and the colors were just so beautiful. I have 380 yds of it so if y'all have any suggestions feel free to tell me. I've actually been thinking of doing a blanket with this yarn as the focal point in the middle and some other yarn as borders. Don't totally know about that though so ... Do tell.
O yeah, can you believe that there is another black purl who has a biracial family and is living in California-AND she knits? What are the odds? Can we say twilight zone, well at least for my sister that is. Anyway, I have some yarn on it's way to you if you're reading. Its some cheapy stuff that I've been carrying around for ages but haven't used. I hope this helps you with your charity work. I have it packaged up and ready to mail to you this week so look for it next week. I'm sure I'll blog about when I've mailed it off.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Man, I have pretty much fallen off the earth this past week. I have gotten a lot done though. I sent both of my pals packages (secret sistah friend and my colorswap partner). Since my color swap partner is close by she should get her package tomorrow. My Californian sistah friend wasn't slated to get hers until Thursday.
All of this is no secret because I am the worse at keeping any. The first night I made contact with Anne, my name was splashed all over the email even though I called myself keeping it anonymous...whatever!
I got my package LAST WEEK from my color swap pal. I will post up all the wonderful things she sent me later on tonight(I'm at work right now.) My package was spectacular! She sent me nerd ropes; my husband LOVES those things. He very much appreciated them-ha!
She sent me this beautiful purple GGH touche yarn. It's velour and it is SOOOOOO soft. I've got to make something out of this immediately! I just want to have it around to drag over my skin when I'm having a bad so yeah, moving on....
She sent me this really cute little black doll stuffed with hair bands; I love her. She is too cute and I needed the hair bands b/c I go thru them like crazy with me going to the gym all the time and I've gotta keep my hair or braids off of me or it will drive me insane.
She also sent me a purple Nike hat that I can run in. When I get back from vacation August 2nd my new running program begins Aug.3! You best believe I got a pair of shoes to match it too. You know a sistah's gotta look cute.
Have a look, my colorswapper made me tons of these snazzy beaded bracelets. They are too cute. THANK YOU SO MUCH- I LOVED EVERYTHING. Check me out, "You gotta cooorrdinate...."
Answer me this, if you can tell me what movie that line is from I will give you this yarn. It is 4 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun in the color 370 Coral Gables; all the same dye lot number. I will pay shipping and all.

Since the line is slightly vague I will give you a hint: Mushroom coat and mushroom belt.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I actually still haven't finished a single project that I've posted on here but I have started new ones. I decided that it was important for me to knit some thing for all my friends that i love and care about before we move on to Italy in a year or so. I've started to knit some Christmas gifts and plan what I'll be knitting folks for Christmas. If any of "the fam" is reading then realize your getting something knitted as a gift!
Also realize that this is a big deal. Those knitted gifts contain minutes/hours/days dedicated to you, sometimes prayed for you, or just spent thinking about your or being a person committed to loving you. KNITTED GIFT = LOVE. So appreciate it and don't hurt my feelings, you freaks!:-)
I've been knitting this one particular hat for about a decade now because it includes intarsia that I designed and I keep screwing it up. Of course I only realized how badly I've screwed it up this last time by the time I was more than halfway done with the thing! Anyway, I'm ripping it back for the third or fourth time to better days before the inartsia and trying the chart again...if it doesn't go well this time I may just FREAK OUT. Wish me luck.
I also started a snazzy intreloc scarf for another friend- it's actually pretty fun. It's like a little puzzle! You're only working 10 stiches at a time so it's not very intimidating. The directions can be a little confusing sometimes but I actually feel pretty good about this one.
Soon I'll be starting some of those Neka bags for some of the girls only I plan to use wool and felt them. Maybe some Noro is in order!
Speaking of new yarn; there seems to be a few different yarns on the list for me to buy. Capital Yarns actually sent me an email saying they are having a blow out sale complete with chocolate fountain... I'll be looking for the following...I'll let y'all know how that whole things goes

1. Alchemy Bamboo yarn- in purple hues
2. Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb - in purples or vibrant greens
3. Fiesta La Luz Multi- in same colors as above
4. 2 balls Lion Brand cashmere blend in gray
5. Noro in any colorway I like because it's just awesome like that

Now I know this looks like an expensive list but keep in mind that I will only need one skein each aside from item number 4, plus most likely I won't buy them all this weekend...all of them are for Christmas gifts. I may look at some Rowan cotton too. I might just order it from Knit Happens since it's featured this week. Who knows
I'll be in touch. Adios, peeps!
I’ve been thinking and apparently that’s dangerous.
Actually, I think about EVERYTHING- I’ve been accused of thinking too much a couple of times. Whatever, it’s me. It’s who I am.
I feel like I’ve been sabotaging myself for the past few weeks eating wise. I wouldn’t say I’ve been going buck nutty but I haven’t been sticking to the plan. I realize that I’ve been doing this for so long that I may have lapses but I’ve had the I don’t care self destruct attitude for a bit now. My inner dialogue has definitely been like, “Man, I work out ALL THE TIME, I’m freaking tired of not being able to eat what I want. It’s not like I want to gorge myself but frick I’d like to have desert or some ice cream or even and apple or some random fruit that amazingly isn’t on the program here and there.”
I have to admit I’ve almost been a whiny little child on the inside, (doing the whole “this isn’t fair” thing) and I’ve been fighting myself….
I also realized that I keep planning and wanting to do this personal training thing- it’s a goal and a desire of mine but I’m not making it happen and it is in my realm of possibility to make it happen. I control that and I keep putting it off, making excuses, making start dates or deadlines instead of just doing it. My friend and some of my friends at the gym have done some bodybuilding competitions and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do; something I probably appreciate and have a passion for more than any of them but I keep sitting on the sidelines and living my life vicariously thru them—being the supportive friend when I really wish it were me accomplishing those things for myself.
I wonder if we are all really that smart (or dumb depending on how you look at it) as to were our subconscious has such a big effect on the motives for which we do or don’t do things. Am I afraid to reach my goals? Could I be avoiding having to hold myself to a higher standard or actually do all the things I promised myself I would do when I lost the weight? Honestly, I have always believed that everyone’s potential in the world is so great…we could all be the most amazing versions of ourselves living to the optimum ability to what God intended for us; I love it when people excel and do great things- am I secretly afraid to live up to my own potential? On the inside I feel like I could do anything but other things cloud that confidence. Could I be apprehensive to living up to the …”deals” I’ve made with my husband? Is the concern for what others might think about me if I fail or when I succeed peeping thru my subconscious?
I made the decision last summer to start losing the weight and I’ve done an alright job but I can do better. I’ve made some decisions about myself. I’m not going to be obsessive about this whole thing but I am going to finish this, I coulda been done already – the exercise is fun and it’s the “easy” part for me. FOOD, Lord have mercy, it’s an issue.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My secret sistah friend is just awesome...she sent me a nifty little note in the mail. Now I have a clue about her....She's from Cincinnati (according to the postage). I may be able to narrow things down. She asked me about some things I like and I really have to think about that.
I know that she meant knitting/yarn related but it got me thinking. I watch Oprah all the time and you know how every year she has her favorite things list? I thought wouldn't it be cool to comprise a Nina's most favorite things list? So going from the Oprah tradition the only things on this list will be things I've tried or things I have that I own and love. A lot of them actually are knitting related because it's an extreme hobby of mine but others are just things I love...maybe in the future I will make a long to love list, as in the items that I long to love but probably never will because they are way too expensive; as it would have it already some of these items are WAY over in the luxury category and are not regular occurences in my own life (probably not an issue with oprah) Anyway, below is my top 50 Favorite things and no they are not in any particular order. By the way I love making list...I'm surprised I haven't done any of this prior

Nina's Favorite things

1. Banana Laffy Taffy
2. Banana Runts
3. My pink Ipod mini
4. Gold's gym - The gym is awesome, it has a mechanical rock climbing wall, a physical rehad center, a mini spa (facials/massages), and tanning bed. The classes there are awesome and free except for the Reformer Pilates class and most of all the people there are friendly and fun and welcoming at my gym. I've made some peeps there...
5. Victoria's Secret Full Coverage Ipex Bras
6. Victoria's Secrete Shock Absorber Sports Bra
7. Sneakers in general but in particular Nike Shox
8. Alchemy Bamboo Yarn
9. Lion Brand Cashmere Blend Yarn
10. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Yarn
11. Target
12. Food Network
13. Rachel Ray- yes I subscribe to her magazine, YUMMO! I also like Sandra Lee's semi- homemade style and the Iron Chef
14. Cookbooks- I actually kind of collect them (at least that is what I'm calling it since I’ve acquired so many)
15. Bulky yarns-wool in particular (even though I’m "big boned" and people say never knit with bulky if you're carrying a few extra pounds, I don’t care. I like bulky)
16. Funky knitting needles- I actually have those Joanns sparkle/glitter straight needles, I saw those new lite brite needles and would like to have them but these needles are actually on their way to my house this very minute. Snazzy!
17. Pretty or fun or cute paper stationary
18. Journals- here’s an example of the last ones I bought as gifts (if you know me and receive a gift from at some point in life you will receive a journal from me because I just love them that much and think they are a practical gift for every person)
19. Coconut, pina colada, and Hawaiian scented and flavored drinks, perfume, body spray, body lotion, gum, lolly pops, pretty much anything that carries the scent and flavor- you can call it an obsession.
20. Things with my name or initials on them. – You know how when your on vacation and looking in the souvenier shops for gifts and they always have keychains ors shot glasses w/ your name on them…for some reason it rare that my name is there and it really does bug me…it not the serious and it shouldn’t but it really gets to me!
21. Shoes- I don’t discriminate but there is a special place in my heart for boots.
22. Purses- I like to coordinate and I like cute stuff, I have many knitting bags too.
23. Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine (it's been thru a lot of changes over the years but i just can't let go, it's a good fitness publication) and Oxygen Magazine
24. IKEA
25. Pier 1
26. Direct TV- I love having Tivo and now that I have it I will NEVER go back to basic cable or to Comcast for that matter. DOWN WITH COMCAST!!!!!
27. PHO- Pho Saigon in my area in particular w/ the fresh spring rolls and peanut sauce-holler at your gurl, they are scrumptous!
28. Mexican Food- El Charro or Mateo's especially
29. Arnold Schwarzenegger- Don’t laugh! I’ve seen pretty much every movie he’s ever made and when I was little I was going to marry him. It’s such a shame because I hear he is or use to be a huge egotistic maniacal jerk…:-(
30. Taylors of Harrogate Black Currant Tea- I love herbal and green as well but for some reason I LOVED this little english black breakfast tea. Mmmmm, Mmmmm- this is good stuff; I've had it every time I go to tea at the Ritz. I liked it so much I did an online search to get me some of that thur tea when I couldn’t find it in the stores.
31. The Color Purple; seen the movie more times than I can count, read the book a couple times and just recently was given a hardcover copy as a gift. My hubby gave me the best Christmas present ever when he took me to see it on Broadway in NYC this past January.
32. Knit.1 magazine and Vogue Knitting magazine; I love looking at Rowan and Cedifra (sp) and Rebecca too.
33. MySpace-I love myspace it keeps me connected with all my peeps and I always feel special when I have a new comment or message-love love love
34. Oprah
35. Mail - I love receiving mail and packages; it makes me feel special and it’s so special because people really have to make and effort and think about you to send you a note or something in the mail these days. I’ve always love receiving mail- Bills get irritating to pay but I don’t mind receiving them in the mail w/ my name on them and all. It kinda feels good. (I love getting email too)
36. Church- I love going to church (except it being early in the morning)- Don’t get freaked out by the top picture it I think that was after some type of church production or something. We aren’t like WACO worshipers or drinking rattlesnake venom or anything. It’s a normal church with normal folks.
37. Massages, manicures, pedicures, or getting my hair or eyebrows done- most of the time its’ not as expensive as you would think – actually if you’re getting a weave it’s expensive but otherwise, No- Plus, it makes me feel like a diva and I feel better and more put together about myself too.
38. Alias - I actually started watching this show (thanks to TNT reruns) probably about a year a go and I am finally caught up to the last season so I can’t wait to see how it all ends.
39. Gelati's- it's a wonderful combination of Italian ice and soft serve ice cream/custard. You guessed it I usually get vanilla ice cream with either pina colada or mango flavored italian ice or a combo.
40. Ice cream- Coldstone or Ben and Jerry's is my favorite; in New Mexico they have this place called Caliche' is THE best. Mmmmmmh!
41. Bookstores or Libraries. I just enjoy being in the presence of books and in that atmosphere. Weird I know, yet true. I could say the same for yarn stores. My husband says I'm a grandma...
42. Santoku knives- I use to watch Rachel Ray just slices thru things like nobodies business on 30-minute meals and asked for one for Christmas. I think she uses her own trademark type Furi Santoku knife now but I bought mine back in the day and it's the best knife I own. Better than Cutco.
43. Avocado
44. Nuts- Do I dare to say that I've never met a nut I didn't like-lol? Truly I love pistachios, cashews, peeeecans, walnuts, macadamias, peanuts, etc etc etc
45. Workout clothes- obviously I just love clothing but I love to coordinate and look cute for the gym; it is a part of who I am.
46.VX Golds Gym treadmill
47. Black cinema - Movies like, I'm gone git you sucka, hollywood shuffle, and the Last dragon
48. Old Kung Fu movies with the whack sound effects- these movies have the coolest fight scenes and they actually have quite a bit of humor in them.
49. 50" Flat screen plasma- this thing is awesome. I know a big television is typically a man thing but I LOVE IT, especially to use in conjunction with my Tivo.
50. Cotton Candy

This is pretty much the only post for this week. Sure has been a lot of fun but a lot of effort! It kind of ended up being my favorite things, activities, and people but what's MY list and I can do what I want! :-) When I think about it, it's a crazy amount of effort put in for just 3 people to read. Maybe I will post up on my sistafriends to check it out....:-)