Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick update & Movies

 * Haven't forgotten my blog, been busy as usual. We're leaving Italy soon. There's a lot to do w preparing to move back to the states including having last hoorah's with friends.
* On the knitting tip again finally. Stockinetting my heart out with Lion Brands Curtain Call Shrug. Using Paton's Decor in Grey.

Recently watched Greenberg, which was as quirky as the previews look. Sometimes I feel like it was trying or that the movie was just running parallel to views and jokes I’ve seen Ben Stiller make in real life. It also drug on painfully in spots
Watched Social Network and liked it.
Watched Inception and thought it was better than the Matrix ever was. Loved it.
Saw Takers. Not as bad as I would have judged. Had some quality to it though it was very typical heist style movie. Even though I like rap and hip hop, I expect very little from rapper produced movies. This one quality wise esp. was a step in the right direction.
Saw Easy A, was one of those feel good teen romcommer’s that was actually cute. It was on par w my like for Mean Girls. Emma Stone had me feeling like she was the new Lindsay basically. Albeit, the anti-crack/stupidity version.
Thought the American drug on unnecessarily, though Clooney was looking Fine (note w capital F).
Holy vulgar guilty pleasure, Machete. Did you really pull a cell phone out of there stripper outfits and naughty nurses? What am I watching?
Cried my face off watching Hachi, deep sobing ugly cry and I’m just not that kind of girl.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Loved.

Seen a ton of things but I pulled these off the top of my head. Gotta dress the boy and myself. ttyl

Monday, November 08, 2010

Recently Read Review-Sookie Stackhouse Novels

Been reading the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire novels and really enjoy it. I’m on the 8th book. Before I get into all that let me say this on a sidenote; I read the first book of the Twilight series and thought I might choke Bella out through the pages. It kinda made me worry about teenage girls reading those books. She (Bella) just seemed like a codependant, insecure, stupid girl. I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon and like it but I just couldn't. Some of my friends and family say I need to keep reading and I will.... eventually...maybe. I’ve got the other 3 books to read but I don’t know if I can bring myself to waste the time/effort.

Anyway, the Sookie series is not for teenage girls or people who love the no sex aspect of Twilight. The books are no where near as explicit as the Showtime series but…it’s no purity show. Hide your kids, hide your wives….and hide your husbands too

I will also say that Stephanie Meyers is probably a better writer than Charlaine Harris BUT Charlaines characters and books are more interesting and fun and clever.

The books regarding Sookie are significantly different from what’s being done in the series (after the first season, that is- the 1st season kinda goes right along with the first book which makes sense). Anyway, I don’t know if Sookie will realize it or not but book after book I’m more and more Team Eric and she needs to be too. Course in regard to the TV show I’m team Eric too. Bill is a boring unattractive mess compared to Eric on the show. Season 2 they give Eric a haircut and I was like, DUUUUUDDE. As in, “Holla at me, you look so good I could slap your mama” kind of DUUUUUDE.

So, some things I like about the books have mainly to do with the characters, especially Sookie. She’s funny and clever and smart in the books. She is also gangsta/gangster (tomaetoe/tomahtoh). In the books she’s like,"Bill, Sam, Tara, Eric, boyfriend,girlfriend, king, queen, brother –WHOEVER if you're in trouble…I’m going in." She’s an undeniably strong character in the book though she does need rescuing. She’s finally the chick who kicks off the high heels to sprint from the bad guys while slathering vaseline on her face for the inevitable brawl to come and I like that. I think at one point in the latest book she pretty much says, "this chick does not know, I'm the business when it comes to a fight." I don't know I could be paraphrasing just a bit. Anyway, she might be considered by others just a slight bit Whiskey Tango but she doesn’t view herself as such so in turn no matter what anybody says in the book we all know she isn’t (lol). There’s plenty more I like but I’ll leave it at this.

Some things I don’t like about the books is the constant rehashing Charlaine does with each new installment. I’ve read Series books before and I can never recall this constant rehashing of characters and back information. Sometimes it’s so annoying that I’ll skim/skip the page or paragraph she’s going on and on in. Charlaine, honey, there’s gotta be a better way. I understand the desire to make each book a product the reader can pick up at any installment and not feel totally lost but seriously…seriously? There’s gotta be a better way. Another oddity--well, I guess the character of Bubba is kinda growing on me with each passing book not but the first few books that character made me laugh out loud due to how cheesy it felt to stick him in there. It felt undeniably cheesy BUT I also had to like that the author wasn’t afraid to have fun and insert him. There are other things I could complain about but nevertheless I recommend the series if you like TrueBlood, the show, and if you like vampire novels.

Let's pretend

Let's pretend like I never left and haven't be completely absent from my little blog space for over a year. Pretending.....time......NOW!
So we move back to Georgia in February some time. I guess I will have to make it my business to post up any trips and travel we do between now and then. It has been a blast living here and I don't want to leave. Straight up. Period. Don't wanna go.
Guess I gotta move onto the next chapter of my life. Nevertheless these last few months will certainly be a blow out of events. Funny everyone is visiting us now that the sand is about to run out on the hour glass here. By the time it's all said and done we will have had about two months of guests staying here! It's been a blast. I'm so glad everyone has/is coming. It's been nice being able to share a little smidgen of my life with everyone. My sister and her boys are here now and there is a series of wonderfulness going on between my son and her boys being together, her LOVING Italy, and getting to hear the boys perspective on everything they see and learn.
Anyway, I see that I said so last year but for to ya soon, I'm back on the blogging tip and I'm about to come with a vengeance.

Friday, May 08, 2009

It's been a while

I'm just going to jump right back in here like it's what I've been doing for a spell instead of continuing on like I have been which would leave us all with more days of nothing said. The truth is that once I finally got over being sick with the baby I've done a lot of interesting stuff. I'll even have the thoughts of, "Man I should blog about this." Then I just don't. I'm going to try to be better. I've only got one more month until baby James is here BTW. Should be cool. Anyhoo, I'll start with something easy today. Movie "reviews".
There's no way in Sam Hill I can go back and give you a recap of the zillions of movies I've crushed over these months so I'm just going to do the last four I've watched. There's no favorites and no outright V8 award recipients in this batch so here's what I've got.
1. Bolt- Yep, I resorted to watching Bolt even though I don't actually have a child here begging to watch cartoons and I am not ashamed. The truth is that I've seen cuter and funnier animations in the past but it wasn't a bad flick by any means. If you want to watch some cartoon sweetness then this is a harmless choice. It has a little humor and a sweet message and ending. There's no Bambi, "Your mother won't be with us anymore" moments which is good but I did think to myself a couple times: "Can they just straight up rip off Inspector Gadget like that?" (Those old inspector gadget cartoons were dope!) Cartoons back then were so much better than the weaksauce they have now; and you can't beat those old theme songs. Anyhoo...
2. The Spirit-This movie was whack but I couldn't stop watching. I get it to a certain extent; the dialog and such are suppose to be hokie but good grief. Still I can't give it a tomato splat because it was the type of movie that is so bad it's funny. I would say to rent this movie only if you're in the mood to laugh and not take it too seriously.
3. The Reader- I thought this was a good movie but you should be warned to be prepared for a lot (I do mean a lot) of sexual inappropriateness. I'll tell you what else too, the movie has a lot of substance but the part that made my heart grow to Grinch size on Christmas morning was the short spell when old dude makes all the tapes and old girl starts to read and get her write on. I just thought that was amazing but don't rent it if you have a problem with sexuality on screen because they are not playing around.
4. Hotel for Dogs- Just another sweet and fluffy movie with little parts by Lisa Kudrow and Don Cheadle. It's about some kids who, you guessed it, start a clever little hotel for stray dogs after becoming "strays" themselves. It's just all kinds of lighthearted, feel good, family friendliness up in there so if that's what you're looking for rent this sweet little movie.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Back on the Block

1. First things first. I'm pregnant, preggo, preggers, knocked up, inseminated, with child. My lovely lady lumps gotta me a beauty baby bump. I gotta bun in the oven. I'm procreating. I'm multiplying the Earth. I'm a mommy to be, so on and so get the picture.

2. I'm back on the blogging tip but I'm not so sure it will be so much about knitting so the little readership I do have might be forced to keep it moving past my site. On the other hand I don't have plans to turn into Mommy and me central up in here either.

3. I haven't explored much of Italy yet but now that I'm feeling better--Venice, Rome, Verona--YOU COMPLETE ME.

4. I might change the site name to "Movie Watching Chick Knits sometimes" because I've got a whole bunch of movie reviews and a whole lot of unfinished knitting/crocheting projects.

5. The whole Bailey family is coming in a little over a week for Christmas.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'll be hooked up to my own internet again and will be able to blog and upload pics of my new home as well as some of the projects I've gotten done. In the mean time "Viva Italia!"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big ol summer bag.

The other thing I got done this past week were all the squares for my big ol summer bag that I want to take to the beach at the end of august. I needed 16 crocheted squares. Here they are.
I just need to sew them together and find someone to sew me a liner for it. I also have not decided what kind of strap I'm going to use. More info. to come later.

Lessons from Mama

I've been on Ravelry a lot lately and I must say that somehow it is motivating me to get my projects done. It may be a couple of things egging me on.

First off I've queued almost 150 projects that I want to knit.

Second, I have the yarn in my stash for several of the projects that I've queued.

Third, I have the book or pattern or pdf for a lot of the patterns I have in my queue with awaiting yarn.

Fourth, with all the other ridiculous stats I see since I've been on Rav. I've only got 16 projects done….and not all of them are DONE. I have a couple hibernating. I have a couple still in progress. That reminds me. The hat isn't done. I ran out of yarn-i have some more in my stash but it's currently in storage waiting for shipment. I'll finish the brim when I can get to my stash but that will only take a minute.

Also, Joy is enjoying her Special K's.

Ok, so anyway, ultimately, the stats don't lie and when I log on and see how out of proportion things are it kinda checks me. I may be itching to cast on a new project but I won't let myself until I see at least one of those WIP's are done first. I might want to buy some more yarn but not until I bust some stash first because honestly, this is ridiculous. (At this point there will be no new yarn buying unless I'm vacation). I don't want to be a SABLE chick. I want to have a small stash. Right now I feel so wasteful. When I was young my mother would say, "There are children in Africa that would kill for…." insert whatever you like in that space- food, toys, clothes. I know ya'll have been there before, sitting at the dinner table for hours pushing around food that you don't like wishing you could reach the Kool-Aid drink that has been sat in the middle of the table out of reach so you don't fill up on drink and not eat.

Wow, sorry forgive me, flashbacks. I digress-- what I’m trying to say is my mom was right. I need to appreciate what I have and not be wasteful. I’m sure there are knitters in Africa who would kill to have my stash—right? (Puh-leez, lets face it, there’s knitters in a America that would stomp a foot in my… ) Anyway, I’m going to use up a large part of this stash---I will! I can!

You guys and Ravelry will help me right.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special K's done

I can tell you right now, the second legwarmer looks tons better than the first legwarmer. I think it has to do with confidence. I spent much of the 1st legwarmer figuring out the pattern, wondering about the gauge, trying it on constantly…the 2nd one? The second one I just cast on and knit and got it done. All the stitches are a lot neater, it took me less time and I barely tried it on at.
So anyway, I’m not ripping legwarmer number one out so, here they go. Of course I haven’t blocked them yet. These were extra quick to knit so that was cool.
I had planned on making myself some in brown using the same pattern but the other day when I was looking at records at the salvation army I ran across this:
Those legwarmers are hot! Jane even had the hole cut out on the heel. Looks like 1x1 rib for like two inches on either side and then all stockinette. I wonder if I could figure out how to do magic loop for these. Hmmmmm.
You know, I was wondering how effective stash busting really is if you have to buy additional yarn in order to bust the yarn in your stash? This seems to happen to me often actually. I have the brown wool I wanted to knit the original legwarmers out of but I don’t have any mohair/fuzzy yarn and I want my warmers to be a little hazy. And if I decide to knit the Jane Fonda legwarmers I’m going to need a lot more yarn. Dilemma.
Even still, legwarmers aside, sometimes I have to buy an extra skein or some more complimentary yarn when it comes to using yarn in my stash and I can’t help but to chuckle at the irony of buying more yarn to have less yarn.
Anyway, I will cast on for my pair soon but first I want to finish this…

It’s Mellow Moods from the 1st Get Your Crochet On! Crochet is so freaking quick.