Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movies 18 thru 21

18. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- I feel like I missed some stuff in this movie and need to watch it again and I would too if the movie wasn't Soooooo. Freaking. Long. I mean seriously it's a great movie but it goes on for so long you do get tired of watching. Me and the BIL debated whether it was worth it to go on I mean we know that Jesse is assassinated already! Lol. In hind sight it is worth watching.

19. Cronicas- (foreign w/ subtitles) OMG this was a good movie. Let me just say that John Leguizimos was amazing in this movie and Damian Alcazar, the guy that plays the imprisoned Bible salesman, is so freaking creepy it's chilling. Actually that whole story is chilling. It really got me thinking about the influence well known people and reporters have on popular culture and also how twisted the media is. I couldn't believe the motivation to get compelling and dangerous footage throughout the movie without having a strong moral urge to intercede or do the right thing. Also, in the beginning of the movie there is a scene where the press is attending a funeral for a child and they're just having a normal business as usual conversation with cell phones ringing and everything. The disconnect of respect and decency depicted was very poignant in my opinion.

20. Rocky Balboa- What is Sly even talking about in half of the movie!? It's just this big slurred jumbled mess of verbage- lol. Actually, I have to say, once it was all said and done I have to admit this was pretty good. It stuck to the original Rocky formulas so I couldn't be that mad at it for the bad acting, dialogue, and triumph with a fighter's heart outcome. You should rent if you need some eye of the tiger in your life and maybe are feeling a little down. J

21. There will be Blood- Talk about an interesting movie. I mean WOW. I kept waiting for the movie to get to the point honestly and in the end I was a little disheartened to find that I had sat through hours of (actually we ended up watching it over two days because it went on for so long) graphic craziness for pretty much more graphic craziness to ensue! The verdict is still out as to whether this movie should be called a good idea or not and I'll tell you why….though long and puzzling, it's intriguing- you want to keep watching because the story is so….so? The story is so compelling and insane and interesting and you're constantly wondering what is this leading up to? There's this sense of anticipation the whole time you're watching….and then…and you'll have to find out for yourselves!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Orange u glad I didn't say....

I finally started my fiery Phiaro scarf. I love the yarn that I ended up going with. The colorway is called Tequila.
It's by SWTC, it's 100% bamboo. Some of ya'll helped me choose it for this project and it was such good advice!
This is the 2nd time I've used bamboo yarn. I love the way it feels. It's interesting, the first time I used this yarn it felt a little "crunchy" until I blocked it but now it's just silky silky.
This is such a quick knit. Just straight up mindless nonstop stockinette, it's great for sitting and watching movies or tv. I'm almost at 10 inches- just 12 more to go until I can start dropping stitches. What I'm really not looking forward to is the finishing. You have to braid about a zillion pcs. of fringe.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quick Crochet

I forgot how fast crochet is. A friend of the family has been going through a hard time recently so I decided to make her something. Of course I had some yarn that would suit her well already in my stash. It's that laceweight yarn my sister gave me when I first FIRST started knitting. I tried to knit it into lace so many times it was ridiculous. It has mohair in it and when you rip it back it gets really tangled. For some reason it never dawned on me over the years to crochet with that yarn...I've really wanted to use it b/c it's just so pretty. Anyway, the opportunity knocked and whomp---there it is...I knit this up in a day and a half- prob could have been quicker if I stayed devoted....I freaking love crochet! I need to take some post blocked pics so you can see that this is actually cute. It's this pattern. I think the yarn I used is from Cherry Tree has little sparkles in it too.

Going green...

This is about to be so random but what else is new? For the longest time I've appreciated the look of natural hair. I tried several years ago to grow my hair natural but I didn't have the courage to do the BIG CHOP. I had several inches of new growth with my processed hair back then but couldn't chop it off. Recently I had a weave and hardly any new growth at all but for some reason I decided enough was enough and found my courage.
Here's what it looks like.
Mind you I look a lot more "fierce" with make up and proper accessories. This pic is just a drive by. I'll give you some sexy later...don't you worry.
In other "green" news I ripped back the bag that I was making for "Ay BayBay" and now I'm reknitting it using the Everlasting bagstopper pattern on Knitty. Now that I'm motivated again, it will be done in no time.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movies 12 thru


12. No Reservations- Cute little movie. I know everyone raves about that little Abigail girl from Little Ms. Sunshine. I'm not a big fan of the kid but still she did a fine job and the movie was a cute little predictable romantic (it was suppose to be a comedy) drama. If chick flicks are your thing pick this baby up it's really sweet.

13. Run Lola Run- (foreign w/ subtitles) Obviously, I had never seen this before but had heard rave reviews from others in my Fiberflix and Netflix groups. I am so glad I watched it. I actually watched it with my brother in law and he pretty much hates subtitles but the movie was so high energy, entertaining, and interesting that we both ended up loving it. I really love how the story is told and the snapshots into the future, and the animation. It was a really cool film. I would recommend it.

14. Hotel Rowanda- Another incredible movie. It will be a really hard week to choose my feature of the day. Don Cheadle. Wow. That's pretty much all I've got on that note. The movie is incredibly moving. It spoke legions about the different political relations in Africa. It also amazes me how in modern day people can still be slaughtered in mass because of race, religion, economical status etc. (not just in Africa). When I watch a movie like this I wonder, "How can I make a difference?"

15. Millions- This was a neat little foreign film. I ended up really liking it. I thought the concept was great. The little boy who plays the main character is as cute as a button and I loved how his imagination is played out on screen. It's quite the little family film too sort of home alone, meets real life, meets fantasy.

16. Volver- (foreign w/ subtitles) Another great movie. The thing that struck me is how lighthearted the film actually feels considering it deals with some very dark issues. Somehow it all just flows and seems to make sense. Penelope Cruz is wonderful and beautiful in this movie (me and the BIL had a convo of how she can be hit or miss sometimes) and again this movie is rich with latino culture. I loved it.

17. Baby Mama- Gotta love Tina Fey and her really funny writing perspective. Saw this in the the theater with a girlfriend of mine. It was laugh out loud funny but I will say that it is more on the chick flick side of things. While I think my hubby would have found things funny in it he would've requested I find a girlfriend to go with after all was said and done.