Saturday, February 24, 2007

Temptation: a fact of life

My pal noted some yarn on her blog a while back so I decided to check it out. Boy does that girl have good taste! I check out Lisa Souza’s site and was so excited over all the great yarn and beautiful colorways she had to offer at not so bad prices (especially considering the yardage you get)

I ordered a special colorway just for her but when it got here, boy was it hard to do the right thing. The yarn is beautiful and I want it for me, myself. It needs to be mine; living here with me, basking in the beautiful wonderland I keep for all my sock yarns…
Would it be such a bad life to bask in the shade with other breathtakingly stunning yarns living an elite life, collected and relaxed until the day you were summoned to glide over brand new rosewood double pointed needles

and manipulated into a luxurious garment perfectly tailored for finely lotioned then delicately powdered manicured feet?

You see,I would do you right, I'd treat you so good if only you would just stay with me...PLEEEEZE don't go; say you'll stay with me forever---er, sorry-lost my mind for a minute
Look at this, you know…you go in intending to do something nice but then it backfires. Why o why o why o why o why o why?!

BTW, I placed the order at 5:15pm on Thursday evening and at 5:20 Lisa emailed me to let me know she processed the order and would have it out to me the next day. I got the yarn Saturday….homegirl was not messing around over there; she has my business that is FOR SURE

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still amazed...God has really kept me

Just a day ago I found out a guy I used to be involved with is in jail for murder. Yup, it's true. After the shock wore off I had an epiphany because my first reaction was to thank God for my Matty. I kinda realized it before but this confirmed it for me that God has really saved me from myself so many times. Here's a look at the last few guys I invited into and tried to hang onto in my life

1. ST- murdered before 20 yrs old; involvement in less than stellar activities and people
2. JA- ex drug addict & alcoholic (to date); 2 kids before 21
3. DT- jail drug dealer and probably a pedophile since he was dating me
4. SP- drug addict; dead of anurism (sp) before 21 yr old

No I'm not the black widow or anything..
Even my first real kiss, JM ended up being a crackhead, literally. Anyway, I think there are a zillion reasons why I chose these type of guys. I do know that there is a part of me that believes in the very best in people even if they or no one else really see's it. I feel connected in the soul to the good qualities or intentions of a person quite frequently. I am also the type of person who has a tough time even computing the evilness that some people/things really possess even though I've been the very witness to it. I'm the person who is constantly shocked and ever soul struck by the evening news (which is probably why I don't watch that often).
Anyway, all that aside I know that underneath my past choices have stemmed from 1) my self assessed self worth/value 2)family history.
My mother died of cancer before I turned 7 years old but not before she passed on her horrible legacy of choosing the wrong men which I'm sure was passed on to her by the women in her life....
Anyway, by the time I met God in high school I had already told him, myself and my grandparents that I wasn't getting married. That I would rather just live with whoever and kick them to the curb as necessary...because apparently it would inevitably be necessary.Didn't quite work that way, I ended up going thru some hard times and really clinging to God and in turn my life and who I was totally changed. I learned who I was by God's standards and started to believe in good things for myself and in my life. It wasn't something I accepted overnight. I still wrestle God to this very day but ultimately he won my heart and showed me just what he could do with it. He sent me Matty in my youth and we grew into adults together stumbling thru and mastering what it really meant to love one another...purely might I add. It never ceased and has not ceased to amaze up how incredibly blessed we are to have each other. For all you skeptics out there I'm just going to say it because it's true that they do exist...Mateo is my soulmate. And just to freak the rest of you all out some more let me say God one more time. God God God... he made me a new creation and has richly and deeply blessed my life ever since.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stupid inner dialogues...

I’m afraid I might need to rip it. This sucks. I’m pretty sure I messed up the instructions for the decreases on several rows but I keep telling myself that as long as I have as many stitches on my needle as the pattern calls for and my gauge is still good there shouldn’t be any problems… is bothering me though. I should rip. Should I rip?
My edges aren’t looking so hot and I want this top to be nice. The little voice inside of me keeps nudging saying, “Better to rip it now in the beginning” or “ if you’re going to do it you’d better do it right.”

Friday, February 16, 2007

Last Sockret pal package is in the process ….

I'm using that antibacterial Tofutsie's SWTC sockyarn I got at Darlene's. It is very splitty but I'm managing.
As you can see I'm going from the toe up and I've decided the sock will be in garter rib stitch. This would be my first time doing any type of pattern in a sock. I'm really enjoying myself. I had to go up to a size two needle. There was lots of swatching. It's probably why the third and final swatch ended up being so small. I should have knit the swatch like I did for Delta.
Anyway, I'm on my way now and that's what's important.
My sockret pal will just have to look at these socks as a sentimental mark in my sock knitting career. One day I'll knit socks like Stephanie Pearl McPhee but is not a sock harlot day. Today I rip and started the toe over approximately 5-7 times and even now I won't say I'm satisfied but guess what...this is what your getting sister! lol

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mo' movies, mo'movies, mo' movies

11. Brokeback Mountain- The movie was definitely complex and I think it did a really good job of showing the taboo of it all, especially in that time period and setting of the country. Heath Ledger was really impressive in his portrale... I have to tell ya, it was tough for me to watch this movie and I really only caught it in passing on HBO. On a personal level the attraction just seems so foreign to me and I can’t understand it. I could have empathy for the characters on screen but I could never really make the connection because I just don’t understand it. In real life I am one of those people who does a double take like, “What is going on over there?” if I walk past two males or two females holding hands. It’s always startling and a surprise to me so to try to get down with it in a movie was….tough. Anyway, my final conclusion is that above all else for me the movie was deeply thought provoking and I believe this was part of the purpose of the movie. While American culture is working hard at mainstreaming homosexuality a movie like this is a catalyst to get people seriously thinking and talking and truly facing/examining themselves and what they believe.

12. DreamGirls- Matty and I saw this in the theatre a couple of weeks ago. It was good. Matty even really liked it. He was fighting me on it originally especially when I told him that it was a broadway musical type thing. BTW, they did a great job of making it a movie and a musical. Everything about this movie was good. Good singing, good acting, good set design, good wardrobe. Jennifer Hudson was impressive in her acting especially for a first time appearance. She was really able to get her emotions to transfer over the film quite naturally. Her singing wasn’t bad neither! Though she did play a big role, it wasn’t the Beyonce’ show either. Eddie Murphy deserved his best supporting actor award. I thought he was simply amazing. Honestly, I was just glad to see his face on the silver screen again. I think that he can be over the top at times but the man is truly brilliant. It was a stellar cast honestly. They couldn’t have done a better job on that. The movie did an great job of depicting the industry’s relationship with blacks in that time period. Did I mention the set designs were really perfect? They also did a great job in developing each character and their storyline while incorporating the music. I think this is a must see for everyone/anyone and so it is my recommendation of the week.

13. My Super Ex-Girlfriend- A goofy movie. I like Uma Thurman and the Wilson brothers, that’s why I rented it in the first place. I wouldn’t waste my time a second time but it was amusing enough for me not to start wishing for an ending halfway through the movie. Luke Wilson, who I usually think is a clever little cutie pie with his whole manjaw going on, actually looked kinda chubby in this movie. It was weird.

14.The Covenant- This movie was cheesy. The very beginning scene I said to Matty “Huh, have you ever seen the Lost Boys?!” The beginning scene was so familiar to that movie for me. Actually the whole “bad boys” of darkness thing was amusing and I have to include that every frame of the movie tried to be gothic/gotham city esque. The college was all very stone and gates and gargoyle. The rich-bad boys houses all looked like huge haunted mansions. Most of the scenes took place in the evening or with a “misty fog” around. It all seemed so cliché’ and over overdone. The special effects and fights were a joke. It almost looks like they’re throwing water balloons at each other. Finally, I’ll end this by saying that it was all quite predictable too.

15. Mission Impossible III- There was a good amount of action. It was an entertaining movie to say the least. Didn’t Michelle Monaghan remind you of Katie Holmes just a little bit? The whole content of the movie that pertained to his love interest and their relationship felt like a subliminal statement to me actually. Anyway, if you’re looking for some action this would still be a very good choice. Storywise and actingwise I definitely think that Mission Impossible II with Thandie Newton was better. (Anyone seen the Truth about Charlie? Very clever movie with her in it)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Picked some cheap cotton

AC Moore was having a sale on some discontinued SnC cotton.
I figured since I’m knitting along every month on the yahoo dishcloth group I might as well pick myself some $.75 cotton.
I think I’ve got more than enough now. This is my whole cotton stash now with the new additions.
23 skeins! It’s so tough to pass that stuff up when it’s on sale even if I’m not sure if I like the colors. Ususally when it knits up I end up liking it and even if I don’t somebody is bound to. Such perfect little gifts.
Here are my cloths from January

The first one ended up being a star/snowflake thingie. It was pretty exciting to see this one developing and realize what it was. I’m glad I knit it in white; it goes with the whole snowflake theme thing. You can see I got mixed up halfway thru and changed from right side to wrong side in the pattern. Did I rip it out? No, it’s a dishcloth! I’ll just have to knit another one the correct way day. This one was kind of major crap anyway. I was testing out different ways to hold my needles, wrap the yarn, stitch quicker etc etc for the purl stitch. I finally figured a way that is most comfortable for me yet still makes good looking purls toward the end of the pattern. I had come to realize that purling was not my favorite thing so I wanted to make it easier on myself. Anyway…

The other pattern was a cabled dishcloth. I’ve never knit cables before so this too was pretty exciting. I felt like a knitting pimp; it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Imagine that. Nevertheless, I really disliked the design of the cloth. I don't want to use it (have it in my house) and I don't want to give it away. It was strictly a learning experience I guess. It's a shame too because I've seen cables I really like it's just that this particular design was not my favorite.
Now, wouldn’t you know during the famous dishcloth knit a long I only got 4 done. Needless to say I was eating the dust of some of the other dishcloth maniacs in the knit along. But now after the KAL is over I’m upping my dishcloth game! 
Still it was around the same time that I signed up for the Dishcloth a Month Club. It’s a group on yahoo (they have a blog too). The host sends out about 7 or 8 lines of a dish cloth pattern every few days. You end up knitting about 2 dishcloths a month. It sounds old lady but it’s actually pretty fun because you have no idea what you’re knitting and it’s always something different using a different technique. BTW, it’s free and the ladies are nice, welcoming, and super helpful. I’m convinced that knitting dishcloths will help you develop your knitting skills, besides they are great gifts.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Why am I not asleep?

I ordered this yarn from Knitpixie at like 11:00 at night the other day and it came a couple minutes later. They are not playing around about shipping over there folks. Anyway, it's 100% Bamboo yarn from SWTC. I think the ball band said something like 240 yds to a skein. Don't hold me to it, I'm shooting from the hip.
Nevertheless every since I saw the FREE pattern on Wendy's site many moons ago I've wanted to knit a scarf for a friend I'm thinking. She knit it as a headband do-dad thingie.
When I saw this yarn (made out of bamboo) in this color it all came together so perfectly. I decided it can be the project I could work out when Delta is getting on my last nerve (apparently this scarf will be done in no time) I forgot to photograph it but I got this yarn in a variegated green colorway too.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today you get two post in one day. I went to the main office at my apartment complex this morning because the mailman left me a note saying i had a package.
My sockret pal spoiled. me. rotten.
Every single item was just absolutely perfect for me. EVERY ITEM. I felt so special when I opened it up. There were two cooking magazines because I love to cook. I will most likely be subscribing to both of those mags now. I've actually been meaning to subscribe to COOKS for some time now. My sockret pal just made it official. She also sent bath confetti which is perfect. Did I happen to mention that my new home has not one but two garden tubs and since I haven't been working yet I've been taking advantage of using them in a major way. I can't wait to use that stuff. It smells wonderful. She sent a lovely random acts of kindness fridge magnet. I thought that was just too cool. If it doesn't offend I was thinking I could explain to my next pal that she too has to do something wonderful for her own pal and send her the magnet if I send it to her. Who knows maybe it will get back to one of us if we keep the magnet going with our random act of kindness. Just a know what they say about karma. Wait, I hope I haven't lost you all because I'm not done...
My wonderful pal sent me a lovely post card in honor of black history month. I found this particularly touching. I have to say my heart melted and eyes dared to water up at the thought of another person appreciating and seeing the beauty in my heritage. It really touched my heart pal, you're freakin' awesome. Us knitters, we rock!
Ya'll know if I was about to cry receiving my post card when I saw my handknit socks I just went over. The colors are perfect, the pattern i
s amazing, the fit is incredible. It was wonderful to slip these handmade beauties on my feet and just think, "someone invested their time in these for me." They even came with a matching candle(which I love).I know I'm being all gushy but it's all true! You know what else my socks look like me and my style, check it out I gave them a tour. Thank you so much sockret pal you could never know how much it meant to receive your package. Awesome.
6. America’s Sweethearts- I think I’ve only seen John Cusack in one movie (Runaway Juror- ) that was not a romantic comedy. Maybe I should start keeping a list of the actors that seem to be so severely type casted-it's like watching groundhog day over and over again just with a different title. Ok, maybe I am being a little severe but there is truth in it. Anyway, it was a good enough movie. Nothing to write home about. It ended the way I expected. I felt like all the actors (Juilia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones, Billy Crystal) had done this type of movie so many times that even they were tired of it all. Wow, I hadn’t realized just how many good/decent movies JohnC had been in until I brought up his profile…DANG DUYU!
7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Man o Man. Johnny what have you done? I use to love the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and maybe this is where my problem begins. I found this version to be way too weird for my taste. It followed all of the original antidotes (which was actually disappointing) but it was almost let’s say….morbid. I guess that’s the Tim Burton special huh? Johnny why? I still love you…
8. Mr. and Mrs. Smith- This has been running and re-running non stop on cable. I actually saw it in the theatre the first time. I can’t help myself from liking this movie. As much as I want to be mad at Brad I have to admit that he and Angie have great chemistry together. It's not a comples movie but it sure is fun. It's definately an updated, cooler, sexier True Lies (in a way) at least that's what it reminded me of-just better.
9. Stomp the Yard- Matty really wanted to see this. I was against it. It was too “You got Served” – (Go home and stop akin lika ho’-sorry just had a flashback) looking to me. I went anyway. I loved this movie. First off let me say that unlike up north there were all genre of people in the movie theatre and it was packed (not even opening day) checking this movie out. I really liked that. We went to see it on MLK day and I felt very “I’m black and I’m proud” afterward. There were a couple of things I just LOVED aside from the great dancing.
1) The movie depicted black men in a positive light. The men in this movie weren’t only severely attractive but they were smart, educated, and going places.
2) It took time out to really help the viewer identify the pride and heritage that comes along with attending an all black college and belonging to a sorority/fraternity.
Definitely my recommendation for the week and it is a movie for everybody so try and get out of the house. I’d actually like to go and see it again…Matty and I got to the theatre late and had to sit in the first row…some things might have swished by too quick for me to catch!
10. Banditas- This was a BMS (Big Matty Special); it had Salma Hayek AND Penelope Cruz as western bank robbers! It was cute but not very good. Salma and Penelope looked like they were trying not to bust up laughing from having so much fun thru the whole movie. Salma does get to yell out “Long live Mexico!!” I know that must have felt special to her.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I decided to finally knit my top from Denim People. It’s called Delta. Could I be the only hepha who likes this pattern? I can’t find anyone who’s knit this...
Oh, actually no, I found this site and from there I found her and her. It’s seems to be pretty old but still, how exciting because I have some questions that maybe someone could help me with because it kinda seems like Rowan skimped out on the instructions.
O yeah, sidenote: Does anyone know how to stick buttons on the “new” blogger? Please tell me it’s easy.
I bought the yarn for this project probably a little over a year ago and now I seem to be a skein short of the amount I need. I know I had all of them before. Guess that’s what I get for moving. I’m going to wait to order another one just in case I need to order more than that missing one. I’m not even going to fret over the dye lot. It’s gone, it’s probably BEEN gone for a long time now.

Anyway, I finally got gauge so I’m casting on and am on my way now. Size 6 and size 3 needles. I knit my gauge swatch in three different sizes and obsessed over the right gauge and measuring and what not for longer than I care to let any of you know. I honestly think that subliminally it’s been all the knitting books that I’ve read.
Every single one I’ve ever read mention over and over again how important gauge is so whenever I knit something now I’m all pent up and stressed out and worried and pretty much just freaking out and obsessing over the freakin’ gauge. I used to not be this way. I need to go exhale.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That's probably what I get...

for trying to rip off Asylum. I made another gift for a friend that she will probably never see. I got the idea when I was in Annapolis, Maryland last summer. Matty and I were walking around the dock stores and went into wake*skate*snow (Asylum) (they have really cute surfer/skater/snowbunny) type stuff there.
I saw a really cute hat there and upon further inspection of the $19 dollar price I said to myself “I could make that!” I shamelessly drew a little picture of the details I figured I’d need (in the middle of the store)and went on about my business.

A zillion months later (now that I have the time) here it go!
That’s Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in an ecru color, knit on 10.5 sized clover bamboo needles (circs). It was just suppose to be your standard hat with a 2 x 2 rib, seed stitching, and a stockinette pocket...

I didn't even bother to make the pocket because the hat came out funny :-( Maybe the pocket will save it. Huh!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Darnyarnit! Crazy Colorful yarn store

I’ve been trying to get myself acclimated to living down here. Two Monday’s ago I went to my first knitting group meeting. There was a good amount of people there. I was the youngest person there (and I ain’t that young) but I still had a blast.
Knitting just gives you something in common with everyone no matter how old or young you are. I thought it was pretty cool actually. Besides, some of those old ladies are ‘bout it.
Last week we took a trip over to Darlene’s Knit Shop over in Opelika, Alabama. I know what you're thinking and yes, I live in Georgia. Alabama is literally 5 minutes down the street though. As a matter of fact I accidentally drove to Alabama just a couple weeks ago trying to get to Ft. Benning. I have to admit I was a little terrified and almost had a panic attack for a minute. My grandparents warned me about Alabama and Mississippi. And I know ya’ll have seen Mississippi Burning. I was exposed to that at a very young and tender age….Anyway, no worries, I got a hold of myself and exited Alabama safely..,Lol
I had a fantastic time at Darlene’s store. The ladies I went with were a crack up and just a blast to hang out with. Iactually probably like my old ladies more than the young wives group I've been attending weekly! Anyway, back on track, the store was full of color and excitement. Darlene had plenty of personality and she opened her shop specifically just for our group (15 of us and that was b/c there were only 15 slots and we were the swiftest 15!). She sat out hors d'uveres and everything. Darlene invented a technique that her and her daughter call con-cording; she gave us a demonstration of the technique. It was intriguing stuff. We definitely all felt like a VIP’s.

I got some sock yarn to knit my sockret pal’s socks and of course some for myself. I also got a little sumtin’ sumtin’ for my pal 9 who I severely neglected through the exchange and some size 1 double pointed needles for myself. I’ll definitely go back Darlene’s again. She carries a whole rack of stuff (a lot of novelty) but I’m mostly interested in her Cascade, Debbie Bliss, and Karabella stuff- not that I’ve used any of it before but I hear it's good and she sure does have a lot of those brands.
Anyway, the hospitality and service was awesome, the prices were “fair enough” and I had a blast. Oh and here's my sock yarn...SWTC Tofutsies, supposedly it has shellfish matter included that make the yarn naturally antibacterial. I'm guessing that's a clever thing for sock yarn.