Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's been a minute

I haven't forgot about ya'll over here. I've got 3 nearly finished objects and some stuff i can hardly wait to cast on for....just been busy over here.
I've finally gotten myself back on track over here. I'm exercising, eating right, studying, doing work to sell the house, visiting/traveling, and just getting myself together mentally/spiritually/physically. It's all good over here.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Girl put your records on

I don't know if I mentioned it here- probably not considered how I was out of blog mode for so long, I got a record player for Christmas. If you haven't somewhat guessed I love music. I mean LOVE it. I pretty much love all kinds of music too although old school jazz, blues, classic r&b, and 80's music hold a special place in my heart for some reason. Anyway, I ramble. I got a record player for Christmas. I informed my honey that I wanted to get into collecting because it's just my style. It reminds me of my childhood, now, don't get me wrong, I'm not that old and we had one of those big ol floor stereos with a tape player AND record player but I definitely remember my mother playing her Sade or Earth, Wind, and Fire records and my uncles DJ-ing and myself as a kid looking through several crates of hundreds of cool covered records while Luther or Atlantic star played in the background. I remember hanging in the basement searching through my uncle's crates of records just to see what he had. There is just something so authentic and organic and soul stirring to me about records. It makes me think of Smokey Robinson and Barry Gordy writing songs and cutting records at the hit factory in Tamla Records (I wrote a report about Motown and Barry Gordy when I was in the fourth grade)- what exciting/frustrating times they must have been. It makes me think of my mother. I know who she is through that music…through these records.

Anyway, you'll be seeing records make an appearance from time to time now and here's a couple that I found with Gudo and Weet a few weekends ago.

From L to R: David Sanborn, George Benson, Eagles, Compilation record w/ Ross, Stevie, and 'nem, Luther, and Smokey & the Miracles,.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

How could I

have forgotten how great exercise feels and how important it is to my overall mental health? I have been so DOWN in a big way and getting back on the exercising has worked wonders for my mental state in just two pathetic days. I'm not blazing through two miles or bench pressing 100 (yet) but man it felt good just to go on a little walk/run and be out and a part of the Earth today. I did it in the morning favorite time. I'm breathing deep today.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

News Report from Dexter Swap

This is totally awesome and really made my day- morbid but the truth. I'm loving this swap!
I didn't know how to put the video on my blog so here's the link to a special report from my Dexter Swap Partner.

I don’t see nothing wrong…

..with a little leopard skin

Y'all can call me tacky if you want to but I saw this ribbon at Michaels and I couldn't pass it up. I was going to go all fancy schmancy to some superior and uppity ribbon-notion shop and pick out a couple of feet of the most exquisite imported black and white ribbon or maybe something else that was silk or embossed with diamonds and 14K gold and platinum (every time you come around my city BlingBling). But then I was in Michaels looking for tags (I'll tell you about it later) and happened to look at some of the ribbon they had just for giggles and I not only thought it was cute but it spoke to me. Maybe it's my way of paying homage to my sister…she loves leopard she even has a leopard baby bag (and it is actually very chic). Anyway, I figured it would all be hot when I wore my leopard earrings (yes I said it; I ain't never scared) and black pencil skirt and sexy peep toes- holler atcha girl- I mean seriously what are the odds of finding a leopard skin anything that matches those earrings so perfectly? It's like trying to match denim from memory (not that you should be matching denim….)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mine as well face it I’m addicted to yarn..

sangin' "Mine as well face it I'm addicted to yarn…."

Clearly I can't be too ashamed of all my recent yarn purchases because I still have a mind to buy more. There are a couple of projects that I want specific yarn to knit with and not compromise. I bought myself one ball of Rowan calmer yarn back in the day when I saw the yarn harlot in Atlanta. Now I want to knit Hike out of Rowan mag #37. It requires like 11 or 13 balls. That's well over a hundred bucks for a sweater and I would have to sew in a zipper (not a good look). Also, I know that Universal tunic from this past Knitscene would be looking mighty fine too. I want to try the yarn they're hollerin' about in the pattern because I've heard good things about it. At least that yarn isn't too far off the charts in affordability (I found it for $4.99 at Royal Yarns online).

Then I've got all these other yarns that I'm constantly hearing about that I'm actually thriving to try out (but won't be because a sister does not have ends like that).

  1. Dream in color smooshy,
  2. Malabrigo,
  3. Sundara (never gonna happen)
  4. Scout's swag yarn.

I already know that Lisa Souza is no joke because I bought it for one of my swap partners a while back and almost couldn't give it up. Anyway, I know what I can afford though and that is $8.50. (I spend that at Panera in a day and I could definitely go without that for at least a day)Anyway, that's how much it costs to sample four yarns a month from the Yarn a Month club. I tell you what else doesn't sound bad either is a 6 month or one year subscription to Elann's little yarn sampling operation because I think the bottom line of all of this is I'M ADDICTED TO YARN. I had managed my addiction quite well for some time but now that there's a little extra $$ up in this mickieflick and no supervision…you know the rest.

I think a sister has some things to think about….

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Let’s go crazy…let’s get nuts!

I love me some old school Prince….Anyway, for some reason I can't get all the yarn that I told you about from my travels to post pictures. I'm going to try just to list and label today. Not too many words- of course you already read what all these are from this post anyway. Be ready for installment #2 any day now. J

Filatura Di Crosa Mohair-two for me

Two for sis (she also got a bag of Italian merino wool in her favorite color-not pic'd)

Filature Di Crosa Print 127 was on clearance- could be the beginnings of a blanket

Saw this vibrant Mondial Seven yarn. You saw what it has started to make yesterday.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Others to include

I've got a couple other works in progress. I've got a little summer fun bag that I'm making for a friend of mine. Ey BayBay!

It should be done really soon if I actually pick it up and knit. I started it before my plane ride to New Mexico back in December. Then I got all side tracked with both of Matty's scarves that had to be done ASAP. I'm using sugar n'cream cotton and some Lion Cotton to do the job.

Then I casted on for this snazzy little market bag for myself with the yarn I got from Italy. I don't quite have enough to do everything I want to with it so I'm adding some other yarn to the mix (don't know what). Hopefully it will come out cute. Geez, it would stink if it didn't! Originally the pattern came from MagKnits but after I'm done modifying it who knows what it will look like.

In the meantime I've decided that I'm going to rip a good portion of the baby blanket I was doing out so I can double up on the strands and also do a little research on how I can pick up stitches a little better. After my last two turns my work has started to pucker…really bad. Bye bye blankie.

Finally, parting shots of my progress on the scandalous ribby tank…ohhh I like the ring of that… Hence! From this day forth rib tank #24 shall officially be dubbed "Scandalous Ribby Tank." Actually if the split down the back were just a little lower I could call it the bootycrack ribby tank. Anyway…

Call on Jesus

Yesterday I went to Union Station in DC for the first time. It was awesome. Do I dare to tell y'all that it was better than Grand Central Station in NYC. I guess I do because it was. I forgot to take pics though I had my camera with me. I will have to go back. This time I went to meet Lissy there to have lunch. I got there about an hour late even though I left an hour early. I have probably driven to DC on my own twice and I got the lamest directions I could have possibly gotten to make it there. Next thing I know I'm in Maryland somewhere. Thanks very much to the ladies at the Jesus Christ bookstore for printing off new directions for me to make it. They were awesome. I had just about given up when the sign for the Jesus bookstore shone like a beacon in a foreign land…my thought was surely they'll be willing to help and certainly I won't have to worry about getting sliced up at the Jesus bookstore.