Friday, February 29, 2008

Wanna be startin' something

Thanks so much for all the feedback from folks on Ravelry. I'm going with Tequilla for the scarf. You know I was thinking that maybe I wouldn't send the Esquire back.
Maybe I'll knit the clapotis out of it. I did rip out the bullfrogs and butterflies clapotis. I would need one more skein...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can’t decide, let’s vote ok?

So I got yarn to knit that snazzy little Phiaro scarf from Knitscene. I'm subbing with SWTC Bamboo yarn instead of using their Oasis like the pattern calls for. Thing is I originally got onto kpixie saw the color Tequilla and thought "LOOOOOOOOOOVE, never knew what I was missing…" but the more I looked at it I thought, "Nina maybe you need to click-click-click it down a few notches-other people might not know how to handle you and all your all color ALL THE TIME." So then I let my eye wander over to my second choice, Esquire. When I saw Esquire the song eventually came to me, "I try hard to fight it- no way can I deny it…..can't explain why your loving makes me weak." So I clicked "buy." And in a short day and a half it was on my doorstep.


Then I happened to be giving an update on what I was ready to cast onto my needles on Ravelry (I'm on a whole 'nother level of addiction to that place recently) and went to link the page that I bought the esquire from and wouldn't you know I accidentally bought 3 skeins of Tequilla. Actually, I had a panic attack when I saw the tequilla again and decided I wasn't being true to myself.


So now here's the story I get Tequila the next day (kpixie is not even joking with the shipping) and while nice it's not exactly what I thought either- so now I have two great colorways and I honestly can't decide which I'll used for Phiaro. One of them has to go back. Will y'all vote and help a sister out?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Movies 8-11

8. El Cantante- Ya'll I'm mad at the media on this one. I thought the movie was fantastic. So many critics dismissed this movie because J.Lo starred in it with her husband. So what! She delivered an awesome performance. Marc Anthony? Holy poo, his acting was good but his singing…his voice was just nothing short of amazing. I got the soundtrack afterward and I also got my good girlfriend to burn me some of the original Hector Lavoe's music. This is would have been my pick of the week had I not been so inspired by the documentary. I just thought the movie was very compelling and let me tell you J.Lo looks awesome in this movie too- great wardrobe. It definitely irritates me that this movie didn't get picked up more here. Aside from the media's love/hate with J.Lo I also feel like the lack of coverage is a social issue too but whatev, don't even get me started.

9. In the time of Butterflies- I thought the cast of this movie was really good. It's another Latino culture/history must see. There were a couple points in the Father's portrayal that I thought hmmm, this seems a little generic but nevertheless the acting as a whole was good. A very young Marc Anthony makes a cameo. You could tell that this piece really mattered to everyone playing a part on screen- they really wanted the story to be told and heard. The Latin culture is so rich and when I think about the music, the dancing, and just the history to overcome in places like Cuba, Columbia, Dominican Republic etc I feel it close in my spirit with the struggle my own people have endured. I just want to study and learn more. I think it is amazing. I watched three very life enriching movies this time and I feel rewarded. Just to change the tone a little I will mention how sickeningly beautiful Salma is even when she is not all done up and has her nappy/ratty prison wig on. Actually all the sisters are lovely

10. Born into Brothels- Such a striking documentary about kids living in the Red Light District in Calcutta. Though I could see the obvious social issues addressed in this movie, what struck me the most is that thing. That thing that seems like I've talked about before. The burning question in my own mind; those children made me wonder and also helped answer, albeit only a small bit, what is it that makes a person? How is it that all those kids come from the same life and some of them understand this doesn't have to be their destiny and others are consumed by the cycle of what they see? I felt like I could see it in the children; the ones who would take advantage of their opportunity and run with it. I could see the ones who could clearly see this documentary, those trips, boarding school; as an opportunity and would seize the day. In the end I found myself heartbroken that some of "my" kid's opportunities were snatched from them by their own parents who could not be selfless enough to give their own kids a chance at something different than what they have. Though sad, this too spoke directly to my heart and drove home some of those things we learn about ourselves and others when the going gets tough. This was such a human story that needed to be told. There is something powerful about the natural hope of a child and it's even more powerful what the stealing of that hope from children can motivate people to do in order to make change. I found the website with some extra info on children born into brothels and the vision of the charity here. You can buy their photographs and other merchandise here. Or just make a donation here. Of course there is some controversy that you can read about here with additional links

11. Jumper- Geez, what can I say? I would not recommend anyone spending their money to go see this in the theater and I'll tell you why: while the concept of teleportation is awesome, the acting and script fall severely short. Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what's the point? Have you ever watched a movie and wanted to yell at the screen so say what you mean already! I can definitely only take vague talk in good movies—you know the ones where you want your mind to be bended…not so with this film. The film is really lacking a certain cohesiveness that would make it good. There were several points in the movie where I just wanted it to be over or the dialog would literally make me cringe. I think this sucks because I was looking forward to being entertained and all the teleportation scenes (which there were many) where just way cool….which considering should have been able to save the movie but it didn't. I don't know I hope this is making sense.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fit Chick Knitting?

Truth is ya'll, I'm a little embarrassed. If I keep it up I'm going to have to think of something else to call my blog. Maybe just chick knits because the "fit" is not poppin' off over here. I'm having a hard time getting myself motivated. I've said it before and I will say it again. It has been a rough year over in this mickieflick. Georgia took a lot out of this city slickin' sistah and I have not bounced back. Heck, I had pretty much just got into my swing and then it was time to go from there- now I'm back home and even it is pretty whack. I feel like I hear a Michael Jackson scarecrow singing "You can't win," in the background. When did I become so hard to please….

Anyway, I'm still complaining bear with me. I need to get it together and handle my business. The sooner I do that the sooner I can move myself to Italy! A part of getting myself together is taking care of myself. Starting today, I'm back on the get it right, get it tight fitness for life plan. Especially if I'm trying to wear this when I'm done.

Remember how I used to be obsessed with Knit.1? Well the obsession is back (it never left) and I'm starting with the first issue I ever bought. I'm going back and making all the crazy stuff I have marked up and still like about three years later. This is the ribbed tank. Pattern number 24 in the mag. I started it two days ago. I am using size 6 straight needles (because I like straights) and some King Tut cotton yarn I had in my stash. I'm kinda excited I get to scour for a snazzy ribbon for the back. Oh, and the needles I'm using are those little plastic ones that light up—I've had them for a while but this is the first time I've actually used them. Can you believe I really like them?! So many people don't…anyway here's a progress shot...I've got more done now actually

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last call for alcohol...

Well not quite. It's the last call to sign up for the Dexter Swap. You have until 12 midnight to get your sign up questionnaires (scroll down page on link) in. Let the good times roll.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Disturbingly delighting Dexter

I couldn't tell you why I'm over the top stoked about this Dexter swap I'm in(sign up end Feb.20). Between liking the show and just feeling like it will be a lighthearted fun swap I can't help myself. I hope others are as excited as I am. I've already started a list of things that I could include in my swap package. I'm trying to conjure up something creative. Some other people in the Dexter group on Ravelry (which is where the I found out about the swap) have already gotten their creative juices flowing. Here are some of the cool colorways that one of the members has created and started to sell. Again, if you're a fan of the show you'll be amused by the names and the colors.

103 AKA "Bloodbath"


Hookers Fingernails

Ice Truck Killer

Hawaiian Shirts

Those were just some of the ones I really liked she has others like Dark Defender, Dexter's Canvas, Bay Harbor Butcher, Lila, and Beneath the Bay. If you're not down with all the grouping and swapping business and you just like the yarn you can get it here from Cosmic Yarns on Etsy. I think all she has left is the Hawaiian shirts colorway but I'm sure that will change once the swap gets started plus you can special request.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stash is out of control.

I have so much that I need to get done in these next months it's ridiculous. I look forward to the adventure and to learning new things.
One thing I have had time for was to buy more yarn. I'm pretty much sure my stash is officially out of control. I am definitely acquiring at a quicker rate that I could ever knit. Somehow I've managed to pick up yarn in each place that I've visited over the last two months…. except for Atlanta! Interesting….it's not because I didn't have plans to stop there that's for sure!
I showed you what I got in New Mexico, here's a look at some of the stuff I got in Italy. I found a great shop there called Bevilacqua Lane Vicenza.
The first stuff I picked up there was this great springy, squishy ZarOne yarn by Filatura Di Crosa. I got 8 balls in a sort or khaki color and knit Matty another scarf that he could take with him to Afghanistan. Can you believe I knit him a man sized 2x2 ribbed scarf in 3 days in the midst of all we were doing there? Of course I don't have any pics of the finished product for some reason….nevertheless, I really liked the yarn. I only used 6 balls so when I went to Sumter, SC to see my sister she got the other two. Two balls only gives you like 120 or something like that. I wonder what she'll make. I just hope she enjoys it as much as I did and maybe she'll post up a pic of the yarn. On the other hand before I got there to Italy I finished the original scarf I was knitting him in Cascade 22o. You get the idea. It's seed stitch. Amazingly, I actually do have a picture of it.

It took me a couple weeks to make. I have a whole lot of the dark brown left. Don't know what I'll make out of it.
Anyway, I also got my sister a big bag of really soft Italian wool in her favorite color-don't know the name and I don't have a pic- maybe she'll post one up whenever she gets back to blog land. With the new baby I don't know how much knitting homegirl will really be doing but when the time comes I got her enough to make herself something nice. I also got her 2 balls of Filatura Di Crosa mohair. It's pictured below.

I got myself the other two balls of mohair along with this crazy colored Mondial seven. I figured I could make some type of grocery store or market bag with that stuff.

Then I fell upon this bag of Filatura Di Crosa Print 127 on sale full of colors that just screamed "Nina, baby you know that you like my style, you know that you like my style." I was like, holler atcha girl, you could be a cute little blanket or something one day"

There's more traveling goodness but I fear that this is looking way too ridiculous, still you know that I didn't leave Sumter empty handed- mainly due to my sister. She's an enabler.

Addicted to Dexter

I happened to fall upon Dexter on the browse instantly feature on Netflix. Lissy had mentioned the show when I was in New Mexico and when I saw they had it for download I started to watch...and watch....and watch...and watch. I completed the first season and went ahead and ordered Showtime so I could Tivo the 2nd season. I am completely hooked. So hooked in fact that I've been tempted to break my no more KAL/swap's rule that's been in affect for well over a year now. I just signed up for :
It's going to be awesome. If you're a fan of the show or the books you should definitely hop on board. Sign ups close Feb. 20th.

Movies #4 thru #7


On the plane ride from Atlanta to Frankfurt, Germany they showed two movies. They were both ok in my opinion so I won't be giving any V8 awards (just a tomato splat).

4. Hairspray- Well, wow. I would say that this one is leaning just slightly to the "I couldda hadda V8" side of things. I can't believe this thing won a ton of awards. I'll tell you why. Disclaimer: I actually really like musicals. This one had some really good numbers in it that were performed well. Unfortunately, I still had some bones to pick or lets just say some things that I couldn't get to stop nagging me. First, John Travolta--seriously? I saw that Oprah special for Hairspray were they just went on and on about how light on your feet you were and how amazingly womanlike you were in the movie but there were so many things about your character that I couldn't get over. Lets' start with the voice and then work our way over to the accent (which Oprah said you nailed but I actually felt was a mockery and a little over the top) and then we can finally focus on how seriously unattractive and unconvincing you are as a woman. Secondly, it nagged at me how quick, seamless, and easy the "integration" went. I mean old girl and dude are just making out on camera and then America (which suddenly isn't racist anymore) automatically call in and vote how they voted. I know that there is suppose to be a lightheartedness to the whole thing but for me- this was a musical too far detached from reality considering that it is actually dealing with some REAL issues. I felt like on one hand they wanted it to be such a statement but on the other fun and light and not really get into it all. Almost, like they couldn't really decide which way to go with it. Maybe since I never saw the original hairspray I just didn't get it. I realize that it is a musical and there's a certain lightheartedness that comes with that but it was too much for me at times.

5. December Boys- This was a sweet little story of 4 orphan boys in England who are given a "holiday" from the orphanage/nunnery to the coast. It's all about their adventures, growing up, family, and lifes lessons even when you have your own intentions. It had the Harry Potter boy, Daniel Radcliffe, in it. He and Elijah Wood remind me so much of each other; it's actually quite weird. Anyway, little potter did ok and the story was a sweet one. The movie was not a waste of time but you know, nothing too intense, or funny, or provoking, or too intriguing-- just a solid story.

On the plane ride back from Frankfurt to Germany they showed two more movies which I did not actually watch on the plane. One I had seen already (Ratatouille) and the other I wanted to see (Martian child) but had already started Monsters Ball on my laptop…good thing no one was sitting in the same row as me btw.

6. Monsters Ball- Ok, couple things. I really liked the movie. I don't think that Halle should have won an Oscar for her performance in this movie and I love Halle. She would have deserved one (in my opinion) for Things we Lost in the Fire but I thought her acting in this movie was over the top. Hated her slang and supposed to be low class attitude. To me it looked like Halle Berry pretending to be ghetto, she never once took me away from who she really is. Geez, Heath Ledger's character and Billy Bob's character had so many dimensions. I was very pleasantly surprised by Diddy too. Anyway, I thought the story was an amazing story and I also thought that the ending was a really great thought provoking and soul resonating ending. The sex scene was absolutely crazy. It was SO realistic. It was like soft porn...maybe. The movie as a whole is really good. Although, if you're looking for a feel good, lift your spirits kind of movie this is not necessarily it. Anyway, with all its seriousness this is this week's pick.

7. Superbad- Thought I was going to hate this movie but there were a ton of inappropriate things that cracked me up. I usually find movies like these not very funny because they usually replace the real humor with crudeness. A lot of that happens in this movie but there still manages to be a lot of really funny elements. Not my feature of the week, but if you're on the crudely funny tip with some extra language have a look.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Evian Alps

This post is old.

For some reason airplane window photos are always hit or miss. I am in beautiful, delicious Italy now. When I flew in I snapped a couple of shots of the Alps. They look exactly like the Evian water bottle pictures. They are beautiful.

I want to learn to snowboard and ski now so I can experience them in all their true glory. Still, it was a crazy day to travel here. I swear every person on my first flight had been struck with the plague or something. I don't think I've ever shared with you all before but I am like EXTRA sensitive about mucus. It's an unnatural loathing for (way above what would be normal dislike for normal people) all things mucus related. I mean seriously what is wrong with people? Don't your parents tell you not to pick your nose or to get your fingers out of your nose from the time you can understand? I have never in my life witnessed more people up their nose than I have in the last month of traveling. Get a freakin' clue folks….

I digress. I'll tell you what else looks like the pictures in Italy are the houses on rolling hills with tall, skinny bushy trees. They are just like those snazzy little Tuscany pictures you can buy at Target. It's pretty sweet. I'm over the moon at the thought that I will be living here in less than six months. Last night we went to this quaint little restaurant outside of post (which post here is TINY) called La Fana. I had my first Italian house red wine and it was the best wine I had ever tasted. It was just smooth and didn't have the bitter acidic taste I'm used to getting with red wine (even when I've drank the finer stuff). I ordered lasagna because it was homemade there at the shop and it too was sooooo delicious. The tomato sauce was not overpowering at all and the lasagna noodles were handmade/homemade too. It was all just so smooth. Also, it's funny, the lasagna I had was a big ol piece, and I practically ate it all and even though I was full I didn't feel gross or heavy. What a difference already. Eating dinner is an event here. It takes several hours and there are several courses. Last night we cut some of the other courses out but still managed to have desert. I had a half of a coconut shell fill with fresh coconut gelato. It was just so creamy and perfect followed by the most amazing cappuccino and I don't even like coffee! Finally we ended the night with little lemon cellos. They say it helps with digestion. They came in tiny little scientist beakers and tasted just like lemonhead candies except with a kick. We ate so much but I was amazed at how light all the food felt in my stomach. I had my camera with me and wanted to take pictures so bad but I didn't want the natives to think I was weird so I refrained. Tonight they won't be so lucky because we are definitely going back there.