Thursday, November 30, 2006

How could I forget?

1. Running Scared- Another Paul Walker movie. This one was not very family friendly at all. It was violent and the characters were all kinda weird. Actually the characters were all kind of video game esque. The movie reminded me of Grand Theft Auto or something. It was a cross between that video game and Sin City the movie. That's what it reminded me of. It was rough and harsh but I actually liked it.
2. Casablanca- This movie is still good. I didn't realize how much I never picked up on when I was younger. There really is a lot going on in this movie and I just love that era of movie making anyway. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie again. The gun scenes were actually hilarious to watch this time around for some reason. i guess because to compare it to movies nowadays it was so...awkward, even the actors seem uncomfortable holding/using the guns-it was a big deal to have a gun pulled on you. Movies now it's almost like, "where are the guns?" Anyway, ya'll should rent an old will feel so good to watch it.
3. Before They Were Kings- Before they were kings some of these guys were boring. Take DAve Chappelle for instance...he seems reallyuncomfortable in front of the audience- Keenan Ivory Wayans was a yawn too surprisingly. I think a lot of it had to do with the type of audience too. The audience was pretty dry, it seemed like a lot of the comics were holding back or uncomfortable.
4. The Departed- I saw this movie in the theater. I have to agree with my buddy miah when he says he's "all about the Boston accent." The cast was a pretty stellar list of males. It's one of those movies that you have to watch a couple times to pick up everything from all the characters or at least I feel it is. It's like 12 Monkeys or Oceans 11 or The Thomas Crown Affair- you get it but you want to see it again to see how it's done...with eyes wide open because it's just so clever or shocking.

Enough Already

1. The Island- Not as bad as I had previously believed it would be. Alright plot and clever twist in the typical storyline. It's not a waste but it's not a must- see if ya know what I mean. Anyway, this was pretty much my first time taking a look at Scarlett Johanson. I usually don't buy into the whole blonde hair, blue eyes=beauty thing but that girl is lovely. Her voice is surprising gruff in this movie...wasn't expecting that. Will see her in other things soon to form an opinion.
2. Shopgirl- This was an unexpected story. It was somewhat slow and it was weird seeing Steve Martin be a love interest and....starring in a movie with such mature content. It was totally different from anything I'd seen him in prior. Oh, it just hit me why this movie is so weird. Me and a girlfriend rented Pink Panther. I couldn't even sit thru half of it. It was horrendous. Huge contrast in movies.
3. The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio-
This movie....hmmm. It was so clever and there were several things that I could pick out of it that I thought were interesting. I liked the way they tied the jingles in, showing how maybe they were developed from the Ryan family history. I thought the depiction of "don't cry over spilled milk" was stellar. I don't know, this movie did something for me but did nothing for me...I know confusing. I guess I just get irritated with movies where the characters are so clever yet so dumb without proper explanation. I need to understand why the character makes silly choices despite how smart they're suppose to be. I don't know....check it out for yourselves
4. Proof - Once I saw this movie and decided that I liked it I thought I had to see A Beautiful Mind because in my mind (since I hadn't seen it) maybe this was the same movie. I was wrong. Two totally different movies. Both good. This one's quirky and I found myself irritated a lot. For someone so smart these people sure put up and allow a lot of stupid crap. Her sister would have started the movie out with a good slap in the face...silly writers.
5. The Pink Panther- Don't do it even if you think you can.
6. Polyanna- My boss is always referring to me as Pollyanna and told me I should rent the old original if I really wanted to see why. It had the chick from the Parent Trap (Hayley Mills) in it. I was excited once I found that out. What a splendid little movie. I actually really enjoyed it and it broke my heart when Pollyanna tried to climb back into her window....and to my boss; it never hurts to be grateful, thank you very much.
7. Friends with Money- Slow, long, drawn out. I was continuously waiting for something in all of the characters to develop....the development was dumb, the ending was dumb. Of course me being me could pick out some elements I enjoyed about it. There was a little humor and irony but when it was over I felt like I wasted my time. Why Jennifer? Why?

I don't know, it feels like I'm forgetting a couple. I'll have to go back through the receipts

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More movies

1. Annapolis- I didn't find this believable enough and too many things reminded me of "An officer and a gentlemen." However, it was entertaining enough for me to keep watching. Also James and Tyrese are in really good shape. Tyrese, tyrese, Tyrese. I was glad to see it. :-0
2. Layer Cake- I was glad to see this too. (Can u tell my husband's been away too long- my hormones are out of control!) Nevertheless, I liked the movie (Layercake). The final outcome was pretty much what I expected but it sure was exciting getting there. If you don't like violence u won't like this btw. I can't wait to see the New 007 in Casino Royale . Think I'm going sometime this week or this weekend.
3. In Her Shoes- I liked this. It was a clever storyline and the characters carried it off. Toni Collette's face is a tricky one. Sometimes she looks like the extreme ugly duckling and then all of the sudden you wonder, "Is she actually attractive?" Tricky Tricky. Her teeth pretty much made me cringe the whole movie. It was good though, look past it- see the beauty within....
4. Some Like It Hot- I've been wanting to see this movie for a while. I really liked it. Dude, Marilyn Monroe was totally making out HARDCORE withTony Curtis on the boat. I had never seen a movie from that time period were the folks are just making out like that. Pretty much it was always the scrunched up face kisses and then the characters would retreat to different bedrooms in a respectable way. It was pretty amusing too. Tony and Jack dress up like chicks to hide from the mob. Sounds like the theme of a lot of modern day movies. It had a lot of good humor. I liked the closing line on the boat. "Nobody's perfect" Wow.
5. Chocolat- Good movie. Pretty entertaining, wish there were more Johnny it. Anybody notice the hot chocolate in this movie? It is like literal melted chocolate. Just think melted Godiva. Some of you chocoholics might just like the movie for the confectioners porn.
6. Captain Corelli's Mandolin- I liked the movie, I liked the love story, I liked relationship between the penelope and her father, there was just so much to like. I liked this movie. Knitpickings I did not like: I realize that for character and time period sake it made sense but Penelope sure does have a lot of underarm hair in the love scene. It just kind of jump up there and shocked me. BOO! lol
Oh, and Nicky Cage has a pretty horrible Italian accent then again anybody remember the horrible southern accent he had in ConAir? Boy o boy.
7. Finding Neverland - Did I mention that I love Johnny? I was terrified that the relationship was going to go wrong the whole time. This turned out to be a really sweet, great story. Thumbs up :-)
8. The Breakup- This didn't get good reviews either, people didn't like the ending. I thought the ending was fine. For some reason when the movie was out I caught one of those Thumbs up/Thumbs down type shows and they were going on and on about how obnoxious Vince was, that the story was ridiculous, etc etc etc. I personally found the movie entertaining. In the beginning scene I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the singing brother. There was some laugh out loud humor and some funny entertainment but then they brought it around to the seriousness and drama of things. I thought it was well done. It was a Jennifer Aniston movie that I didn't go away with the "well, ok, alright" feeling...
9. Casanova- I think Heath Ledger is a really good in this genre/time period of film. A lot of his stuff is Shakespherian or medival with a modern day twist. Suits him well. This movie was so clever and had those little humorous punches. I'm not mad at you Heath.
10. A Beautiful Mind- Oh how I wanted everyone else to be proven wrong in this movie. I just wouldn't liet myself believe it for like the whole first half. This was an interesting movie. What a story. Jennifer Connelly looked great in this movie. I found myself thinking what does she even see in this guy in the first place...maybe she's a spy. Too much ALIAS for me!

Movie Time

1. New World- It didn't rate well, but I liked it. There wasn't much dialog but I like it that way. The characters relate their affection for each other through touch and looks. It was kinda sexy...I'm just saying. What I didn't like was the orchestra selection (score) in the beginning & end. It sounds like a horrendous bunch of jumbled mess- especially on surround sound.
2. Take the Lead - Anyone seen Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, Save the Last Dance, or any of those other dancing + rough side of tracks meets a more distinguished world type feel good movies?
3. Aquamarine- I was curious. It was a mistake
4. Click- Funny. Very predictable. The minute they showed him lounging on the bed in the beginning I started quoting BiggySmalls "It was all a dream..."
5. 8 Below- This movie is a yes for a couple of reasons...Paul Walker is hot. Might not be much of an actor but I can sure look at him. Puppies (actually dogs but they are beautiful and smart). Disney. If you rent this for your family it's a Bambi tear jerker dude. Boy those shorts are dangerously low...btw-neither of these pictures have anything to do with the movie. 8 Below is a nice wholesome movie.
6. ATL- From the previews I thought this was going to be Boyz n' da Hood, Jason's Lyric, ghetto love story rise above the odds material but it was actually a lot softer than that. The acting was ok- TI was actully alright, everyone else seemed to be really mediocre. Of course there is some rough neck in it but think more along the lines of "the Wood" or "Barbershop" than New Jack City.
7. Rumor Has It- I liked it. I must say that I want to like Jennifer Anistons movies sooo much, because I really like her but they usually leave me kinda like "blah, ok, alright".
8. Elizabethtown- this was a cute little movie. While I liked Orlando and Kirsten together, from the very beginning i thought "Tone it down girlfriend". WAAAY too peppy and a little odd. Nevertheless, I like the storyline and depiction of the family. It's humorous and I love the progress his character makes. I like the trip too (rent the movie if you're curious), I thought it was great closure.
9. Upside of Anger - I like this movie. There is soooo much implied but never said and I actually came to like it that way by the end of the movie. I kept thinking the big climax scene would be when all of the family secrets come out. It wasn't what I expected. As an aside, I've watched quite a few Kevin Cosnor movies (I think he's a really good actor who has picked some horrendous rolls -Postman or Waterworld anyone) and as a 1)young and 2) black female I have to say that there is just something appealing about good ol Kevin. I think he's sexy- he's not even that handsome but he's got the something about him factor. It's probably another reason why I liked Rumor Has It. He's in that one too. He's in a great scene with Joan Allen in the bedroom later in the movie. She locks herself in the bathroom....the delivery is priceless.
10. Prime- I liked this one too. The acting in this movie is well done. It's an interesting story; I was disappointed in the ending but it was still good. Bryan Greenberg does a good job in capturing the responsible but youthful/naive/inexperienced thing that a lot of us have going on when your the young-somewhat mature type and trying to come into your own. I've decided that I really like Uma too. Uma and Bryan- Uma and Meryl all have really good chemistry too.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Family Ties

My Thanksgiving was wonderful. I went to New Jersey to see my family. Most of my uncles and my grandmother live up there. I spent half my childhood there in BrownsMills. It's a tiny little town and everybody really does know everybody. Everyone has been living there for generations and even though it's kinda old and raggety sometimes, it's always home. I hadn't been there in ages yet I still felt that comforting feeling when we rode into the city. My heart swelled up. All those memories just flood you as you ride thru town. Hardly anything ever changes and if it does theres some town story that goes along with it. :-)
This is a picture of my brothers and sister. It would have been cool if our other sister was there too. Nevertheless, this was the crew and we sure did have a good time. Do notice the handknit socks my sister has on. You know she had to tell EVERYONE she knit them herself...:-) She's too cute....
(Left to right: Philip, me, Janet-aka Black Purl, Baby Glynn)
PS- I got some knitting done...I'll show you later.

The Cookies are gone

When I got home several weeks ago. There was a package hanging out in the cold by it’s lonesome. When I opened it I found amazing gifts from my teaswap partner!
She sent me soap, homemade chocolate chip cookies, chamomile tea balls and a gorgeous hank of sock yarn.

Look at these colors. It’s 330yds of superwash merino wool

I love teal/ turquoise blue. LOVE it. These pics just are not capturing it's essence and it's such a shame.
In fact here are some of my favorite items to show you how dead on my teaswapper was. (This was literally a few quick snaps around the house. Lets not get into jewelry and accessories, skirts, socks etc etc etc. I love these colors.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am sorry it has taken me half a year to say so nevertheless, from the heart THANK U.
I have absolutely nothing left to show for the cookies at this point
My hubby took them with him Ft. Benning Georgia when he visited. We loved them and so did several of the guys in the barracks. They were sooo freakin’ delicious even after having sat outside for a couple of days!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back on post.

Boy have I not been good lately. Between the being sick and being out of town or having someone in town and trying to catch up from all of that my blog, life, emails, phone calls, work, laundry, knitting, myspace, bloglines, house have all been severely neglected. It's a wonder I put up the two measily post I did manage.
Nevertheless, I'm back now. I'm still answering zillions of emails, etc and trying to catch up on my bloglines. I am really touched that some of you guys reached out to me to make sure I was ok or just tell me you missed me. That meant alot. Thank you so much.
I have plenty to catch you all up on but I can tell u up front that I haven't gotten much knitting done at all. It's really quite terrifying. I guess in the end the word is that not everyone is getting a knitted gift for Christmas. :-(
I still need to finish the Danica scarf. Once I do that then I'll feel good to move on with life.
Tomorrow, I'll show you what was waiting for me on my door after the first time I went out of town to see my Mateo.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Feeling Blue and Purple

Dear Celie,
I'm sure Mr. is the only one who still checks the mailbox but in case it's you. I am not dead.