Monday, September 24, 2007

Pump up the Jam

So here is one of my first post from my newly "pumped" up site. :-) I've been having even more of a good time than usual since Matty has gotten home. Guess that's a big duh anyway right. Well last Wednesday I made it to see the Yarn Harlot at Knitch in Atlanta. Here's a picture I took of her taking a picture of all 500+ of us. It was really cool and she was hilarious. The chick is practically a stand up comedian- her timing is flawless. These are pictures of the incredible line I waited in to get Ms. McPhee to sign my books. Notice how I have the elevated angle- it's because I was at the end of the line upstairs where I was stuck behind this one chick who complained about a group who cut in line the WHOLE time we waited. She even went as far as to warn how theirs would be coming on judgment day. Oh how I wish I would have snapped one of her on the DL now. Anyway, it was worth it in the end. Stephanie put some mojo on my pathetic sock knitting skills; don't mind how extremely huge my arm looks- I hear the camera adds 15 pounds
I had a blast. I knit another block and a half of color on the log cabin baby blanket. It was just so cool to meet all the other knitters there and see what they were working on and what they had already made. It was like we were all already friends- pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Zero knitting progress

But in other great news my honey is back home.
He suffered through Ranger school and now he's home so I can feed him non-stop until he's all fattened up again. I've missed cooking! Nevertheless, since he's been home we've ate a disgusting amount of food and we've ate out quite a bit. Last nights blue-cream cheese burgers were the first "meal" I've made for him. They were great- got the recipe out of Everyday w/ Rachel Ray Magazine.
Well, taking a Q from Kaity. I think I'm going to step this blog up a bit too. I hate posting so sporadically so I'm not going to anymore but the compromise is that I will probably be a lot more personal and not just knitting on this site now. I hope my knitting peeps don't run away...I know how it is when u subscribe to a zillion blogs- you want knitting meat and potatoes. Well now when you turn here you might get ACTUAL meat and potatoes so beware:-)
Well, on the movie tip since Matty has been home we've seen:

41. Bourne Ultimatum- this was my 2nd time seeing this in the theater. It was good. Action packed with plenty of butt-kicking the way I like it. Is there something wrong when you really feel like you could watch people fight "hand to hand combat" all day long? I LOVE it. Nevertheless, it seemed that everyone was apes over this movie and while it was good I wasn't apes over it.
42. 3:10 to Yuma- I've never considered myself to be a big western movie watcher but I liked this little flick. It could be Christian Bale and Russel Crowe that convinced me but I really think that I like the whole I'm a cowboy and outlaw attitude. That's probably what does it for me. this was a thumbs up surprisingly.
43. The Kingdom- Matty and I attended a sneak of this movie and I thought it was AWESOME. I recommend this movie- I'm talking pick of the week status. Jamie Foxx was really good in it too. The movie was realistic and though most of the action happens at the end it didn't drag and furthermore the movie strongly resonates and the ending really makes you think.44. Rush Hour 3- What a sorry bunch of crap of a movie this was. Dude, talk about selling out...most of the movie I was asking Chris Tucker if he was serious. Aside from being just straight- up hokey AND corny I'd say dang near half of the comedy was a freaking minstrel show. I'm not even racially oversensitive but I definitely was cringing through a lot of the "comedy" especially since I was there with my in laws. I felt like I needed to clarify or explain or something.