Friday, May 08, 2009

It's been a while

I'm just going to jump right back in here like it's what I've been doing for a spell instead of continuing on like I have been which would leave us all with more days of nothing said. The truth is that once I finally got over being sick with the baby I've done a lot of interesting stuff. I'll even have the thoughts of, "Man I should blog about this." Then I just don't. I'm going to try to be better. I've only got one more month until baby James is here BTW. Should be cool. Anyhoo, I'll start with something easy today. Movie "reviews".
There's no way in Sam Hill I can go back and give you a recap of the zillions of movies I've crushed over these months so I'm just going to do the last four I've watched. There's no favorites and no outright V8 award recipients in this batch so here's what I've got.
1. Bolt- Yep, I resorted to watching Bolt even though I don't actually have a child here begging to watch cartoons and I am not ashamed. The truth is that I've seen cuter and funnier animations in the past but it wasn't a bad flick by any means. If you want to watch some cartoon sweetness then this is a harmless choice. It has a little humor and a sweet message and ending. There's no Bambi, "Your mother won't be with us anymore" moments which is good but I did think to myself a couple times: "Can they just straight up rip off Inspector Gadget like that?" (Those old inspector gadget cartoons were dope!) Cartoons back then were so much better than the weaksauce they have now; and you can't beat those old theme songs. Anyhoo...
2. The Spirit-This movie was whack but I couldn't stop watching. I get it to a certain extent; the dialog and such are suppose to be hokie but good grief. Still I can't give it a tomato splat because it was the type of movie that is so bad it's funny. I would say to rent this movie only if you're in the mood to laugh and not take it too seriously.
3. The Reader- I thought this was a good movie but you should be warned to be prepared for a lot (I do mean a lot) of sexual inappropriateness. I'll tell you what else too, the movie has a lot of substance but the part that made my heart grow to Grinch size on Christmas morning was the short spell when old dude makes all the tapes and old girl starts to read and get her write on. I just thought that was amazing but don't rent it if you have a problem with sexuality on screen because they are not playing around.
4. Hotel for Dogs- Just another sweet and fluffy movie with little parts by Lisa Kudrow and Don Cheadle. It's about some kids who, you guessed it, start a clever little hotel for stray dogs after becoming "strays" themselves. It's just all kinds of lighthearted, feel good, family friendliness up in there so if that's what you're looking for rent this sweet little movie.