Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wouldn't u know, another post beginning w/ my honeybunches. Well, Friday was his last day @ work and then on Monday he comissioned in the US ARMY. This week has been action packed. We leave for Hawaii in two days so my 3 subscribers know that you won't hear from me until after June 5th baby!

I should have a lot of peices finished by the time this vacation is over- realize I won't be seeming or blocking on vacation- just knitting.

I'm almost done with the front part of my rainbow tank, of course I haven't been able to spend much time on it w/ shopping for HI, going to birthday parties, my DH's graduation & commissioning, my work, the gym- just a little bit here & there

Friday, May 19, 2006

NOTE: pics to be installed later...

Yesterday my honeybunches graduated from college! Very proud of him. Shout out to my honeybunches...

Had I been more clever I would have brought my knitting inside the ceremony and gotten about 3 hours worth of knitting done! Is that a bad thought to have? (I could so be knitting right now) It's no knock on graduation or my honeybunches. Just a kill two birds thought. I mean your sitting there listening to hundreds of names you don't know being called; waiting for the climatic ONE and then finish up by waiting through another several hundred names you don't know. What could be better than making a time like that pass a little more pleasantly? Instead me and Pecky resorted to people watching...and people are just crazy. Anyway, I still ended up getting a little time in on the drive back though so that's good news.

Speaking of my new graduate he has recently brought it to my attention that many of my posts seem a little... unscholarly, due to grammatical errors. I calmly explained to DH that by the time I insert the freaking pics into whatever post I've made I've pretty much had it. Post and Publish. Then I pray.(Notice no Proofread listed)

Dear Lord,

Please let any reader that may happen upon my site (which I know is usually only by mishap on the way to somewhere else more important-so please send more readers b/c i love blogging and think it great when people stop by and even comment or just care what I have to say; what a truly nice and personal gesture that is-it just makes my whole day) to show me some grace because this is just me and how I am and I may not be able to control that. Amen.

I will do better though, I wouldn't want to shame my learned husband! Spell check/proofread are my friends...check, got it! :-) Well, I dug around and found the sock yarn I purchased about a million years ago when my sister and I originally got the wild hair. I'm casting on tonight.

At this point I have the Mary Janes (which I will be harassing my sister over very soon- Mrs. "Oh, Nina you can do it, it will be easy- if I can do it you can do"), the rainbow tank, and the green zippered sweater- these and hopefully the socks and lace scarf should be enough to keep me busy while on vacation. BTW, Hawaii is in just 5 more days!!! On Monday DH will officially be an officer in the US ARMY. So many changes to quickly.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Seriously though, this is like consecutive post.The could be a record for me.

Enough of that, I have been checking out many many many knit blogs. Love, Love, Love, what everyone else is doing. Some time in June I will add a listing and buttons to all the wonderful people I subscribe to but have no idea that I've been lurking on their site for like a trillion years. My site needs a makeover anyway. It takes me forever to do things sometime. There's on ryhme or reason. Sometime I'll get done and other I'll drag my feet. But maybe I'll even get snazzy and buy one of those little kits/programs to do something snazzy to the site- I know I'll try to control myself.

I stopped ripping the lace mohair blend scarf I screwed up because it kept getting tangled and I just wasn't having the frustration that day and I also haven't touched the Mary Janes again since the cast on fiasco. Nope, no work on the zippered bolero/sweater/thingie either BUT I have been spending my time on this...... since Saturday.

It is coming along quick actually. I'm a little more that halfway thru the front. Once I'm done with that I need to make the back pc which is exactly the same and then knit all the little borders. Seaming will be the issue. Nevertheless, I am liking this so much I am strongly considering making it in plain black and white with red trim too. I've seen where black and white will really be in this summer and plus it would just look funky and punchy I'm thinking. Good thing I'm funky and punchy.

Monday, May 15, 2006

NOTE:This post is actually from the 13th but I'm being fairly ghetto and just now getting around to posting it up.

So I am feeling even more retarded today. I cast on for the sweet mary janes for like an hour last night. I went to the knit along site and everything. I tried every method except for the one that I actually might have got. Finally, I stopped being lazy and traveled all the way upstairs to get my crochet hook and cast on in only one try. Pissed! Err, irritated- I guess that’s more ladylike.By the time I got the cast on done I was like, “Dude, I am so finished for the night.” I went to bed.
^^^^^^This is the yarn I will use for the Mary Janes BTW- my sister gave it to me^^^^^^

The funk continued last night only this time me and DH were both in it. Poor thing dropped his freshly painted crotch rocket yesterday. He had trouble with the test at DMV too. I felt really bad for him.We both woke up tired, irritated, and in rotten moods today. He said something halfway retarded and I snapped and pretty much bit his head off this morning. Things are better now though. My whole day hasn’t been sucking even though I’m still not quite myself. My little diet has been going pretty weak these days. I’m not gorging myself at all but I am not eating the specific things prescribed and I am not eating often enough. I am sticking to the exercise to a T though so at least that is good. Tonight is Leg night. This is my week to do the 3 sets of 30 squats on the smith machine. I HATE this exercise. Since it’s so many and I’m lifting a little heavy it puts some pressure on my back and my back is kinda not quite right these last couple days. Hopefully, I won’t hurt myself any worse.

I’ve decided that I have enough lavender, Hawaii blue, and white Lion brand microspun in my stash to make a couple of tank tops…But first I want to make this out of last summer's knit.1 catalog. i know all of you must be like, "Stop with the knit.1 already" Obviously I really liked it...

Anyway I want to knit the other tanks from the top down and I’m thinking I could try to do this WITHOUT A PATTERN. I might even crochet them. Speaking of crochet I saw this awesome UP TO DATE pattern book on this chick’s site the other day. I want this book! Maybe next payday I’ll treat myself along with some sock yarn or a ball winder- one or the other at a time. (I wonder how much $$$I've spent on my little hobby @ this point?) After these the only other thing I want to start is a pair of socks. Surely out of all these projects I can finish one of these babies. Back to the tanks, I say I could do it with out a pattern now but we’ll see how easy it is to do this after I actually start. Thinking about it in my brain it all comes together logically but a lot of times that’s were the logic ends for me.
Mother's Day obviously makes me think of my own mother. I feel the loss so much more on that day, her birthday, and my own birthday; more than any other days of the year. I'm really thinking this is normal for anyone parentless or whose lost a parent. It's partly the magnification of what a big deal it is to have a mother. It feels awkward to be out here without one- and this is after 18 years of being without her. I'm sure this is an absense I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Surely, time has definately eased the pain but the time has caused for more questioning, pondering, wondering, and wishing. There has not been an important moment, happy moment, or a moment of weakness in my life where a flash of my mother or a memory, or a wish for her has not entered my heart. I remember turning 21 and thinking to myself,"K- I should be over this now- I'm a big girl" I thought surely once I saw her gravesight that would be my closure, instead I have even more concerns, questions, upsets-whatever.
Nevertheless, I can't help but wonder to myself on days like this what our relationship would have been like. How would she look? How close would we be? Who would I be? I'm always wondering how I even made it half way to normal if having a mother is this extremely crucial to being normal! :-) I wonder about how I will do if/when I have children of my own. Who will I call when I am totally clueless? How will I know what to do? How have I done things up to this point? Am I even doing a good job at that- because I am surely just winging it all! I know there is a certain amount of motherly instinct in us all supposedly but I can't help but wonder if I got enough. Did enough of the instinct seep in from the short time that I knew her!? (lol- I know this is all silly)
Have I learned enough from all the other women I've known to be good at this? Will I be detached from my experience with my own children or will I be a psycho over achiever at motherly stuff (which is not good either)? Balance is a word i use like everyday; will I be at a good balance when I finally do embark upon motherhood?
Well, anyway these are just a few of my thoughts. To all the mothers out there especially my sister- you guys are awesome. If anything you should gather from this post what an extremely important job and role you play in the life of your children. You are important and unreplacable. Remember that you can teach the biggest lessons in the tiniest ways. You provide more than hot meals and transportation:-) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY....

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sometimes I just get into a funk. It’s not every month or even half the time but when the funk comes it’s usually around female time. Nevertheless, it’s just one of those things were you feel drained or sad –like you’ve had a loss for no apparent good reason.
I wonder if for me this funk comes because I’ve got so much to do and feel a little overwhelmed. It’s funny that I work to the best of my ability when I’m down to the wire. When I’m stressed to the wire and finish things it feels like the best accomplishment ever (which could explain a few things about the lack of finished knitted projects-anyway) but before the “down to the wire” comes I can waste a lot of time in the funk stage thinking about all the things I need to do when I’m down to the wire.
Enough of that, I know I’m just feeling a little of the stress from all the changes that Mateo is going thru. He had to give notice to his job of over 7 years today. It was hard yet exciting for him. I know he felt like he compromised his integrity in some way but he really had no other choice. I’m sure that he will get over it as soon as he starts his new job in the military. He is about to start realizing his dream I hope it is very fulfilling for him because going to school, working at his job, doing ROTC for the last several years has not been fulfilling at all. I’m sure it just felt like he was working and working and working toward this allusive goal. Now he’s obtained it and I hope that it ends up to be even more than he could have ever thought it would be for him….

Anyway, I figured that since I have absolutely no finished projects on this baby I’d post up some old stuff. I crocheted this snazzy dress from Knit.1 last summer.

I used the white microspun called for and actually really liked it despite my sisters protest against microspun. I have to admit that the yarn does seperate some but once you get the hang of it, it ain't so bad! I like the way it feels and looks too.
I took some pics of some of the cut little details too. Note the cute little ruffled edges at the bottom, the little drawstring tie the puff sleeves (my first ones ever) the nifty single crochet edges. Uh-oh is that a cute and fresh little manicure being displayed too. I think so. She's so cute.

I did a trillion scarves when I was first learning to knit and I managed to make a couple of hats over the winter (only one hat and two scarves pictured because everything went to other people). All the hats I made were using Brown Sheep Co- Bulky Lambs Pride. The pattern is from the first Stitch in Bitch. It was the flame cap. The scarves are either garter stitch or seed stitch. The grey and the "army" print are ones I made for my Matty. The gray scarf is the first scarf I ever made. (Yes I know I need to vaccuum- Note: how pedicured toes match lovely model's manicured fingernails- work it gurl!)

Unfortunately, I made another mistake in the lace scarf I was knitting out of that Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I could let one mistake pass but I felt bad when it got to be more than one. I would show you a pic of the ripped out yarn but I'm STILL ripping it out. Who knew mohair blends were such a pain to rip-it really sucks-might be awhile before we see this scarf again.
I’m casting on for the Sweet Mary Janes- maybe tonight
No updated pictures of the pathetic sleeves for the charming zipped bolero jacket sweater thingie.I haven’t even hardly breathed in the direction of this projects in weeks-probably months. Shame.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

My sister came up from Shaw AFB in Sumter, South Carolina to trek over to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. We had a blast! We both kinda lurk outside of a couple of blogs of folks who were talking about going. maybe next year we will both be more confident to jump into this tight knitted community with full force. (pun intended-lol)
Anyway, we knew there were about a trillion knitters, spinners, fiberlovers, bloggers, etc out there but we were not expecting all of them to show up at our festival...
We were so amused at the masses of husbands hauling fiber back to mini vans, SUV's, and trucks while wives or girlfriends or whoever trailed behind in what looked like states of euphoric bliss/trance. This could just be my own perception --this being my first time to experience any of this and having to wipe the drool from yarn and fiber desire from my own lips.
Anyway, when we first arrived the two of us walked around fondling every texture, pointing at every animal, commenting on every color. It was pure sensory overload. We did a couple of rounds to make sure that if we were going to purchase we weren't missing anything. My DH had contributed to my SEX (stash enrichment xpedition for all you non-knitter) fund and I was not about to blow due to lack of research/self control/education- whatever I was not going to blow it. I already was feeling like the funds I came with (which I was previously elated over) were now just not enough so I wanted to be careful.

We rounded the corner and met these wonderful people from Indigo Moon Farm.

Though the tent was insanely busy they gave my sister and I (along with about 4 other curious passerbyers) a quick drop spindle lesson. I'm telling you though I had never even seen a drop spindle before I don't know what happened.
I hadn't even found yarn for this supposed first pair of socks I told myself I'm going to knit but here I am toting way to much fiber to spin on a drop spindle. Apparently I just could help myself. I was just glad that me and my sis were there first otherwise I might have had to elbow or drop kicked one to the old ladies to get my beginners drop spindle- they were selling like hotcakes.
Anyway, I had an awesome time. It was cool to see every one in there handknitted tanks and sweaters or carrying their little felted bags. I just wanted to hug and squeeze everyone because it was such a cool thing to be a part of.
I never found my sock yarn--not because there was none but more because I had no idea on earth what the heck type of socks I want to make. We searched high and low but I just could never make up my mind.
In other news since it seems I never post anymore, I did start the scarf as stated before.. It's coming a long. These pics are from Wednesday or Thursday or Tuesday-whatever, point is that ther is more done now but you get the idea
Notice my cute little multicolored platform sandals. The are very comfy; go with just about anything and only cost me $17 bucks at Target. Free advertising Love Love Love.
Anyway, if you enlarge the photo and take a good look you can see where I messed this lovely little lace pattern up. I didnt'take it out because I was afraid i would have to start all over to get it and I got right back on pattern nad it didn't look back etc etc. Here is the scarf. Ok. For any dear heart that is still hanging on my thread to my lifeless blog I am sure this is like overload right now so go ahead and read a little bit at a time over the time spance of a few days because you never know when i may post again. And if I post again you just aren't garaunteed it will be interesting so don't complain today. See ya soon.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

One post a month that is what I'm going for! Seriously though, things are starting to slow down so I should be able to get some serious knitting in. I can't wait for the plane ride to Hawaii. Talk about quality knitting time....
Today I sent out Matty's announcements over his commissioning and graduating. I am very proud of him. He has really been working his tail off these last years. Now it's all happening. I am throwing a lil shindig on the 20th in between his graduatin and commissioning. Supposedly I'll have the invites for those out by the end of this week. We leave for Hawaii on the 25th!!!!!!!!
Can you tell I'm excited?
Nevertheless, on the knitting news front I am knitting a scarf as abreak to the sweater. I'm using this really beautiful yarn my sister sent me last summer called Indian summer. The scarf is some easy lacy thingie. Soon I'll be able to post up at least one FO (finished object)...finally. ttyl