Saturday, December 06, 2008

Back on the Block

1. First things first. I'm pregnant, preggo, preggers, knocked up, inseminated, with child. My lovely lady lumps gotta me a beauty baby bump. I gotta bun in the oven. I'm procreating. I'm multiplying the Earth. I'm a mommy to be, so on and so get the picture.

2. I'm back on the blogging tip but I'm not so sure it will be so much about knitting so the little readership I do have might be forced to keep it moving past my site. On the other hand I don't have plans to turn into Mommy and me central up in here either.

3. I haven't explored much of Italy yet but now that I'm feeling better--Venice, Rome, Verona--YOU COMPLETE ME.

4. I might change the site name to "Movie Watching Chick Knits sometimes" because I've got a whole bunch of movie reviews and a whole lot of unfinished knitting/crocheting projects.

5. The whole Bailey family is coming in a little over a week for Christmas.