Monday, November 08, 2010

Recently Read Review-Sookie Stackhouse Novels

Been reading the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire novels and really enjoy it. I’m on the 8th book. Before I get into all that let me say this on a sidenote; I read the first book of the Twilight series and thought I might choke Bella out through the pages. It kinda made me worry about teenage girls reading those books. She (Bella) just seemed like a codependant, insecure, stupid girl. I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon and like it but I just couldn't. Some of my friends and family say I need to keep reading and I will.... eventually...maybe. I’ve got the other 3 books to read but I don’t know if I can bring myself to waste the time/effort.

Anyway, the Sookie series is not for teenage girls or people who love the no sex aspect of Twilight. The books are no where near as explicit as the Showtime series but…it’s no purity show. Hide your kids, hide your wives….and hide your husbands too

I will also say that Stephanie Meyers is probably a better writer than Charlaine Harris BUT Charlaines characters and books are more interesting and fun and clever.

The books regarding Sookie are significantly different from what’s being done in the series (after the first season, that is- the 1st season kinda goes right along with the first book which makes sense). Anyway, I don’t know if Sookie will realize it or not but book after book I’m more and more Team Eric and she needs to be too. Course in regard to the TV show I’m team Eric too. Bill is a boring unattractive mess compared to Eric on the show. Season 2 they give Eric a haircut and I was like, DUUUUUDDE. As in, “Holla at me, you look so good I could slap your mama” kind of DUUUUUDE.

So, some things I like about the books have mainly to do with the characters, especially Sookie. She’s funny and clever and smart in the books. She is also gangsta/gangster (tomaetoe/tomahtoh). In the books she’s like,"Bill, Sam, Tara, Eric, boyfriend,girlfriend, king, queen, brother –WHOEVER if you're in trouble…I’m going in." She’s an undeniably strong character in the book though she does need rescuing. She’s finally the chick who kicks off the high heels to sprint from the bad guys while slathering vaseline on her face for the inevitable brawl to come and I like that. I think at one point in the latest book she pretty much says, "this chick does not know, I'm the business when it comes to a fight." I don't know I could be paraphrasing just a bit. Anyway, she might be considered by others just a slight bit Whiskey Tango but she doesn’t view herself as such so in turn no matter what anybody says in the book we all know she isn’t (lol). There’s plenty more I like but I’ll leave it at this.

Some things I don’t like about the books is the constant rehashing Charlaine does with each new installment. I’ve read Series books before and I can never recall this constant rehashing of characters and back information. Sometimes it’s so annoying that I’ll skim/skip the page or paragraph she’s going on and on in. Charlaine, honey, there’s gotta be a better way. I understand the desire to make each book a product the reader can pick up at any installment and not feel totally lost but seriously…seriously? There’s gotta be a better way. Another oddity--well, I guess the character of Bubba is kinda growing on me with each passing book not but the first few books that character made me laugh out loud due to how cheesy it felt to stick him in there. It felt undeniably cheesy BUT I also had to like that the author wasn’t afraid to have fun and insert him. There are other things I could complain about but nevertheless I recommend the series if you like TrueBlood, the show, and if you like vampire novels.

Let's pretend

Let's pretend like I never left and haven't be completely absent from my little blog space for over a year. Pretending.....time......NOW!
So we move back to Georgia in February some time. I guess I will have to make it my business to post up any trips and travel we do between now and then. It has been a blast living here and I don't want to leave. Straight up. Period. Don't wanna go.
Guess I gotta move onto the next chapter of my life. Nevertheless these last few months will certainly be a blow out of events. Funny everyone is visiting us now that the sand is about to run out on the hour glass here. By the time it's all said and done we will have had about two months of guests staying here! It's been a blast. I'm so glad everyone has/is coming. It's been nice being able to share a little smidgen of my life with everyone. My sister and her boys are here now and there is a series of wonderfulness going on between my son and her boys being together, her LOVING Italy, and getting to hear the boys perspective on everything they see and learn.
Anyway, I see that I said so last year but for to ya soon, I'm back on the blogging tip and I'm about to come with a vengeance.