Saturday, December 06, 2008

Back on the Block

1. First things first. I'm pregnant, preggo, preggers, knocked up, inseminated, with child. My lovely lady lumps gotta me a beauty baby bump. I gotta bun in the oven. I'm procreating. I'm multiplying the Earth. I'm a mommy to be, so on and so get the picture.

2. I'm back on the blogging tip but I'm not so sure it will be so much about knitting so the little readership I do have might be forced to keep it moving past my site. On the other hand I don't have plans to turn into Mommy and me central up in here either.

3. I haven't explored much of Italy yet but now that I'm feeling better--Venice, Rome, Verona--YOU COMPLETE ME.

4. I might change the site name to "Movie Watching Chick Knits sometimes" because I've got a whole bunch of movie reviews and a whole lot of unfinished knitting/crocheting projects.

5. The whole Bailey family is coming in a little over a week for Christmas.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'll be hooked up to my own internet again and will be able to blog and upload pics of my new home as well as some of the projects I've gotten done. In the mean time "Viva Italia!"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big ol summer bag.

The other thing I got done this past week were all the squares for my big ol summer bag that I want to take to the beach at the end of august. I needed 16 crocheted squares. Here they are.
I just need to sew them together and find someone to sew me a liner for it. I also have not decided what kind of strap I'm going to use. More info. to come later.

Lessons from Mama

I've been on Ravelry a lot lately and I must say that somehow it is motivating me to get my projects done. It may be a couple of things egging me on.

First off I've queued almost 150 projects that I want to knit.

Second, I have the yarn in my stash for several of the projects that I've queued.

Third, I have the book or pattern or pdf for a lot of the patterns I have in my queue with awaiting yarn.

Fourth, with all the other ridiculous stats I see since I've been on Rav. I've only got 16 projects done….and not all of them are DONE. I have a couple hibernating. I have a couple still in progress. That reminds me. The hat isn't done. I ran out of yarn-i have some more in my stash but it's currently in storage waiting for shipment. I'll finish the brim when I can get to my stash but that will only take a minute.

Also, Joy is enjoying her Special K's.

Ok, so anyway, ultimately, the stats don't lie and when I log on and see how out of proportion things are it kinda checks me. I may be itching to cast on a new project but I won't let myself until I see at least one of those WIP's are done first. I might want to buy some more yarn but not until I bust some stash first because honestly, this is ridiculous. (At this point there will be no new yarn buying unless I'm vacation). I don't want to be a SABLE chick. I want to have a small stash. Right now I feel so wasteful. When I was young my mother would say, "There are children in Africa that would kill for…." insert whatever you like in that space- food, toys, clothes. I know ya'll have been there before, sitting at the dinner table for hours pushing around food that you don't like wishing you could reach the Kool-Aid drink that has been sat in the middle of the table out of reach so you don't fill up on drink and not eat.

Wow, sorry forgive me, flashbacks. I digress-- what I’m trying to say is my mom was right. I need to appreciate what I have and not be wasteful. I’m sure there are knitters in Africa who would kill to have my stash—right? (Puh-leez, lets face it, there’s knitters in a America that would stomp a foot in my… ) Anyway, I’m going to use up a large part of this stash---I will! I can!

You guys and Ravelry will help me right.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special K's done

I can tell you right now, the second legwarmer looks tons better than the first legwarmer. I think it has to do with confidence. I spent much of the 1st legwarmer figuring out the pattern, wondering about the gauge, trying it on constantly…the 2nd one? The second one I just cast on and knit and got it done. All the stitches are a lot neater, it took me less time and I barely tried it on at.
So anyway, I’m not ripping legwarmer number one out so, here they go. Of course I haven’t blocked them yet. These were extra quick to knit so that was cool.
I had planned on making myself some in brown using the same pattern but the other day when I was looking at records at the salvation army I ran across this:
Those legwarmers are hot! Jane even had the hole cut out on the heel. Looks like 1x1 rib for like two inches on either side and then all stockinette. I wonder if I could figure out how to do magic loop for these. Hmmmmm.
You know, I was wondering how effective stash busting really is if you have to buy additional yarn in order to bust the yarn in your stash? This seems to happen to me often actually. I have the brown wool I wanted to knit the original legwarmers out of but I don’t have any mohair/fuzzy yarn and I want my warmers to be a little hazy. And if I decide to knit the Jane Fonda legwarmers I’m going to need a lot more yarn. Dilemma.
Even still, legwarmers aside, sometimes I have to buy an extra skein or some more complimentary yarn when it comes to using yarn in my stash and I can’t help but to chuckle at the irony of buying more yarn to have less yarn.
Anyway, I will cast on for my pair soon but first I want to finish this…

It’s Mellow Moods from the 1st Get Your Crochet On! Crochet is so freaking quick.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Special K legwarmers

A couple of weeks ago I watched breakin’ with some family. It was a nice throw back. Me and my brother were pretty excited to share because we loved the breakin’ movies when we were growing up.
I mean I was all but gonna marry Turbo and Ozone. Anyway, the week after that we watched Beatstreet. My brothers girlfriend is taking breakdancing classes and the movies have been a sort of home work for her. Anyway, what really matters is that special K was layering the legwarmers on like nobody’s business. I was convinced immediately that I needed to make us both at least a pair. So I started hers' the other day from some yarn I had in my stash (STASHBUSTING!!!). Thus far I’ve got like one and a quarter done. They are quick knits…

It’s 1x1 ribbing of Lion Brand Wool-ease yarn held together with some wanna be mohair yarn that my sister gave me. I’m using size 9 double pointed needles. I just kinda ripped the pattern off from looking at legwarmers on ravelry (sorry). Nevertheless, they’re coming out pretty dope…if I don’t say so myself.
On a side note Ozone was wearing a couple of leather vests with zippers and chinese letters on the back. They were pretty dope. I definitely wish chinese letters would come back in style...I'd rock that in a minute without hesitation--heck if I could find them I'd start my own trend regardless...
I'm getting ridiculous w/ the youtube but you gotta check out Jean Claude Van Damme gettin' down in the crowd in breakin'. Yep, that's him in the black spandex unitard. Toooooo funny.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Step 1. Admitting there's a problem

I don't know if you've noticed. I don't know if I've told you all. I don't know if it's been obvious or not.

I have been so out of my element this last….geez forever. I've been out of it for forever at this point…let's not put a time frame on it ok? But really the worse has been these last eight months while my husband has been away in Afghanistan. It's been touch and go ya'll and you could never imagine how much yarn I have acquired in the last eight-ish months alone. It's kind of embarrassing actually. I need to get myself under control. I need accountability. I need to admit I have a problem. I'll start ponying up the goods slowly but you guys have to promise not to judge. I swear it's like I black out and suddenly when I come to, elann or kpixie or knit picks is knocking at my door thanking me for my purchase. Boy does it feel good to get those packages in the mail…

Monday, July 07, 2008

Fiery Phiaro Done

It's been a week or so and I still haven't blocked it and I must admit I wore it out to the new Wegman's because I had on these cute shorts and sandals and the weather was just right and I was feeling it and it didn't look incredibly wrinkled, just cute and sophisticated and I had a little Grace Jones"strange' girl" (pronounced straun*jay) in my strut and....although I can't say that Grace was very cute or sophisticated in that movie but she was working it from the old school "fierce" factory...
Anyway, I love this scarf. It was a pain in the neck to knit toward the end because it was so freaking boring and then you gotta braid all the fringe but it was so worth it when I got to "work it" in my handmade scarf at the grocery store (oh, don't hate). You can check the specifics on Ravelry but I did use 2 and a little bit of the third skein to finish this. I also bound off 10 stitches between every drop 5 group instead of doing and even ratio like the pattern calls for. I like it this way. Surely I'll block it this week

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ebay bay, ebay bay, e bay bay

found some Calmer style yarn – ebay bay

Had a little sale going on- ebay bay

Put it in my stash so I can Hike- ebay bay

Ohhh, you know that price was really right- ebay bay

Eh, e-bay that's my yarn… snap it up!

OHHHHhhhhhhh Snap! That's hot! Let me find out I'm bout to grab a record deal up in here. LOL, sorry, some of that southern rap (here's a singalong-lol) for ya. Feel freet to link to that foolywag material which is the music video if you want. Somebody tell me why Hurricane Chris has those Venus/Serena beads in his hair still? He needs to be pulled over and ticketed.

Anyway, I found some Calmer on ebay (get it-hehe) for cheap the other day-it was a total freak event. I snapped it up and it goes directly in my stash so I can finally knit Hike. Don't know when I'll ever start this top but at least I've got the yarn for it. I actually got it a while back but never posted.

I finished Ay baybays (AKA PeteyPab) summer bag too. As you can figure old gal is about the souff....

I used stash dishcloth cottons and the everlasting bagstopper pattern on Knitty. You can check out specifics on Ravelry. I'm Ninabeena on there. We should be friends.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movies 18 thru 21

18. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- I feel like I missed some stuff in this movie and need to watch it again and I would too if the movie wasn't Soooooo. Freaking. Long. I mean seriously it's a great movie but it goes on for so long you do get tired of watching. Me and the BIL debated whether it was worth it to go on I mean we know that Jesse is assassinated already! Lol. In hind sight it is worth watching.

19. Cronicas- (foreign w/ subtitles) OMG this was a good movie. Let me just say that John Leguizimos was amazing in this movie and Damian Alcazar, the guy that plays the imprisoned Bible salesman, is so freaking creepy it's chilling. Actually that whole story is chilling. It really got me thinking about the influence well known people and reporters have on popular culture and also how twisted the media is. I couldn't believe the motivation to get compelling and dangerous footage throughout the movie without having a strong moral urge to intercede or do the right thing. Also, in the beginning of the movie there is a scene where the press is attending a funeral for a child and they're just having a normal business as usual conversation with cell phones ringing and everything. The disconnect of respect and decency depicted was very poignant in my opinion.

20. Rocky Balboa- What is Sly even talking about in half of the movie!? It's just this big slurred jumbled mess of verbage- lol. Actually, I have to say, once it was all said and done I have to admit this was pretty good. It stuck to the original Rocky formulas so I couldn't be that mad at it for the bad acting, dialogue, and triumph with a fighter's heart outcome. You should rent if you need some eye of the tiger in your life and maybe are feeling a little down. J

21. There will be Blood- Talk about an interesting movie. I mean WOW. I kept waiting for the movie to get to the point honestly and in the end I was a little disheartened to find that I had sat through hours of (actually we ended up watching it over two days because it went on for so long) graphic craziness for pretty much more graphic craziness to ensue! The verdict is still out as to whether this movie should be called a good idea or not and I'll tell you why….though long and puzzling, it's intriguing- you want to keep watching because the story is so….so? The story is so compelling and insane and interesting and you're constantly wondering what is this leading up to? There's this sense of anticipation the whole time you're watching….and then…and you'll have to find out for yourselves!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Orange u glad I didn't say....

I finally started my fiery Phiaro scarf. I love the yarn that I ended up going with. The colorway is called Tequila.
It's by SWTC, it's 100% bamboo. Some of ya'll helped me choose it for this project and it was such good advice!
This is the 2nd time I've used bamboo yarn. I love the way it feels. It's interesting, the first time I used this yarn it felt a little "crunchy" until I blocked it but now it's just silky silky.
This is such a quick knit. Just straight up mindless nonstop stockinette, it's great for sitting and watching movies or tv. I'm almost at 10 inches- just 12 more to go until I can start dropping stitches. What I'm really not looking forward to is the finishing. You have to braid about a zillion pcs. of fringe.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quick Crochet

I forgot how fast crochet is. A friend of the family has been going through a hard time recently so I decided to make her something. Of course I had some yarn that would suit her well already in my stash. It's that laceweight yarn my sister gave me when I first FIRST started knitting. I tried to knit it into lace so many times it was ridiculous. It has mohair in it and when you rip it back it gets really tangled. For some reason it never dawned on me over the years to crochet with that yarn...I've really wanted to use it b/c it's just so pretty. Anyway, the opportunity knocked and whomp---there it is...I knit this up in a day and a half- prob could have been quicker if I stayed devoted....I freaking love crochet! I need to take some post blocked pics so you can see that this is actually cute. It's this pattern. I think the yarn I used is from Cherry Tree has little sparkles in it too.

Going green...

This is about to be so random but what else is new? For the longest time I've appreciated the look of natural hair. I tried several years ago to grow my hair natural but I didn't have the courage to do the BIG CHOP. I had several inches of new growth with my processed hair back then but couldn't chop it off. Recently I had a weave and hardly any new growth at all but for some reason I decided enough was enough and found my courage.
Here's what it looks like.
Mind you I look a lot more "fierce" with make up and proper accessories. This pic is just a drive by. I'll give you some sexy later...don't you worry.
In other "green" news I ripped back the bag that I was making for "Ay BayBay" and now I'm reknitting it using the Everlasting bagstopper pattern on Knitty. Now that I'm motivated again, it will be done in no time.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movies 12 thru


12. No Reservations- Cute little movie. I know everyone raves about that little Abigail girl from Little Ms. Sunshine. I'm not a big fan of the kid but still she did a fine job and the movie was a cute little predictable romantic (it was suppose to be a comedy) drama. If chick flicks are your thing pick this baby up it's really sweet.

13. Run Lola Run- (foreign w/ subtitles) Obviously, I had never seen this before but had heard rave reviews from others in my Fiberflix and Netflix groups. I am so glad I watched it. I actually watched it with my brother in law and he pretty much hates subtitles but the movie was so high energy, entertaining, and interesting that we both ended up loving it. I really love how the story is told and the snapshots into the future, and the animation. It was a really cool film. I would recommend it.

14. Hotel Rowanda- Another incredible movie. It will be a really hard week to choose my feature of the day. Don Cheadle. Wow. That's pretty much all I've got on that note. The movie is incredibly moving. It spoke legions about the different political relations in Africa. It also amazes me how in modern day people can still be slaughtered in mass because of race, religion, economical status etc. (not just in Africa). When I watch a movie like this I wonder, "How can I make a difference?"

15. Millions- This was a neat little foreign film. I ended up really liking it. I thought the concept was great. The little boy who plays the main character is as cute as a button and I loved how his imagination is played out on screen. It's quite the little family film too sort of home alone, meets real life, meets fantasy.

16. Volver- (foreign w/ subtitles) Another great movie. The thing that struck me is how lighthearted the film actually feels considering it deals with some very dark issues. Somehow it all just flows and seems to make sense. Penelope Cruz is wonderful and beautiful in this movie (me and the BIL had a convo of how she can be hit or miss sometimes) and again this movie is rich with latino culture. I loved it.

17. Baby Mama- Gotta love Tina Fey and her really funny writing perspective. Saw this in the the theater with a girlfriend of mine. It was laugh out loud funny but I will say that it is more on the chick flick side of things. While I think my hubby would have found things funny in it he would've requested I find a girlfriend to go with after all was said and done.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Snaps for the Kidz

Me and my brother wilin' out at the Kanye concert. Yessir.

Been Writing.

Yes, it is ridiculous right now. Don't even ask me what I've been away so long doing. I have no idea- the time has been occupied somehow. So sad. I go to Cali in four days too. I wonder how many posts I can get in from here til there to feel better about myself- lol. I have been writing a lot lately; just not on this blog. I have not been knitting or crocheting so much. I stare at my beautiful yarn almost everyday and think of the stuff i could knit but i don't. I think i got a little burnt out so I've been burning myself out writing poetry, "short" stories (50 pages so far) and lots of journal entries/devotions and blog entries on
I have no idea why I have so much to talk about. I am not working, been only just a tiny bit social, doing only a handful of stuff most days but I am full of words apparently. I haven't even been watching movies like I usually do (though I do have some backlogged reviews that I need to post on here).
What's funny is that I'm not one of those chicks that always has something to say...out loud...verbally. I don't always want my voice to be heard and I'm not always the one shouting out my unwarranted opinion to people. I'm pretty good at keeping things to myself but wow, I realized (I guess I knew it before too) that on the inside my thoughts are constant they are overwhelming. I feel everything and anything provokes or inspires my.....words.
And it's not like I have an extensive vocabulary. I like to look them (words) up in the dictionary but I couldn't really tell how much of a variety of words I truly remember to use--somehow the ones I do use come out in different combinations and life is ok. I guess using the same words repeatedly make things sound like me. Those special times when I can remember that new snazzy word I looked up a day ago I feel like "oh, no don't hurt it with the flava girl..." I'll read my special combination of new worlds real proud like.
I've written so many words and I feel fulfilled but hungry to write more at the same time. I write them any kind of way, avoiding most set rules yet with my own special set of regulations and pet peeves to avoid. I listen to other peoples words and wonder how they would sound in my own story. I've written words I'd be embarrassed for others to see while being vulnerable to maybe the only person who truly knows inside of me. Freaking words....
Anyway, movie posts later today or tomorrow other stuff to follow...holleration.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What a day

Boy today has been crazy. I have been on the go basically the whole day. I got in both my work out sessions and got my cpr/aed certification. Going thru that class really just hit me in a real emotional way. I really pray that if I am ever in that situation that God gives me the courage to do what I need to. I've never been a flight type of person in the past but I did get freaked out in the class once we started doing the compressions and I realized how easy--almost default it was to break ribs. Better broken ribs than unfinished life right?
Anyway, I got my taxes done today. What a freaking hassle. I got my Dexter swap package yesterday and have been dying to take pics and tell y'all about all the cool stuff I got. I didn't have much time today so I took my items with me to the tax office and took pics while I waited. I know those people thought I was crazy...whatev.
My swap partner is the absolute best. Everything she sent me was so thoughtful, snazzy/cool, and just plain great. I had so much fun with this swap. I can't wait to do the next one. This is def. my cup of tea as far as the knitting community swaps and KAL's go. Anyway without further ado...

My partner made me the coolest bag. I will have to take another pic so you guys can grasp the full scope of things. Nevertheless, its the coolest bag with little skulls all over it. Definitely my new knitting bag-permanently

Check out these stitch markers! They are body parts and the fingernails on the hands are even painted just like the ITK's victims. Note that the hands are black! love it.

My partner included a custom pouch that had not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR skeins of custom dyed merino wool (worsted-my favorite) inside. Do you know what colors those are? Ice Truck Killer colors my friends

Here's a shot of the other cool stuff that was in the package. She made me a custom Dexter flip book that included quotes and stickers from the show. She even sent me the barbie head keychain (in sistah version). Also included were cool stickers, a notebook, mints, earrings, not to mention a really heart felt and lovely necklace.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's been a minute

I haven't forgot about ya'll over here. I've got 3 nearly finished objects and some stuff i can hardly wait to cast on for....just been busy over here.
I've finally gotten myself back on track over here. I'm exercising, eating right, studying, doing work to sell the house, visiting/traveling, and just getting myself together mentally/spiritually/physically. It's all good over here.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Girl put your records on

I don't know if I mentioned it here- probably not considered how I was out of blog mode for so long, I got a record player for Christmas. If you haven't somewhat guessed I love music. I mean LOVE it. I pretty much love all kinds of music too although old school jazz, blues, classic r&b, and 80's music hold a special place in my heart for some reason. Anyway, I ramble. I got a record player for Christmas. I informed my honey that I wanted to get into collecting because it's just my style. It reminds me of my childhood, now, don't get me wrong, I'm not that old and we had one of those big ol floor stereos with a tape player AND record player but I definitely remember my mother playing her Sade or Earth, Wind, and Fire records and my uncles DJ-ing and myself as a kid looking through several crates of hundreds of cool covered records while Luther or Atlantic star played in the background. I remember hanging in the basement searching through my uncle's crates of records just to see what he had. There is just something so authentic and organic and soul stirring to me about records. It makes me think of Smokey Robinson and Barry Gordy writing songs and cutting records at the hit factory in Tamla Records (I wrote a report about Motown and Barry Gordy when I was in the fourth grade)- what exciting/frustrating times they must have been. It makes me think of my mother. I know who she is through that music…through these records.

Anyway, you'll be seeing records make an appearance from time to time now and here's a couple that I found with Gudo and Weet a few weekends ago.

From L to R: David Sanborn, George Benson, Eagles, Compilation record w/ Ross, Stevie, and 'nem, Luther, and Smokey & the Miracles,.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

How could I

have forgotten how great exercise feels and how important it is to my overall mental health? I have been so DOWN in a big way and getting back on the exercising has worked wonders for my mental state in just two pathetic days. I'm not blazing through two miles or bench pressing 100 (yet) but man it felt good just to go on a little walk/run and be out and a part of the Earth today. I did it in the morning favorite time. I'm breathing deep today.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

News Report from Dexter Swap

This is totally awesome and really made my day- morbid but the truth. I'm loving this swap!
I didn't know how to put the video on my blog so here's the link to a special report from my Dexter Swap Partner.

I don’t see nothing wrong…

..with a little leopard skin

Y'all can call me tacky if you want to but I saw this ribbon at Michaels and I couldn't pass it up. I was going to go all fancy schmancy to some superior and uppity ribbon-notion shop and pick out a couple of feet of the most exquisite imported black and white ribbon or maybe something else that was silk or embossed with diamonds and 14K gold and platinum (every time you come around my city BlingBling). But then I was in Michaels looking for tags (I'll tell you about it later) and happened to look at some of the ribbon they had just for giggles and I not only thought it was cute but it spoke to me. Maybe it's my way of paying homage to my sister…she loves leopard she even has a leopard baby bag (and it is actually very chic). Anyway, I figured it would all be hot when I wore my leopard earrings (yes I said it; I ain't never scared) and black pencil skirt and sexy peep toes- holler atcha girl- I mean seriously what are the odds of finding a leopard skin anything that matches those earrings so perfectly? It's like trying to match denim from memory (not that you should be matching denim….)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mine as well face it I’m addicted to yarn..

sangin' "Mine as well face it I'm addicted to yarn…."

Clearly I can't be too ashamed of all my recent yarn purchases because I still have a mind to buy more. There are a couple of projects that I want specific yarn to knit with and not compromise. I bought myself one ball of Rowan calmer yarn back in the day when I saw the yarn harlot in Atlanta. Now I want to knit Hike out of Rowan mag #37. It requires like 11 or 13 balls. That's well over a hundred bucks for a sweater and I would have to sew in a zipper (not a good look). Also, I know that Universal tunic from this past Knitscene would be looking mighty fine too. I want to try the yarn they're hollerin' about in the pattern because I've heard good things about it. At least that yarn isn't too far off the charts in affordability (I found it for $4.99 at Royal Yarns online).

Then I've got all these other yarns that I'm constantly hearing about that I'm actually thriving to try out (but won't be because a sister does not have ends like that).

  1. Dream in color smooshy,
  2. Malabrigo,
  3. Sundara (never gonna happen)
  4. Scout's swag yarn.

I already know that Lisa Souza is no joke because I bought it for one of my swap partners a while back and almost couldn't give it up. Anyway, I know what I can afford though and that is $8.50. (I spend that at Panera in a day and I could definitely go without that for at least a day)Anyway, that's how much it costs to sample four yarns a month from the Yarn a Month club. I tell you what else doesn't sound bad either is a 6 month or one year subscription to Elann's little yarn sampling operation because I think the bottom line of all of this is I'M ADDICTED TO YARN. I had managed my addiction quite well for some time but now that there's a little extra $$ up in this mickieflick and no supervision…you know the rest.

I think a sister has some things to think about….

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Let’s go crazy…let’s get nuts!

I love me some old school Prince….Anyway, for some reason I can't get all the yarn that I told you about from my travels to post pictures. I'm going to try just to list and label today. Not too many words- of course you already read what all these are from this post anyway. Be ready for installment #2 any day now. J

Filatura Di Crosa Mohair-two for me

Two for sis (she also got a bag of Italian merino wool in her favorite color-not pic'd)

Filature Di Crosa Print 127 was on clearance- could be the beginnings of a blanket

Saw this vibrant Mondial Seven yarn. You saw what it has started to make yesterday.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Others to include

I've got a couple other works in progress. I've got a little summer fun bag that I'm making for a friend of mine. Ey BayBay!

It should be done really soon if I actually pick it up and knit. I started it before my plane ride to New Mexico back in December. Then I got all side tracked with both of Matty's scarves that had to be done ASAP. I'm using sugar n'cream cotton and some Lion Cotton to do the job.

Then I casted on for this snazzy little market bag for myself with the yarn I got from Italy. I don't quite have enough to do everything I want to with it so I'm adding some other yarn to the mix (don't know what). Hopefully it will come out cute. Geez, it would stink if it didn't! Originally the pattern came from MagKnits but after I'm done modifying it who knows what it will look like.

In the meantime I've decided that I'm going to rip a good portion of the baby blanket I was doing out so I can double up on the strands and also do a little research on how I can pick up stitches a little better. After my last two turns my work has started to pucker…really bad. Bye bye blankie.

Finally, parting shots of my progress on the scandalous ribby tank…ohhh I like the ring of that… Hence! From this day forth rib tank #24 shall officially be dubbed "Scandalous Ribby Tank." Actually if the split down the back were just a little lower I could call it the bootycrack ribby tank. Anyway…

Call on Jesus

Yesterday I went to Union Station in DC for the first time. It was awesome. Do I dare to tell y'all that it was better than Grand Central Station in NYC. I guess I do because it was. I forgot to take pics though I had my camera with me. I will have to go back. This time I went to meet Lissy there to have lunch. I got there about an hour late even though I left an hour early. I have probably driven to DC on my own twice and I got the lamest directions I could have possibly gotten to make it there. Next thing I know I'm in Maryland somewhere. Thanks very much to the ladies at the Jesus Christ bookstore for printing off new directions for me to make it. They were awesome. I had just about given up when the sign for the Jesus bookstore shone like a beacon in a foreign land…my thought was surely they'll be willing to help and certainly I won't have to worry about getting sliced up at the Jesus bookstore.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Wanna be startin' something

Thanks so much for all the feedback from folks on Ravelry. I'm going with Tequilla for the scarf. You know I was thinking that maybe I wouldn't send the Esquire back.
Maybe I'll knit the clapotis out of it. I did rip out the bullfrogs and butterflies clapotis. I would need one more skein...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can’t decide, let’s vote ok?

So I got yarn to knit that snazzy little Phiaro scarf from Knitscene. I'm subbing with SWTC Bamboo yarn instead of using their Oasis like the pattern calls for. Thing is I originally got onto kpixie saw the color Tequilla and thought "LOOOOOOOOOOVE, never knew what I was missing…" but the more I looked at it I thought, "Nina maybe you need to click-click-click it down a few notches-other people might not know how to handle you and all your all color ALL THE TIME." So then I let my eye wander over to my second choice, Esquire. When I saw Esquire the song eventually came to me, "I try hard to fight it- no way can I deny it…..can't explain why your loving makes me weak." So I clicked "buy." And in a short day and a half it was on my doorstep.


Then I happened to be giving an update on what I was ready to cast onto my needles on Ravelry (I'm on a whole 'nother level of addiction to that place recently) and went to link the page that I bought the esquire from and wouldn't you know I accidentally bought 3 skeins of Tequilla. Actually, I had a panic attack when I saw the tequilla again and decided I wasn't being true to myself.


So now here's the story I get Tequila the next day (kpixie is not even joking with the shipping) and while nice it's not exactly what I thought either- so now I have two great colorways and I honestly can't decide which I'll used for Phiaro. One of them has to go back. Will y'all vote and help a sister out?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Movies 8-11

8. El Cantante- Ya'll I'm mad at the media on this one. I thought the movie was fantastic. So many critics dismissed this movie because J.Lo starred in it with her husband. So what! She delivered an awesome performance. Marc Anthony? Holy poo, his acting was good but his singing…his voice was just nothing short of amazing. I got the soundtrack afterward and I also got my good girlfriend to burn me some of the original Hector Lavoe's music. This is would have been my pick of the week had I not been so inspired by the documentary. I just thought the movie was very compelling and let me tell you J.Lo looks awesome in this movie too- great wardrobe. It definitely irritates me that this movie didn't get picked up more here. Aside from the media's love/hate with J.Lo I also feel like the lack of coverage is a social issue too but whatev, don't even get me started.

9. In the time of Butterflies- I thought the cast of this movie was really good. It's another Latino culture/history must see. There were a couple points in the Father's portrayal that I thought hmmm, this seems a little generic but nevertheless the acting as a whole was good. A very young Marc Anthony makes a cameo. You could tell that this piece really mattered to everyone playing a part on screen- they really wanted the story to be told and heard. The Latin culture is so rich and when I think about the music, the dancing, and just the history to overcome in places like Cuba, Columbia, Dominican Republic etc I feel it close in my spirit with the struggle my own people have endured. I just want to study and learn more. I think it is amazing. I watched three very life enriching movies this time and I feel rewarded. Just to change the tone a little I will mention how sickeningly beautiful Salma is even when she is not all done up and has her nappy/ratty prison wig on. Actually all the sisters are lovely

10. Born into Brothels- Such a striking documentary about kids living in the Red Light District in Calcutta. Though I could see the obvious social issues addressed in this movie, what struck me the most is that thing. That thing that seems like I've talked about before. The burning question in my own mind; those children made me wonder and also helped answer, albeit only a small bit, what is it that makes a person? How is it that all those kids come from the same life and some of them understand this doesn't have to be their destiny and others are consumed by the cycle of what they see? I felt like I could see it in the children; the ones who would take advantage of their opportunity and run with it. I could see the ones who could clearly see this documentary, those trips, boarding school; as an opportunity and would seize the day. In the end I found myself heartbroken that some of "my" kid's opportunities were snatched from them by their own parents who could not be selfless enough to give their own kids a chance at something different than what they have. Though sad, this too spoke directly to my heart and drove home some of those things we learn about ourselves and others when the going gets tough. This was such a human story that needed to be told. There is something powerful about the natural hope of a child and it's even more powerful what the stealing of that hope from children can motivate people to do in order to make change. I found the website with some extra info on children born into brothels and the vision of the charity here. You can buy their photographs and other merchandise here. Or just make a donation here. Of course there is some controversy that you can read about here with additional links

11. Jumper- Geez, what can I say? I would not recommend anyone spending their money to go see this in the theater and I'll tell you why: while the concept of teleportation is awesome, the acting and script fall severely short. Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what's the point? Have you ever watched a movie and wanted to yell at the screen so say what you mean already! I can definitely only take vague talk in good movies—you know the ones where you want your mind to be bended…not so with this film. The film is really lacking a certain cohesiveness that would make it good. There were several points in the movie where I just wanted it to be over or the dialog would literally make me cringe. I think this sucks because I was looking forward to being entertained and all the teleportation scenes (which there were many) where just way cool….which considering should have been able to save the movie but it didn't. I don't know I hope this is making sense.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fit Chick Knitting?

Truth is ya'll, I'm a little embarrassed. If I keep it up I'm going to have to think of something else to call my blog. Maybe just chick knits because the "fit" is not poppin' off over here. I'm having a hard time getting myself motivated. I've said it before and I will say it again. It has been a rough year over in this mickieflick. Georgia took a lot out of this city slickin' sistah and I have not bounced back. Heck, I had pretty much just got into my swing and then it was time to go from there- now I'm back home and even it is pretty whack. I feel like I hear a Michael Jackson scarecrow singing "You can't win," in the background. When did I become so hard to please….

Anyway, I'm still complaining bear with me. I need to get it together and handle my business. The sooner I do that the sooner I can move myself to Italy! A part of getting myself together is taking care of myself. Starting today, I'm back on the get it right, get it tight fitness for life plan. Especially if I'm trying to wear this when I'm done.

Remember how I used to be obsessed with Knit.1? Well the obsession is back (it never left) and I'm starting with the first issue I ever bought. I'm going back and making all the crazy stuff I have marked up and still like about three years later. This is the ribbed tank. Pattern number 24 in the mag. I started it two days ago. I am using size 6 straight needles (because I like straights) and some King Tut cotton yarn I had in my stash. I'm kinda excited I get to scour for a snazzy ribbon for the back. Oh, and the needles I'm using are those little plastic ones that light up—I've had them for a while but this is the first time I've actually used them. Can you believe I really like them?! So many people don't…anyway here's a progress shot...I've got more done now actually

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last call for alcohol...

Well not quite. It's the last call to sign up for the Dexter Swap. You have until 12 midnight to get your sign up questionnaires (scroll down page on link) in. Let the good times roll.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Disturbingly delighting Dexter

I couldn't tell you why I'm over the top stoked about this Dexter swap I'm in(sign up end Feb.20). Between liking the show and just feeling like it will be a lighthearted fun swap I can't help myself. I hope others are as excited as I am. I've already started a list of things that I could include in my swap package. I'm trying to conjure up something creative. Some other people in the Dexter group on Ravelry (which is where the I found out about the swap) have already gotten their creative juices flowing. Here are some of the cool colorways that one of the members has created and started to sell. Again, if you're a fan of the show you'll be amused by the names and the colors.

103 AKA "Bloodbath"


Hookers Fingernails

Ice Truck Killer

Hawaiian Shirts

Those were just some of the ones I really liked she has others like Dark Defender, Dexter's Canvas, Bay Harbor Butcher, Lila, and Beneath the Bay. If you're not down with all the grouping and swapping business and you just like the yarn you can get it here from Cosmic Yarns on Etsy. I think all she has left is the Hawaiian shirts colorway but I'm sure that will change once the swap gets started plus you can special request.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stash is out of control.

I have so much that I need to get done in these next months it's ridiculous. I look forward to the adventure and to learning new things.
One thing I have had time for was to buy more yarn. I'm pretty much sure my stash is officially out of control. I am definitely acquiring at a quicker rate that I could ever knit. Somehow I've managed to pick up yarn in each place that I've visited over the last two months…. except for Atlanta! Interesting….it's not because I didn't have plans to stop there that's for sure!
I showed you what I got in New Mexico, here's a look at some of the stuff I got in Italy. I found a great shop there called Bevilacqua Lane Vicenza.
The first stuff I picked up there was this great springy, squishy ZarOne yarn by Filatura Di Crosa. I got 8 balls in a sort or khaki color and knit Matty another scarf that he could take with him to Afghanistan. Can you believe I knit him a man sized 2x2 ribbed scarf in 3 days in the midst of all we were doing there? Of course I don't have any pics of the finished product for some reason….nevertheless, I really liked the yarn. I only used 6 balls so when I went to Sumter, SC to see my sister she got the other two. Two balls only gives you like 120 or something like that. I wonder what she'll make. I just hope she enjoys it as much as I did and maybe she'll post up a pic of the yarn. On the other hand before I got there to Italy I finished the original scarf I was knitting him in Cascade 22o. You get the idea. It's seed stitch. Amazingly, I actually do have a picture of it.

It took me a couple weeks to make. I have a whole lot of the dark brown left. Don't know what I'll make out of it.
Anyway, I also got my sister a big bag of really soft Italian wool in her favorite color-don't know the name and I don't have a pic- maybe she'll post one up whenever she gets back to blog land. With the new baby I don't know how much knitting homegirl will really be doing but when the time comes I got her enough to make herself something nice. I also got her 2 balls of Filatura Di Crosa mohair. It's pictured below.

I got myself the other two balls of mohair along with this crazy colored Mondial seven. I figured I could make some type of grocery store or market bag with that stuff.

Then I fell upon this bag of Filatura Di Crosa Print 127 on sale full of colors that just screamed "Nina, baby you know that you like my style, you know that you like my style." I was like, holler atcha girl, you could be a cute little blanket or something one day"

There's more traveling goodness but I fear that this is looking way too ridiculous, still you know that I didn't leave Sumter empty handed- mainly due to my sister. She's an enabler.