Monday, November 12, 2007

MmmmDada Mmmmdada

A few weeks ago my BIL (Weety), my friend Michelle, myself and Matty went to a food festival (Taste of Atlanta). We had a freakin' blast and ate so much food it was ridiculous. I kinda want to do this every "summer-fall"now. They have these festival of restaurants all over America.
There's Weet stuffing his face.
Michelle caught red handed.
Aside from the incredible food there was music (DJ's) in the streets and also street performers. Of course my favorites were the breakers. There were some incredible break-dancers there. No chicks but it's all good.

All that breakin' took me back to my special K Electric Boogaloo days. I was going to marry Ozone or maybe that youngin' Turbo if he'd have me -I was a sucker for a gherri curl and cut off net shirt and you know I was poppin' and lockin' with the best of them in my Michael Jackson Beat It jacket. :-)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

TV Time spent doing?

Originally uploaded by neeneepet
A quick blog from Flickr today. I happen to be on Ravelry and came across this scarf pattern- it was posted by Crazy Aunt Purl and I thought to myself, "Self, you've definitely got the yarn to make that scarf real quick." And quick it has been. What you see here is the result of about 2.5 hours of TV.
The yarn I'm using is OnLine Linie60: TONDO. It's bulky and 100% wool, it's pretty luscious to knit with actually. Feels great. I have plans for a whole bunch of little projects- like I usually do for this time of year. We'll see what gets done. I started and screwed of the heal to one of my socks. I'm ripping and redoing...AGAIN. Freaking socks

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

After the party it's the hotel lobby

The "Fiesta, Fiesta" keeps on popping off over here. After the Aquarium you know we had to make it over to Zoo Atlanta. It was a blast.

Here's a couple of shots of the fun but really you can look at all the pics of the events I've been telling you about over on my Flickr. Links Links Links!

Anyhoo, Michelle? Jerry? You both can see I covered up the boys just for you in my green dress. I wasn't too happy that I couldn't cover up that stomach bulge but skip that for a minute...doesn't my skin look freaking amazing? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. When I was checking out the pictures I couldn't help but sweat myself- j/k but I'm not to on the self hate tip to pay myself a compliment,"Go skin, go skin- it's your birthday..."

Anyway, let's not even get started on how many movies I've seen over the months and haven't told you all about. I have been keep in a list. There's about 90 on the list and I've written about 50 of them on here so far. I have to catch up before the year ends- I must. I've seen some good ones lately but I'm dipping back to tell you about some from a ways back.
"Just gotta git it out- just gotta git it right out of meeeeah"

No Vegetable Juice this week- Rent them all!

51. House of Flying Daggers- Another beautiful martial arts film. I loved the story and the fight scenes were incredible AND visual masterpieces however not more so than Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Actually if we’re talking visually nothing has topped Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, or even Hero for me yet. Visually, they were just incredible. They really show Asia in a glorious way; with simplicity but still with great life incredible beauty. The love story actually ended up being beautiful and the choreography of some of the fight scenes…Wow.
52. Life is Beautiful- What an incredibly optimistic view of the Holocaust. I was not expecting this movie. Of course I had heard so much about it and yes, I saw the Oscars that year but it’s one you have to see in order to appreciate it. I recommend this film to everyone. It’s so sad (how could it not be) yet the movie convinces you that everything’s going to be ok, that things are not as bad as they seem; that surely there will be a happy ending somehow. It really does an extraordinary job of keeping you hopeful yet haunting you with painfully truthful reality. Even so, the way the movie ends it’s so…hopeful-light even. This is so not the word I’m looking for. It’s like this; Just like the title reads, “Life is Beautiful” as is the movie and it’s message. Undoubtedly, I came away with an understanding. “This is all terrible, this is all true and horrible BUT life is too beautiful to let the terrible consume all the beauty it contains.” To me and I hope to most that is the moral of the story. To me that was the goal of the Father for his son. It really was much more than looking at the glass half full, it was sacrifice…
53. Easy to Wed- Oh my goodness, what a hoot of a movie. Lucille Ball was in this one as a supporting actress. Dude, she is sooo freaking funny. Effortless. It’s funny the whole plot is something that could happen today (we haven’t changed much at all) A high society woman is rumored to be a “playgirl” and a tabloid paper produces a story about her that’s false so she & her rich Father call up and claim to sue the company for $2M. Well the tabloid hires a notorious “playboy” to rope her into a real version of the fabricated story and it all plays out from there. I tell you there is just something about these old movies. You can hold an expectation to them that today’s movies just never hit you with. Geez, I really am having a sorry time trying to explain what I mean today. Maybe I should try using my words another day! It’s just that the delivery, the humor, the feeling of these movies- it’s all something so 100% different from todays movies. It has to do with the way movies are shot now as oppose to then or something. Maybe it’s a difference in film, in sets, in actors, in wardrobe, humor, delivery. It’s something greater than what happens these days for some reason.
54. Neptunes Daughter- Another good one with Esther Williams (she was in Easy to Wed too) and Ricardo Montalban (who I had no idea was that hot in his younger years). I love how easy it is to fall in love (I mean madly/wildly/truly/desperately in love where the man is all up front and gushy about it) and get married in these movies. Anyway, this movie is mainly a case of mistaken identity. I wonder if this musical is absolutely where the song “Baby, it’s cold outside” came from? Interesting. I always thought it was a blues classic. Anyway, what I actually like best about this movie was all the Latin/South American music scenes. I got a little irritated with the obnoxious Mexican stable hand stereotypes and Esther’s sister had a black handmade (who looked pretty glamorous to be cleaning house in a movie from the 40's-hmm) well, at least her script didn’t include anything like “yes’m I’s gittin to it” or anything like that; I suppose that was a step up from the norm- anyway there was a pretty good amount of good un-stereotypical but celebratory Latin influence in the movie which I enjoyed. Also, the swimsuits in the movie where incredible; I love those old suits.
55. On the Town- Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra (who I had no idea was so incredibly scrawny until you see him next to little brawny Gene Kelly). This movie was very entertaining. Good music numbers and dancing (which you could always expect) but this is not my favorite musical from Gene Kelly. It’s not even in the top 5. Nevertheless, you won’t be sorry if you rent it. The whole premise is that three sailors have a days leave off the boat in NYC. They want to see the sights and see some women all in one day before they have to get back on board. Anyway, Mr. Kelly gets on the subway and sees a poster for Mrs. Turnstiles and he must have her- so he and his buddies spend a good part of the movie in hilarious pursuit of “Ms. High Society”. These freaking movies just make grin. Love it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

After the party there's the after party...

After comedy night of course there was more Atlanta fun to be had. We went to the Aquarium, which was freaking awesome.

I had never been to an aquarium at all and always wanted to go to the one in Baltimore (definitely will make time to do it next time I'm in VA). Anyhoo, here are just a couple of the awesome things we saw there. Note that the shark with the chainsaw nose was a hard picture to capture because of the shear size of the fellow so, lucky. Lucky would be the word I'd used for the final capture for the whacked out shot of Mr. Pristiophoridae.
In other news I guess figuratively speaking today could be the tomorrow I spoke of about a week or so ago. I do tend to use very symbolic language at times....with no further ado here are two of the crummiest sock progress pictures one could possibly shoot.

The pink Lorna's laces is going to be all stockinette with just an inch or so of ribbing at the top and the purple/blue Tofutsie's has a 2x2 rib pattern along the front and soon to be the leg of the sock- I'm really pleased with how that one is turning out :-). I start to turn the heel on the pink one tomorrow. Ya'll say a prayer- haha- no seriously ya'll get in the prayer circle and plead the blood over these ones because I feel like it's Groundhogs Day over here. I'm just continuously knitting the same sock over and over again day after day. This time I am referring to a heel pattern that is not short rows (Interweave Knits, Summer 'O7)so we'll see how it goes.

Friday, October 19, 2007

U gotta live

So the thing about stepping up the blog can only happen if you get out and live and the thing with getting out and living is that you're usually not getting out with your desktop computer. It's just a good thing that I'm off for the next few days without getting out there and living plans :-) I can give the blog a good old update. :-)
After the final Braves home game Matty and I went to comedy night at the Loft here in Columbus. The opener was pretty lame but the header, Mutzie, was hilarious. I've actually seen him on Comic View on BET before. Wouldn't you know that I got picked out of the crowd to help end his act. Ask my sister, ask Matty, ask my McCaffrey's I always get picked out of the crowd. Nevertheless, I had a blast and was pretty much a celebrity for the rest of the night. Here's a picture of me and Mutzie at the end of the night.
As far as knitting goes, I mentioned ripping and restarting both "pair" of socks that I've been knitting since the concept of knitting a sock entered my mind. I still haven't taken a picture but I will say that if I could have just focused on one sock I probably would have a whole one done but of course I got tired with what I was doing and decided to start the other sock from some variety. I promise I will get on it and update on the socks with pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I've got so much to tell you guys. I'm behind- what's new? I think I've mentioned before that since Matty has been home we've been DOing WORK (anybody watch Rob & Big) right? The weekend after my Yarn Harlot trip we went back to Atlanta to see the Brave's last home game. They spanked the Brewers at the end and gave the crowd what they came to mind you there's no post season for Atlanta right now but they DID WORK when we were there.

Matty got all the good pictures and he hasn't uploaded them yet so you can't see the close up of my Atlanta Braves eye guards or me chopping it up with my classic tomahawk. He got one of Andruw Jones sliding onto first and yes we were so close we could see the sweat dripping:-) It's funny whenever players slide I always think "Dirt in the skirt, Mae. Dirt in the skirt." ...I love that movie. Actually if we're talking about doing work, Andruw DID WORK that day in the outfield a couple times.
We've been doing work watching more and going to the movies. Here's a little of what we've seen lately:

45. The Brave One- It was good because Terrence Howard and Jodie Foster are just good in my opinion. The storyline was a good one that I hadn't seen and wasn't expecting ( I mean not wholely- I did see the previews and knew what it was about but...u know). I wasn't expecting how it ended and I definitely came in thinking that Jodie was just taking back the streets "a little". Old Jodie was DOIN' WORK for sure. I will say that in parts it was very slow and while I did get over the slow parts I wasn't on the Bill's Movie Review overlook it tip.
46. Old School- I hadn't ever seen this before and thought it was pretty funny. Of course Matty got it in from Netflix b/c it was WAAAAAYYY down on my roster. We've both been have sporadic "blackouts" of brilliance.
47. Yellow- This was an independent little project by Rosalyn Sanchez and I have to admit I liked it but there were some points were I cringed at the script or the acting. Nevertheless, I found the story interesting...provocative as the professional reviewers like to say. I loved how Hispanic culture and poetry and dance were all infused into a relatively deep storyline. DO WORK Rosalyn b/c I saw your name all over the credits.
48. Breach-This movie was intriguing and don't laugh but I had no idea it was based on the true story. Chris Cooper was crazy in an ingenius way. He played the role flawlessly; I kept turning to Matty saying OMG this guy is crazy. I was on the edge knowing everyone's cover was blown in every scene. I've got a love/hate with these type of movies.
49.Knocked up-This movie was very entertaining. The language was over the top a lot yet still I was cracking up through so much of this movie. Also, I now understand what everyone warns about as the TMI scene at the end when Katherine Heigl is in labor. lol
50.Disturbia-I really enjoyed this movie too. I'm telling you little LaBeouf is a really convincing little actor. It is so surprising. I will say that I did chuckle to myself how the whole family and friends just get back to happy go lucky living after what would be tragic events to real people.
I've got some good ones in the line up. If you want something more serious I say go with Breach but I'm picking Disturbia...yes even over the Brave One; simply b/c it was slow in many parts. Pick of the week:

In other news. I ripped out both socks I've been working on for forever and started fresh for the one zillionth time. I'm feeling really positive about these. Could it be b/c of the Harlots mojo? It's probably due to me finding what looks like a easy pattern in an issue of Interweave Knits. I'll post some pictures soon.

Monday, October 01, 2007

For Anna and others...

So here are the couple of things I didn't mention or show last time. One was the log cabin blanket I'm working on and it's progress. Of course here it looks like crayola crayons but I promise in real life all the colors are a lot richer and just plain nicer. Also there goes my new birthday watch for scale:-), the blanket is all garter stitch so it's great mindless knitting.
Also, when I was at Knitch for the YH I got a ball of Rowan calmer because everyone always seems to be going ape nuts over it and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. There should dang near be platinum chards spun into it between how much it cost and how much people rave...I like the color I picked. Anyway, I don't really know what I'm going to make out of this one ball but I'll think of something. I'm leaning toward a hat because they are quick
Coming up lots of traveling and activities, lots of movies, and more knitting. Yesterday was my birthday and we/I had a blast. I'm almost thirty now....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pump up the Jam

So here is one of my first post from my newly "pumped" up site. :-) I've been having even more of a good time than usual since Matty has gotten home. Guess that's a big duh anyway right. Well last Wednesday I made it to see the Yarn Harlot at Knitch in Atlanta. Here's a picture I took of her taking a picture of all 500+ of us. It was really cool and she was hilarious. The chick is practically a stand up comedian- her timing is flawless. These are pictures of the incredible line I waited in to get Ms. McPhee to sign my books. Notice how I have the elevated angle- it's because I was at the end of the line upstairs where I was stuck behind this one chick who complained about a group who cut in line the WHOLE time we waited. She even went as far as to warn how theirs would be coming on judgment day. Oh how I wish I would have snapped one of her on the DL now. Anyway, it was worth it in the end. Stephanie put some mojo on my pathetic sock knitting skills; don't mind how extremely huge my arm looks- I hear the camera adds 15 pounds
I had a blast. I knit another block and a half of color on the log cabin baby blanket. It was just so cool to meet all the other knitters there and see what they were working on and what they had already made. It was like we were all already friends- pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Zero knitting progress

But in other great news my honey is back home.
He suffered through Ranger school and now he's home so I can feed him non-stop until he's all fattened up again. I've missed cooking! Nevertheless, since he's been home we've ate a disgusting amount of food and we've ate out quite a bit. Last nights blue-cream cheese burgers were the first "meal" I've made for him. They were great- got the recipe out of Everyday w/ Rachel Ray Magazine.
Well, taking a Q from Kaity. I think I'm going to step this blog up a bit too. I hate posting so sporadically so I'm not going to anymore but the compromise is that I will probably be a lot more personal and not just knitting on this site now. I hope my knitting peeps don't run away...I know how it is when u subscribe to a zillion blogs- you want knitting meat and potatoes. Well now when you turn here you might get ACTUAL meat and potatoes so beware:-)
Well, on the movie tip since Matty has been home we've seen:

41. Bourne Ultimatum- this was my 2nd time seeing this in the theater. It was good. Action packed with plenty of butt-kicking the way I like it. Is there something wrong when you really feel like you could watch people fight "hand to hand combat" all day long? I LOVE it. Nevertheless, it seemed that everyone was apes over this movie and while it was good I wasn't apes over it.
42. 3:10 to Yuma- I've never considered myself to be a big western movie watcher but I liked this little flick. It could be Christian Bale and Russel Crowe that convinced me but I really think that I like the whole I'm a cowboy and outlaw attitude. That's probably what does it for me. this was a thumbs up surprisingly.
43. The Kingdom- Matty and I attended a sneak of this movie and I thought it was AWESOME. I recommend this movie- I'm talking pick of the week status. Jamie Foxx was really good in it too. The movie was realistic and though most of the action happens at the end it didn't drag and furthermore the movie strongly resonates and the ending really makes you think.44. Rush Hour 3- What a sorry bunch of crap of a movie this was. Dude, talk about selling out...most of the movie I was asking Chris Tucker if he was serious. Aside from being just straight- up hokey AND corny I'd say dang near half of the comedy was a freaking minstrel show. I'm not even racially oversensitive but I definitely was cringing through a lot of the "comedy" especially since I was there with my in laws. I felt like I needed to clarify or explain or something.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am so behind...

On everything including movie reviews. I've watched so many and started writing the "reviews" for them but I don't want to bombard my knitting blog with tons of movie reviews. I guess I will take a page out of Anna's book and start posting a few a day. My problem is that I watch movies like it is regular tv. There are only a few shows that I Tivo regularly and when I watch those I don't flip through and browse the cable box or anything. I only watch what I've recorded plus music videos. So in a sense Tivo has cut down my useless TV watching and help me get right to the meat and potatoes. Lets pretend like this means less time wasted. Anyway, it's easy to run out of things to watch sometimes so I have my movies.
BTW, I'm loving Netflix 12 x's better than blockbuster. They are quick, the site is easier to navigate, you can set up a seperate Q for other members of your household, you can really "talk" to other people about movies, their buddy system is easier, it seems like everyone writes reviews (which I love) and the suggestions they make for you are forever changing and look interesting. Oh, and I like the way you can view what's in ur buddy's Q and what they've rated already...whatev.
Moving on, I haven't been knitting on my shrug like I should or my blanket. I have been investing my time in a new blanket (crochet) because I've missed my hubby so much. It's a picnic blanket. The yarn is some ridiculous Red Heart acrylic that I've had in my stash for about 10 years (I'm not kidding) Anyway, I'll be finishing up the picnic blanket, shrug, and beebee blanket by the end of the month. Is this too ambitous? I think not considering everything is over half complete already.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I've also been working very sporadically on the two toned shrug from Fitted Knits. I probably could have been done in a matter of days but of course I've been dragging my feet. Right now all I have left to do is to complete the border so obviously this is an old progress pic. Maybe posting it up here will motivate me to finish.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Mason to Dixie

Originally uploaded by neeneepet
...this is the start of my log cabin blanket. I'm using all Lion Brand Wool. I like the colors they offer. I'm thinking it will just be a little baby blanket, fabulously chic and in vibrant modern colors. The kind of baby blanket a neo-soul yummy mummy would go for

Thursday, July 26, 2007

36. Employee of the Month-Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson. It was goofy and cute. Jessy did a generic job…she was probably better in Dukes of Hazzard (which I don’t know what that’s saying) I don’t know the movie was a giggler. I liked it enough.
37. Tristan and Isolde- OMG, by the end of the movie I was just irritated. Please everyone just die already. I guess it just burns me up in real life, so to watch someone on screen pretend to be a friend- family even! and then stab another in the back SO severely…it’s just like “Hurry up and die”
Et tu, Brute?
Furthermore, I think it irritated me that it was a like poorly done First Knight meets Romeo and Juliet mash up too. (I really liked First Knight with Richard Gere) I know others probably loved this…not me- just my opinion.
38. Poseidon- And the V8 goes to….then again Josh Lucas was in it (Well, hulloe thare)

39. Red Eye- Why does Cillian Murphy look so freaky!? Don’t you remember him in Batman Begins? FREAK!! Sometimes he wants to trick us but really he is truly a freaky face. Anyway, this movie was good. It took me so long to watch this because I was convinced that it was a scary movie and not a thriller. As we all know I don’t do scary so Rachel was getting no play in the Bailey household (well maybe a little from baby bro Bailey-who loves her but whatev). There actually ended up being thrills and butt kicking and connivery (probably not a word). It probably would have looked better to me if I would have seen it when it originally came out. It always amazes me how goofy/cheap quality a movie can look just a couple years after it was made when viewing it on cable TV…
40. Transformers- Can I just tell you that I saw this movie twice in the theater and would pay a third time to see it? It is that freaking awesome.  MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. Little Shia LaBouf really did a great job in carrying his part too. He has me looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie. Let's hope Harrison doesn't break a hip! I really can’t wait for the sequel to transformers- it better be freaking awesome and when this comes out on DVD, I want a gold plated special edition (because they always make those) Can you guess my pick of the week?

Monday, July 23, 2007

two week trial

Dudes, I think I'm switching to Netflix from Blockbuster Online. Ever since I moved to Georgia it takes longer and longer to get my movies in the mail. It's ridiculous.
Netflix has a two week trial period that I just signed up for today. We'll see how long it takes for me to get my first three movies to.
I mailed movies back to Blockbuster last Wednesday or Thursday- got the notice they received my movies and still haven't gotten a email that they've mailed out what's next on my Q. I went to the physical (Blockbuster) store a few weeks ago and they wouldn't let me "hand in" my mailers for new movies, which is supposed to be one of their great selling points over Netflix. Don't get between me and my movies....
I'll keep ya informed. Oh, I already like that you can set up separate Q's for different members of you family on Netflix. Already got 60+ movies set up to sent...I'm a junkie

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't go changing...

Originally uploaded by neeneepet
I just spent a ridiculous amount of time on Ralvery. It's so addictive. You just click and click and click and click; looking at EVERYONE'S stuff. It's crazy. I love it. MUST. HAVE. MORE.
Oh so this is my "progress" on the Namaste yoga bag...what?
Well I could see how u could forget but yes I was working on this in the beginning of June end of May-ish. Haven't really touched it since then but I will so be done with this like yesterday as soon as I pick it up again. I'll send u all a picture of the other stuff I've been working on instead of this tomorrow. The next time you see this guy he'll be finished, ok? Geez, I swear u guys (all fourteen of u) can really b pushy sometimes:-)
I must say that I love this cable pattern though. I can't remember which way is which for me now and I'll probably pick it back up knitting the cables in the reverse order but I'm not that phase by it...
Furthermore I know most people have their "knit cables with a solid color so the cables really pop" thing but dear Mr. Namaste, I like u just the waaaayy u rrrrrrrrrr

Friday, July 20, 2007

So anyway

When Matty and I went to our baseball games way back when we also visited Strings and strands in Atlanta.
I got three vintage pattern books there--wait b/4 I go into all that let me just say that Strings and Strands was a cool store they had lots of variety and a whole room of clearance items. In that room is were I found a whole bin of vintage pattern books but since poor Matty had already been there for quite some time I just took the best three that I has skimmed through (out of lets say 8-10 I had picked up out of the first pile of books/mags) Of course I'll take pictures of some of the awesomely great and awesomely horrendous things I found in them later and post them up. That in itself was just way cool. Yep there's the picture to ur left. My cute little books- actually they are as big as Rowan books but anyway...
I had a really hard time at this store just because of the discount room. I just didn't have enough time to agonize over which things I really wanted and such so I ended up leaving things. I totally regret not buying more of the incredible deals/steals they had to offer. I did pick up this bag of peachy cotton yarn for $21. It's 7 skeins of NAIF (German) 100% cotton which equals 637 yds of yarn. I really wanted to make one of those nifty little Turtleneck tube vest from Fitted Knits. I'm worried I won't have enough yarn. I'm absolutely the person to think I have enough yarn and run out...and guesswhat? Can't reorder this stuff- nevertheless I'll find something great to do with it because I love the color and the sheen that it has.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


26. Accepted- Sitting through all the previews before this movie I really started to dread what
I was to come in contact with but I found the movie refreshing actually. I thought it was a great satirical comedy (is that an oxymoron?). More than anything I viewed it as poking a big joke at how serious and crazy and important people make college for their kids. To the point that the pressure is unbelievable for some. While it’s meant to be one of those Van Wilder/National Lampoons type movies it comes off a lot milder and I would even say cuter than some of those raunchier college comedies. I think the movie makes several valid points in very clever ways. I found it amusing and Justin Long was unexpectantly cute as a button too. He’s pretty cute in the new DieHard as well.

27. All the Kings Men- Drama drama drama. So good though. Long but really good. Sean Penn and Jude Law. They were freaking awesome in this movie. Dude, Jude Law he’s a sleeper. The guy is a pretty good actor and really brings it to the table. Cold mountain, Enemy at the Gates, Road to Perdition, Closer, The Aviator just to name a few. I’ve been really surprised at how well he’s been able to disguise his accent. Same for when he did Cold Mountain- anyway this story is complex and well done. At the end you totally know what is going to happen but you are still on the edge of you seat waiting, needing to see how it all plays. Everyone gives a tight performance- did I mention Anthony Hopkins is in there? Yes folks, he’s in there with the rest of the perfectly air tight cast. This made me feel like I got my money’s worth after Crank. Holla at ur girl b/c this is my pick of the week.

28. Idlewild- Very creative. I enjoyed watching this just for the creativity it embodied. Some things about the storyline were assumable but I forgive them because it was so creatively executed. I will say that this movie reminded me of Belly. Belly seemed like a long music video shoot to me at the time. Idlewild had it’s moments where I was waiting for the video information to flash up after they completed their song and dance. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and I definitely didn’t feel sorry I rented it.

29. Fever Pitch- A cute little movie! I thought Drew and Jimmy had great chemistry and the cute little story worked well. It was entertainment and I enjoyed it. Nothing spectacular just typical; in a nice sort of way you don’t even have to think about. Sometimes that’s nice.

30. Bee Season- Such an interesting and different movie. The whole movie is haunted by the audience knowing something is really wrong with the whole family but never being able to pinpoint exactly what. There’s a whole mystic overtone too. Don’t know about that…Veered!

o yes,

Did I mention that there is a Pho Saigon place down here in good ole Columbus, Georgia. It was perfect for when I sick.
I also saw Pirates III the week before the NYC excursion. SOOO much better than that weak-sauce Deadmans Chest Pirates II hot mess they put out last year that sent me home with nothing more than disappointment. I mean I could of had a V8....

Can u believe

I went to NYC- yarn store heaven and did not make it to a yarn store? I met my good friend Teenie there for a girls weekend. We pretty much just ate, danced (mainly salsa), shopped, and visited some tourist spots like Grand Central Station, Hudson River dock- I got my nose peirced in Greenwich Village. We went to the wax museum. I got a Frauda/Prada bag etc. We really just hung out and had an awesome time

When I returned home I decide to get a wickedly disgusting cold, so really this is my first week back really. What a week. I checked my bloglines and my life was just out of control on there seriously. Furthermore I discovered that I have 14 subscribers to my blog (that I hadn't updated in ages) How freaking exciting. Makes a sista want to step it up a little more
When I checked my email I also was pleasantly surprised by a Ravelry invite. Woohoo!!!! Now to just get my site and blog updated, all my emails read, and All my bloglines subscriptions read--I subscribe to almost 150. I guess that's what I get for being so nosy...
O and I've seen some really good movies too. I've got a stock built up of reviews for you guys. I've also seen Mr. Brooks (which I actually really liked), DieHard4 (plenty of action), and Transformers (you know I'm all about it wouldn't mind paying to see it in the theatre a 2nd time)
I'll post up some of the movies I've got stored up but after than I promise some actual knitting content or at least pictures of new stash

Monday, July 09, 2007

Annnnnnd we're back

Dang I've been gone for a bit again. Did a little traveling. Been studying, working, and living it up here in Columbus. I've got a list of things I need to update on; it's as much for me as it is for you
1. Went to NYC
2. Almost done with 2tone shrug
3. Almost done with Namaste yoga bag
4. Have a crocheted hat to share
5. Got my Ravelry invite
6. Have new stash to share
7. Still want to share my vintage pattern books
8. My bloglines subscritptions are out of control (apparently everyone else continues to post when I'm away---everyone except my sister that is)

There are still some other things I need to delve into but I'll start with these few first. Post addressing some of these things tomorrow!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another List- 7 Random Things

1. I like the dictionary. I like it so much I've thought about carrying around a mini version in my purse because it's so handy to be able to look up the specific definition and origin of a word. It's also interesting to look up the definition to words that are used frequently; it's incredible how many words are actually used out of proper context.
2. I think about a trillion things I could blog about all the time and would actually love to present my posts in an intriguing/clever way (like so many of the other cool bloggers online do- how do their brains work that creatively?) but I always end up just slapping the words down and never saying or including any of the cool things that are really happening in my life.
Sorry guys- I'm actually so much cooler than this- LOL
3. Its become hard for me to cry about things that really matter to me. I've been known to cry over the Campbell's soup commercial where the little girl in the new foster home confesses that her mother used to make her tomato soup or if I think I've really hurt someones feelings unintentionally but won't allow myself to shed a tear if Matty or a close friend or family member really upsets or hurts me. In situations that really matter my emotions are turned completely OFF- cold as ice. I used to not be this way.
4. I'm not particularly into sports (aside from Boxing-it's my favorite) but I LOVE watching PTI on ESPN.
5. Though I tend to lean toward teals and blues a lot I actually don't have a favorite color. I pretty much like-love them all and I dress according to mood and season as to what colors I wear. This summer yellow is in and I've bought several yellow accent pieces. (bright and punchy and pastel yellows) I'm also wearing alot of navy from last season because I bought all my clothes a size smaller last year and couldn't fit them- I can fit them this year and I'm wearing those navy shirts with my cute navy shoes whether it's in or not.
6. I love my skin. I love that I can wear any color I want and not get "washed out". I love that I don't have to tan. I love how soft it is too thanks to the stock I currently own in baby oil and cocoa butter.
7. I love ice cream in an unnatural way. I'm actually not that big on "desserts" for example cakes and brownies and cookies (don't get me wrong I like them and all) but I actually LOVE ice cream.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drive by update

1. I am ripping/redoing Clapotis. I really like it. I really like the yarn. I screwed up the pattern one too many times to keep going though. Better rip and do it right.
2. My Sockret Pal still hasn't received socks from me because I have not freaking finished them yet. I'll be mailing a ridiculously bountiful final package (partially out of guilt.)- You will received a beautiful pair of hand knit socks from me eventually, Parisa- in the meantime enjoy the "booty."
(Just getting prepared for PiratesIII)
3. Delta is balled up in a bag somewhere...I'll try to find her one day.
4. Got a couple of crocheted hats to show you guys.
5. Knitting a log cabin blanket.
6. Matty went to Ranger school.
7. Went to Strings and Strands in Atlanta. Loved it- I got some really cool stuff there too.
8. I love Atlanta
9. I got a RETAIL job at Ulta- the fact that it is part- time and at Ulta makes it all better. I actually really like it and am being paid significantly more than I ever thought I would according to Georgia standards for part time non- office work.
10. I went ahead decided to start studying to get certified as a personal trainer thru NASM. Of course I've fallen off the workout and healthful eating wagon just in time to compliment my new commitment.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Originally uploaded by neeneepet
Awwwww, shucks. I just got a Flickr and I can post a blog from it, watchouttherenow!
BTW, I'm still here. I just got a job and have been working and trying to get in my Matty time before he went Ranger school. More to come. We went to Atlanta and saw a game and visited a yarn store.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The weekend before the extravaganza…

Matty and I went to Providence Canyon here in the good ol durty. It was nice. I really enjoyed hiking thru the woods. It was also funny to watch the educational video before we hiked. It pretty much revealed that scientist really have no idea how the canyons were really formed; just a hodgepodge of theories; some downright laugh out loud hilarious. Nevertheless, it was beautiful out there.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Namaste bag

I started another project after my last “Woe is the World-I just want to quit” entry. It’s the Knitty cabled yoga bag, Namaste.

I’ve actually been practicing yoga pretty regularly and figured knitting this project would be motivation for me to stick with it. I was right. I have been gettin’ my Vinyasa on like a champ and I love it. I really want to finish this project up so I can use my bag and buy a cute matching/coordinating mat. Right now the mat I’m using is like 4 years old and primary crayon blue.
Here you can see where I’ve knit half a skein of Manos- I realized that I wasn't going to make it with just two at this point....

(doesn’t it kinda remind ya of granny panties? lol)

I had the skeins of the Manos del Uruguay in my stash for a few years actually so I ordered two more (nope, it's true- I don’t care that the dye lots are COMPLETELY different) and have been kind of die hard knitting. I wanted to use the wool as oppose to the suggested cotton- I just like wool so I went for it even though I had cotton in my stash too. This is the project I took to West Palm Beach and Orlando. It got some knitting time on the flights going there but even though I was delayed about 800 MILLION hours on the way back I just didn’t feel like working on the bag. I kinda burnt myself out knitting it for it bit I think. This is where I am now.

I hope to finish it soon actually- now that I’ve got my hats to break up the monotony.

PS- If I’d known cables were so totally awesome and easy I would have done them a long time ago. Long live cables!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Now we return to our regularly scheduled...

Let’s start from the beginning of when I first fell off the Earth. (Speaking of Earth- anybody else been watching the Planet Earth series on Discovery besides me. I LOVE it. I think it is amazing. I only wish it were more in depth and that there was more)
Anyway, I think the last thing I was saying had to do with being dissatisfied with everything I was doing. Well obviously, I’ve moved on from that. I bought this book,
and promptly whipped up this hat about 1 ½ hours later.
I was so excited I didn’t even weave in the ends as you can see.
I’ve started another two but then went to West Palm Beach and Orlando for a wedding/graduation extravaganza so I haven’t picked them back up since.