Monday, October 02, 2006

We’re Doing Categories Today Folks

Thank you so much to every person who sent me emails and messages wishing me a Happy Birthday; it truly did brighten my day!
It started out very tough. Mateo and I made the mistake of laying in bed and cuddling in the morning before he left. It just made us both dwell on him leaving and be kinda sad. Note for the future is to get up and get out.
However, I ended up going shopping and out to dinner again to my favorite place with a good friend of mine. What a Godsend because I could have seen myself moping around for the whole day. On Friday night before my birthday I went out to dinner with my bro, his girlfriend, my BIL & his girlfriend, Jere (my friend) and the in-laws to Pauli Moto’s, this cute Asian Bistro; if you've ever watched Iron Chef it is owned by Chef Morimoto. It was really delicious. I had lettuce wraps and chicken breast, and veggies. :-)
Diet & Exercise:
I saw Dave today and my stats were alright. My bodyfat is down 3% which is good but I'm still a long ways away from where I need to be. Hopefully this won’t take me forever to get over emotionally. I asked Dave to be straight up with me; “At the rate my body is changing do you believe I’ll be ready for the show in 7 weeks? Should I spend the cash on ordering my suits?”
He said that a lot of change can happen in 7 weeks so don’t stress myself out.
Nevertheless, I am proud of myself. I’ve really stuck to this and committed to being hardcore in the gym. I see little changes in my body or how my clothes are fitting every week, I would even say daily.
My morning runs have been invigorating and have become a very important part of my life. I’ve found that it has become a really awesome time of prayer for me. It all started with me praying, “Lord, help me! I don’t know if I'ma make it back!” or “Lord, please protect me, you know you hear about those women being pulled into the woods all the time,” to me praying for my friends, family, my hubby, change in myself, change in my community, etc etc. It’s just such a good time. BTW, I’m taking prayer request if you have any….
Knitting :
Finally finished the freaking MIL socks! I’m happy with my first pair of hand knitted socks; let’s hope that my mother in law really appreciates and likes the gift. I mean sentimentally she will have the FIRST pair of hand knitted socks I ever made, that’s special…it’s like the macaroni necklace you keep from your kids when they’re little even though you know it’s butt ugly (well my socks r cute of course but y’all know what I mean).
I started knitting the first Neka bag. I decided I could knit the middle sized bag out of wool and felt them instead of using cotton. This is Manos Del Uruguay 100% wool. I picked this yarn out when I first started knitting when I knew absolutely nothing about yarn quality, gauge, animals, etc. I just really liked the colors and the texture- now that I know what it is I’m feeling like I might naturally have really good taste. Lol. This should be really cool right? We’ll see.
So, to sum it up here’s what’s on my needles as of today
1. Entreloc scarf
2. 2nd pair of mary janes
3. 1st Neka bag
4. 1 of 12 more dishcloths (4 sets of 3)

NOTE: MIL socks and Manos pics won't upload right now:-(

Heart Matters:
It’s so weird being in an empty house and it’s weird sleeping alone- though I must admit it feels great to sprawl out over the whole entire mattress (when I can actually sleep) and use both good pillows :-)!
We have the most awesome bed, mattresses, pillows, and comforter set. We (I) took great care in picking out the bedroom accessories and to my hubby’s benefit did a great job. We are always either racing to bed to either grab our favorites before the other can or we wrestle each other and just give each other a hard time over mattress territory. It’s just one of our silly ways I guess. I really miss him...Anyway, I’ve got it all to myself now! Unfortunately, I’d much rather still be wrestling with him for my territory; I’m even going to miss waking up in the middle of the night and snatching the covers back over to my side of the bed….let freedom ring; I know personally that we couldn’t have a better man defending our rights :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Nina... Hope all is going well for you and that you're continuing to manage. I've found a lot of helpful information on your blog and am hopefully putting together a fun package for you to go out soon. I've got a few more things to collect first, but I'm on it!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, this was from your tea swap fairy. :)

knitting pinki said...

Oh man, missed it. Happy Belated Bday. And many mooooooooooooore :)

Ninabeena said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yay! my teaswapper. I'm even more excited now! Cool.

Necia said...

Hey Nina,

I think you should go ahead and order your suits. With a little tweaking and change, prolly in diet, or eating habits, you can shock your body again, and cut even more body fat. And, even if you don't, shows are such adrenaline rushes (so I've heard), and you will learn a ton of valuable information. So I say go for it. I'm rooting for you.


Matty said...

can I say, "I love you so much, and the pillows will always belong to the champ!"