Monday, September 24, 2007

Pump up the Jam

So here is one of my first post from my newly "pumped" up site. :-) I've been having even more of a good time than usual since Matty has gotten home. Guess that's a big duh anyway right. Well last Wednesday I made it to see the Yarn Harlot at Knitch in Atlanta. Here's a picture I took of her taking a picture of all 500+ of us. It was really cool and she was hilarious. The chick is practically a stand up comedian- her timing is flawless. These are pictures of the incredible line I waited in to get Ms. McPhee to sign my books. Notice how I have the elevated angle- it's because I was at the end of the line upstairs where I was stuck behind this one chick who complained about a group who cut in line the WHOLE time we waited. She even went as far as to warn how theirs would be coming on judgment day. Oh how I wish I would have snapped one of her on the DL now. Anyway, it was worth it in the end. Stephanie put some mojo on my pathetic sock knitting skills; don't mind how extremely huge my arm looks- I hear the camera adds 15 pounds
I had a blast. I knit another block and a half of color on the log cabin baby blanket. It was just so cool to meet all the other knitters there and see what they were working on and what they had already made. It was like we were all already friends- pretty cool.


Jeremiah said...

Oh what? I was just in Atlanta this weekend to see Jesse play. And embarrassingly, the thought never even crossed my mind to call you guys. Glad to see you back on the grind.

katey said...

See? And I just know that I was part of that group she was complaining about. We were with my 8 mos pregnant friend.

And that lady's evil twin was downstairs making people cry.

Anyhow, I wish that I had met you, you're pretty darned funny yourself.

Oh, and if that's all I have to answer for on judgement day, I'd say I'm doing pretty good, right?

anna said...

i am mad about homegirl complaining about judgment day while waiting in line!!!

you look good girl, arms and all! :-D

i wish i would've seen the harlot in seattle, man!

what's this about a log cabin blanket?! pictures, pictures!!!!