Monday, November 08, 2010

Let's pretend

Let's pretend like I never left and haven't be completely absent from my little blog space for over a year. Pretending.....time......NOW!
So we move back to Georgia in February some time. I guess I will have to make it my business to post up any trips and travel we do between now and then. It has been a blast living here and I don't want to leave. Straight up. Period. Don't wanna go.
Guess I gotta move onto the next chapter of my life. Nevertheless these last few months will certainly be a blow out of events. Funny everyone is visiting us now that the sand is about to run out on the hour glass here. By the time it's all said and done we will have had about two months of guests staying here! It's been a blast. I'm so glad everyone has/is coming. It's been nice being able to share a little smidgen of my life with everyone. My sister and her boys are here now and there is a series of wonderfulness going on between my son and her boys being together, her LOVING Italy, and getting to hear the boys perspective on everything they see and learn.
Anyway, I see that I said so last year but for to ya soon, I'm back on the blogging tip and I'm about to come with a vengeance.

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