Monday, March 27, 2006

It has been over a month since I last posted and even now I don't have any pics :-(
At least at this point I have some things to catch you all up on. It has been a very busy time for me. My hubby's grandfather passed away and it was a whirlwind tour to go down to Georgia for the funeral. I pretty much binged the whole week afterward even though I wasn't particularly close to Pop- didn't gain any weight though (and it actually wasn't bad I just didn't stick to my diet and ate what normal people eat but I felt like I was binging b/c every time I ate anything I was freaking out on the inside "how many calories?how much fat? i am going to gain weight? is this really just one serving" you know that kind of freaking out every time I put anything in my mouth that I knew I wasn't suppose to eat.)
So then I decided to go see a nutritionist to help me lose the remaining weight and he has given me a pretty hardcore exercise program as well. I spend a lot of time buying and preparing food (it's pretty much a bodybuilding program and diet).
Hawaii vacation is underway. We sent the check for the last payment for the house we're staying in. Can't wait for that to be here already.
Matty and I are feeling anxiety over the many changes that will be coming our way soon. We've been trying to figure out what would be the best decisions to make given conjured up circumstances b/c we don't actually have anything concrete to go on. We are both pretty bummed to be leaving our home and our many family and the fam. We have had many discussions on how this needs to be the blow out summer for us....freakin' military.
I got my hair done in this really cute layered style. Matty LOVES it so I'll keep it for a little while. I'll see if he'll take some pics tonight so I can post them up for all to see.
I traveled 11 hours each way to Georgia with a bag full of stuff to knit including my sweater but get this I FORGOT MY NEEDLES!!! The tripped sucked so bad after that but I did pick up some new kicks at the Nike outlet on the way back home so I guess it all evened out.:-) Nevertheless, I haven't gotten very much further on my sweater. The sleeves are almost done, I just need to start the shaping and then I need to go back and do the 2 front panels. Unfortunately I am very tired of this project so tonight I decided to cast something else onto my needles to cut myself a break. I really hope that I am faithful in getting back to showing you pics of everything tonight. There's still a million more things to tell but I'm at work and this has gone on long enough..


Matty said...

I do love the hair!!!

Black Purl said...

YEA!!! FINALLY....we hear from fit was good seeing you!!! Can't wait until May!!! I love the hair as well!