Saturday, February 25, 2006

One for the road

Unfortunately for all of you who have fallen in love with my sweet little dog. He won't be making anymore appearances at the Bailey house hold. He's a gonner.
I came home Friday from my lunch break to find that he had ripped up the whole front hallway of carpet. He not only pulled the carpet up but he mangled it and ripped it in two. This was pretty much the last straw. I think you all recall two weekends ago when he ate the remote control which resulted in another over $200 vet expense, the week before that he pulled up and mangled our vinyl and knawed down our lovely front entrance table.
I mean, dude... I've been patient, I've been understanding- even after he ate the vinyl but the carpet was over the edge. It's been almost 2 years of damaged property and replacement, paying for his little issues at the vet and "bowel accidents" after he's destroyed something. I just can't take it anymore! He's going to go live with the least we'll still be able to visit him.


Lara said...

Oh dear.

Some dogs just aren't fit for houses I guess. :(

Hope the parting goes smoothly for all involved.

Prof. Knitwit said...

It sounds like you've put up with a lot from that dog! I guess that's why I have cats - they tend to be a lot less work!!!