Thursday, November 08, 2007

TV Time spent doing?

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A quick blog from Flickr today. I happen to be on Ravelry and came across this scarf pattern- it was posted by Crazy Aunt Purl and I thought to myself, "Self, you've definitely got the yarn to make that scarf real quick." And quick it has been. What you see here is the result of about 2.5 hours of TV.
The yarn I'm using is OnLine Linie60: TONDO. It's bulky and 100% wool, it's pretty luscious to knit with actually. Feels great. I have plans for a whole bunch of little projects- like I usually do for this time of year. We'll see what gets done. I started and screwed of the heal to one of my socks. I'm ripping and redoing...AGAIN. Freaking socks

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anna said...

oh, now that's a cuuutte scarf! i'm loving how it turned out. can't wait to see the mini-christmas gifts that you come up with!!!