Monday, November 12, 2007

MmmmDada Mmmmdada

A few weeks ago my BIL (Weety), my friend Michelle, myself and Matty went to a food festival (Taste of Atlanta). We had a freakin' blast and ate so much food it was ridiculous. I kinda want to do this every "summer-fall"now. They have these festival of restaurants all over America.
There's Weet stuffing his face.
Michelle caught red handed.
Aside from the incredible food there was music (DJ's) in the streets and also street performers. Of course my favorites were the breakers. There were some incredible break-dancers there. No chicks but it's all good.

All that breakin' took me back to my special K Electric Boogaloo days. I was going to marry Ozone or maybe that youngin' Turbo if he'd have me -I was a sucker for a gherri curl and cut off net shirt and you know I was poppin' and lockin' with the best of them in my Michael Jackson Beat It jacket. :-)


anna said...

that food looks good! i haven't gone to the bit of seattle for a hot minute just cause it gets so darn crowded! loving all the break dancers. it's good to see it making a resurgence here and there. :-D

Jessica K. said...

Ha! I liked reading this-- I taught dance in NC for a few years and when we did our breakdance unit, I started by showing them Breakin' (I think that's what it's called, but definitely the movie with Turbo and Ozone). Unfortunately, these 14 and 15 year old kids just did not like the extreme 80's style in the movie (despite the current fashion trends of updated 80's; guess this was just too authentic). And they laughed the entire time. Suckers. At least I had fun!