Saturday, May 24, 2008

Been Writing.

Yes, it is ridiculous right now. Don't even ask me what I've been away so long doing. I have no idea- the time has been occupied somehow. So sad. I go to Cali in four days too. I wonder how many posts I can get in from here til there to feel better about myself- lol. I have been writing a lot lately; just not on this blog. I have not been knitting or crocheting so much. I stare at my beautiful yarn almost everyday and think of the stuff i could knit but i don't. I think i got a little burnt out so I've been burning myself out writing poetry, "short" stories (50 pages so far) and lots of journal entries/devotions and blog entries on
I have no idea why I have so much to talk about. I am not working, been only just a tiny bit social, doing only a handful of stuff most days but I am full of words apparently. I haven't even been watching movies like I usually do (though I do have some backlogged reviews that I need to post on here).
What's funny is that I'm not one of those chicks that always has something to say...out loud...verbally. I don't always want my voice to be heard and I'm not always the one shouting out my unwarranted opinion to people. I'm pretty good at keeping things to myself but wow, I realized (I guess I knew it before too) that on the inside my thoughts are constant they are overwhelming. I feel everything and anything provokes or inspires my.....words.
And it's not like I have an extensive vocabulary. I like to look them (words) up in the dictionary but I couldn't really tell how much of a variety of words I truly remember to use--somehow the ones I do use come out in different combinations and life is ok. I guess using the same words repeatedly make things sound like me. Those special times when I can remember that new snazzy word I looked up a day ago I feel like "oh, no don't hurt it with the flava girl..." I'll read my special combination of new worlds real proud like.
I've written so many words and I feel fulfilled but hungry to write more at the same time. I write them any kind of way, avoiding most set rules yet with my own special set of regulations and pet peeves to avoid. I listen to other peoples words and wonder how they would sound in my own story. I've written words I'd be embarrassed for others to see while being vulnerable to maybe the only person who truly knows inside of me. Freaking words....
Anyway, movie posts later today or tomorrow other stuff to follow...holleration.

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Virtuous said...

It is sooooooooooo good to hear from you Nina!

Would love to read some of your work. Keep writing gurl!

And I am sure you will pick up the sticks/hooks when you are ready again.

Glad all is well!