Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lessons from Mama

I've been on Ravelry a lot lately and I must say that somehow it is motivating me to get my projects done. It may be a couple of things egging me on.

First off I've queued almost 150 projects that I want to knit.

Second, I have the yarn in my stash for several of the projects that I've queued.

Third, I have the book or pattern or pdf for a lot of the patterns I have in my queue with awaiting yarn.

Fourth, with all the other ridiculous stats I see since I've been on Rav. I've only got 16 projects done….and not all of them are DONE. I have a couple hibernating. I have a couple still in progress. That reminds me. The hat isn't done. I ran out of yarn-i have some more in my stash but it's currently in storage waiting for shipment. I'll finish the brim when I can get to my stash but that will only take a minute.

Also, Joy is enjoying her Special K's.

Ok, so anyway, ultimately, the stats don't lie and when I log on and see how out of proportion things are it kinda checks me. I may be itching to cast on a new project but I won't let myself until I see at least one of those WIP's are done first. I might want to buy some more yarn but not until I bust some stash first because honestly, this is ridiculous. (At this point there will be no new yarn buying unless I'm vacation). I don't want to be a SABLE chick. I want to have a small stash. Right now I feel so wasteful. When I was young my mother would say, "There are children in Africa that would kill for…." insert whatever you like in that space- food, toys, clothes. I know ya'll have been there before, sitting at the dinner table for hours pushing around food that you don't like wishing you could reach the Kool-Aid drink that has been sat in the middle of the table out of reach so you don't fill up on drink and not eat.

Wow, sorry forgive me, flashbacks. I digress-- what I’m trying to say is my mom was right. I need to appreciate what I have and not be wasteful. I’m sure there are knitters in Africa who would kill to have my stash—right? (Puh-leez, lets face it, there’s knitters in a America that would stomp a foot in my… ) Anyway, I’m going to use up a large part of this stash---I will! I can!

You guys and Ravelry will help me right.

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Dani in NC said...

I can relate. I don't have a big stash; I call my yarn collection a stashette. Still, I don't even get turned on by yarn right now because I know that I have stuff that I have used yet. For me, it is the equivalent of grocery shopping right after a big dinner :-).

Ravelry is good for encouraging me ot do some knitting. I saw some of the stuff that you queued and it made me want to finish the newborn socks I have on the needles!