Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special K's done

I can tell you right now, the second legwarmer looks tons better than the first legwarmer. I think it has to do with confidence. I spent much of the 1st legwarmer figuring out the pattern, wondering about the gauge, trying it on constantly…the 2nd one? The second one I just cast on and knit and got it done. All the stitches are a lot neater, it took me less time and I barely tried it on at.
So anyway, I’m not ripping legwarmer number one out so, here they go. Of course I haven’t blocked them yet. These were extra quick to knit so that was cool.
I had planned on making myself some in brown using the same pattern but the other day when I was looking at records at the salvation army I ran across this:
Those legwarmers are hot! Jane even had the hole cut out on the heel. Looks like 1x1 rib for like two inches on either side and then all stockinette. I wonder if I could figure out how to do magic loop for these. Hmmmmm.
You know, I was wondering how effective stash busting really is if you have to buy additional yarn in order to bust the yarn in your stash? This seems to happen to me often actually. I have the brown wool I wanted to knit the original legwarmers out of but I don’t have any mohair/fuzzy yarn and I want my warmers to be a little hazy. And if I decide to knit the Jane Fonda legwarmers I’m going to need a lot more yarn. Dilemma.
Even still, legwarmers aside, sometimes I have to buy an extra skein or some more complimentary yarn when it comes to using yarn in my stash and I can’t help but to chuckle at the irony of buying more yarn to have less yarn.
Anyway, I will cast on for my pair soon but first I want to finish this…

It’s Mellow Moods from the 1st Get Your Crochet On! Crochet is so freaking quick.


Virtuous said...

Look at you pulling out the needles and hooks! :o)

urbanknitrix said...

I am so knitting a pair. My daughter and I was just talking about finding a great pattern. Thanks for the inspiration.