Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick update & Movies

 * Haven't forgotten my blog, been busy as usual. We're leaving Italy soon. There's a lot to do w preparing to move back to the states including having last hoorah's with friends.
* On the knitting tip again finally. Stockinetting my heart out with Lion Brands Curtain Call Shrug. Using Paton's Decor in Grey.

Recently watched Greenberg, which was as quirky as the previews look. Sometimes I feel like it was trying or that the movie was just running parallel to views and jokes I’ve seen Ben Stiller make in real life. It also drug on painfully in spots
Watched Social Network and liked it.
Watched Inception and thought it was better than the Matrix ever was. Loved it.
Saw Takers. Not as bad as I would have judged. Had some quality to it though it was very typical heist style movie. Even though I like rap and hip hop, I expect very little from rapper produced movies. This one quality wise esp. was a step in the right direction.
Saw Easy A, was one of those feel good teen romcommer’s that was actually cute. It was on par w my like for Mean Girls. Emma Stone had me feeling like she was the new Lindsay basically. Albeit, the anti-crack/stupidity version.
Thought the American drug on unnecessarily, though Clooney was looking Fine (note w capital F).
Holy vulgar guilty pleasure, Machete. Did you really pull a cell phone out of there stripper outfits and naughty nurses? What am I watching?
Cried my face off watching Hachi, deep sobing ugly cry and I’m just not that kind of girl.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Loved.

Seen a ton of things but I pulled these off the top of my head. Gotta dress the boy and myself. ttyl

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Nik said...

You made me look at the curtain call shrug. Now, i want one.