Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another List- 7 Random Things

1. I like the dictionary. I like it so much I've thought about carrying around a mini version in my purse because it's so handy to be able to look up the specific definition and origin of a word. It's also interesting to look up the definition to words that are used frequently; it's incredible how many words are actually used out of proper context.
2. I think about a trillion things I could blog about all the time and would actually love to present my posts in an intriguing/clever way (like so many of the other cool bloggers online do- how do their brains work that creatively?) but I always end up just slapping the words down and never saying or including any of the cool things that are really happening in my life.
Sorry guys- I'm actually so much cooler than this- LOL
3. Its become hard for me to cry about things that really matter to me. I've been known to cry over the Campbell's soup commercial where the little girl in the new foster home confesses that her mother used to make her tomato soup or if I think I've really hurt someones feelings unintentionally but won't allow myself to shed a tear if Matty or a close friend or family member really upsets or hurts me. In situations that really matter my emotions are turned completely OFF- cold as ice. I used to not be this way.
4. I'm not particularly into sports (aside from Boxing-it's my favorite) but I LOVE watching PTI on ESPN.
5. Though I tend to lean toward teals and blues a lot I actually don't have a favorite color. I pretty much like-love them all and I dress according to mood and season as to what colors I wear. This summer yellow is in and I've bought several yellow accent pieces. (bright and punchy and pastel yellows) I'm also wearing alot of navy from last season because I bought all my clothes a size smaller last year and couldn't fit them- I can fit them this year and I'm wearing those navy shirts with my cute navy shoes whether it's in or not.
6. I love my skin. I love that I can wear any color I want and not get "washed out". I love that I don't have to tan. I love how soft it is too thanks to the stock I currently own in baby oil and cocoa butter.
7. I love ice cream in an unnatural way. I'm actually not that big on "desserts" for example cakes and brownies and cookies (don't get me wrong I like them and all) but I actually LOVE ice cream.


Kristin said...

Well I was going to Tag you, but you already listed 7 things. LOL Hmmph. Oh well, you're tagged anyway. :)

Knatty Knitter said...

hi Nina,

how are you? parisa here, just wanted to say hi and hope your well. thanks so much for the shout out in the last post, you are too kind. looking forward to the 'booty'. let me know when it should be arriving.

love and knits,