Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drive by update

1. I am ripping/redoing Clapotis. I really like it. I really like the yarn. I screwed up the pattern one too many times to keep going though. Better rip and do it right.
2. My Sockret Pal still hasn't received socks from me because I have not freaking finished them yet. I'll be mailing a ridiculously bountiful final package (partially out of guilt.)- You will received a beautiful pair of hand knit socks from me eventually, Parisa- in the meantime enjoy the "booty."
(Just getting prepared for PiratesIII)
3. Delta is balled up in a bag somewhere...I'll try to find her one day.
4. Got a couple of crocheted hats to show you guys.
5. Knitting a log cabin blanket.
6. Matty went to Ranger school.
7. Went to Strings and Strands in Atlanta. Loved it- I got some really cool stuff there too.
8. I love Atlanta
9. I got a RETAIL job at Ulta- the fact that it is part- time and at Ulta makes it all better. I actually really like it and am being paid significantly more than I ever thought I would according to Georgia standards for part time non- office work.
10. I went ahead decided to start studying to get certified as a personal trainer thru NASM. Of course I've fallen off the workout and healthful eating wagon just in time to compliment my new commitment.

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