Monday, May 14, 2007

Namaste bag

I started another project after my last “Woe is the World-I just want to quit” entry. It’s the Knitty cabled yoga bag, Namaste.

I’ve actually been practicing yoga pretty regularly and figured knitting this project would be motivation for me to stick with it. I was right. I have been gettin’ my Vinyasa on like a champ and I love it. I really want to finish this project up so I can use my bag and buy a cute matching/coordinating mat. Right now the mat I’m using is like 4 years old and primary crayon blue.
Here you can see where I’ve knit half a skein of Manos- I realized that I wasn't going to make it with just two at this point....

(doesn’t it kinda remind ya of granny panties? lol)

I had the skeins of the Manos del Uruguay in my stash for a few years actually so I ordered two more (nope, it's true- I don’t care that the dye lots are COMPLETELY different) and have been kind of die hard knitting. I wanted to use the wool as oppose to the suggested cotton- I just like wool so I went for it even though I had cotton in my stash too. This is the project I took to West Palm Beach and Orlando. It got some knitting time on the flights going there but even though I was delayed about 800 MILLION hours on the way back I just didn’t feel like working on the bag. I kinda burnt myself out knitting it for it bit I think. This is where I am now.

I hope to finish it soon actually- now that I’ve got my hats to break up the monotony.

PS- If I’d known cables were so totally awesome and easy I would have done them a long time ago. Long live cables!

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Christie said...

Cables are easy! Now that you know how wonderful it is, find a tutorial on cabling without a needles and you'll go even faster!

Check it out: