Monday, October 29, 2007

After the party there's the after party...

After comedy night of course there was more Atlanta fun to be had. We went to the Aquarium, which was freaking awesome.

I had never been to an aquarium at all and always wanted to go to the one in Baltimore (definitely will make time to do it next time I'm in VA). Anyhoo, here are just a couple of the awesome things we saw there. Note that the shark with the chainsaw nose was a hard picture to capture because of the shear size of the fellow so, lucky. Lucky would be the word I'd used for the final capture for the whacked out shot of Mr. Pristiophoridae.
In other news I guess figuratively speaking today could be the tomorrow I spoke of about a week or so ago. I do tend to use very symbolic language at times....with no further ado here are two of the crummiest sock progress pictures one could possibly shoot.

The pink Lorna's laces is going to be all stockinette with just an inch or so of ribbing at the top and the purple/blue Tofutsie's has a 2x2 rib pattern along the front and soon to be the leg of the sock- I'm really pleased with how that one is turning out :-). I start to turn the heel on the pink one tomorrow. Ya'll say a prayer- haha- no seriously ya'll get in the prayer circle and plead the blood over these ones because I feel like it's Groundhogs Day over here. I'm just continuously knitting the same sock over and over again day after day. This time I am referring to a heel pattern that is not short rows (Interweave Knits, Summer 'O7)so we'll see how it goes.

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anna said...

i've always wanted to check out an aquarium too! cute photos in there!!!

those socks should turn out fine. it took me a hot minute to make socks that fit me right and looked right to me. keep at it! ;-D love the pink lorna's laces to bits!!!