Thursday, October 04, 2007


I've got so much to tell you guys. I'm behind- what's new? I think I've mentioned before that since Matty has been home we've been DOing WORK (anybody watch Rob & Big) right? The weekend after my Yarn Harlot trip we went back to Atlanta to see the Brave's last home game. They spanked the Brewers at the end and gave the crowd what they came to mind you there's no post season for Atlanta right now but they DID WORK when we were there.

Matty got all the good pictures and he hasn't uploaded them yet so you can't see the close up of my Atlanta Braves eye guards or me chopping it up with my classic tomahawk. He got one of Andruw Jones sliding onto first and yes we were so close we could see the sweat dripping:-) It's funny whenever players slide I always think "Dirt in the skirt, Mae. Dirt in the skirt." ...I love that movie. Actually if we're talking about doing work, Andruw DID WORK that day in the outfield a couple times.
We've been doing work watching more and going to the movies. Here's a little of what we've seen lately:

45. The Brave One- It was good because Terrence Howard and Jodie Foster are just good in my opinion. The storyline was a good one that I hadn't seen and wasn't expecting ( I mean not wholely- I did see the previews and knew what it was about but...u know). I wasn't expecting how it ended and I definitely came in thinking that Jodie was just taking back the streets "a little". Old Jodie was DOIN' WORK for sure. I will say that in parts it was very slow and while I did get over the slow parts I wasn't on the Bill's Movie Review overlook it tip.
46. Old School- I hadn't ever seen this before and thought it was pretty funny. Of course Matty got it in from Netflix b/c it was WAAAAAYYY down on my roster. We've both been have sporadic "blackouts" of brilliance.
47. Yellow- This was an independent little project by Rosalyn Sanchez and I have to admit I liked it but there were some points were I cringed at the script or the acting. Nevertheless, I found the story interesting...provocative as the professional reviewers like to say. I loved how Hispanic culture and poetry and dance were all infused into a relatively deep storyline. DO WORK Rosalyn b/c I saw your name all over the credits.
48. Breach-This movie was intriguing and don't laugh but I had no idea it was based on the true story. Chris Cooper was crazy in an ingenius way. He played the role flawlessly; I kept turning to Matty saying OMG this guy is crazy. I was on the edge knowing everyone's cover was blown in every scene. I've got a love/hate with these type of movies.
49.Knocked up-This movie was very entertaining. The language was over the top a lot yet still I was cracking up through so much of this movie. Also, I now understand what everyone warns about as the TMI scene at the end when Katherine Heigl is in labor. lol
50.Disturbia-I really enjoyed this movie too. I'm telling you little LaBeouf is a really convincing little actor. It is so surprising. I will say that I did chuckle to myself how the whole family and friends just get back to happy go lucky living after what would be tragic events to real people.
I've got some good ones in the line up. If you want something more serious I say go with Breach but I'm picking Disturbia...yes even over the Brave One; simply b/c it was slow in many parts. Pick of the week:

In other news. I ripped out both socks I've been working on for forever and started fresh for the one zillionth time. I'm feeling really positive about these. Could it be b/c of the Harlots mojo? It's probably due to me finding what looks like a easy pattern in an issue of Interweave Knits. I'll post some pictures soon.