Thursday, January 03, 2008

Can't keep going on this way.

Ok seriously, I have done so much and been so many places and so much has changed it's stupid. Right now as I type I'm in New Mexico visiting family. It's bittersweet. I'm having a blast but I had to say goodbye and see Matty off to Italy (eventually Afghanistan). It was truly remarkably hard. Harder than I ever anticipated.
This past year was a really really rough year for me. I gained almost all the weight I lost back and I know a lot of it was because I was so out of place in life this past year. Once I'm back from gallivanting I'm back to being a fit chick. I feel like an alien right now. It's ridiculous. Furthermore , I feel like I've gotta crap or get off the pot with this blog. Half the stuff I knit doesn't make it up here and the other half i never finish. Also, there is so much interesting or fun or whatever type of stuff in my life that should make it up here and doesn't. So here's my solution- i continue to only have 3 or 4 crummy type post in a whole month then the site comes down. I'm giving myself about 4 months to sharpen up. You would think life would be easier for me now...I got a laptop for Christmas! Let's see if I can do work.


Jeremiah said...

I've always been a spurt blogger. I'll be hot on it for a few weeks maybe, then not write anything for months sometimes.

I've tried several other methods/formats, but nothing i've found is perfect: easy to write/post any kind of content however i want. Tumblr came close, but misses a few things.

Blogging ain't everything. The lack of posts come when i have other things going on in my life. I'd bet that those things were always more important.

Jeremiah said...

Woops, that second link was supposed to be:

Christie said...

It's understandable to lose the blogging momentum. I hope that 2008 helps you clear your plate and find the focus and drive you're looking for.

Ninabeena said...

I appreciate your comments. I just get so frustrated because there is tons to share. I just don't even when I've had a minute to do it. Then when I do I feel like I'm not putting the effort in. I see other people with there MADDD blogging skills and I'm like dude. I so want to step up my blogging game! :-) Hopefully it will be great in 08

matty said...

i like u bloggin again, it will be something that i will always look forward to reading

Anonymous said...

i know how ya feel about blogging. it's difficult to get the right mix of personality, projects, wit, etc. blogging shouldn't feel like a chore either, be sure to have fun with it!!! i'm just glad to see you blogging again.

i know saying good-bye to matty must've been tough. i said good-bye to my sorta boyfriend while i was in san diego before he got shipped off to guam back in november. for two years. you're definitely not alone!!! *hugs*