Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I don't mind using Lion Brand yarn and other less than...natural yarns-really. I mean I'll probably be buying some of that sugar n cream cotton soon. And as a matter of fact I think every project I've posted up here thus far(except for the socks and maryjanes) has been Lion Brand yarn. I'll be keeping my far share of ghetto yarn. Shoot, I am not ashamed...DON'T JUDGE ME!!!
Nevertheless, I am getting rid of a massive amount of acrylic yarn from days were I simply just did not know what was out there and available. If anyone is interested in cream, teal, red, country blue, coral homespun, baby blue, purple etc etc acrylic yarn please hit me up and I will gladly send it to you FOR FREE. If no one is interested but knows of some nice charity that I could donate this yarn to before I send it over to ACTS or throw it away please let me know. I just want it out of my hair! I will take some pics of this stuff so y'all will have a better idea of what I'm working with.