Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th. I certainly did. My office closed @ 2:00 on Friday and today is my first day back at work. Love it love it love it!
On Saturday, I got up and went four wheelin' with my hubby, BIL, and BIL's girlfriend.It was an awesome time. My honey actually taught me how to use the dirtbike and I got into 3rd gear. It was awesome. I always thought I wanted an motorcycle but now I KNOW it. I will actually be taking a motorcycle course some time this month (hubby already has a motorcycle). I can't wait really. Sunday we skipped church AGAIN :-( and snuggled. We went shopping a little later and then I relaxed during the evening while my honey visited with the fam. Monday, we cleaned for a bit but then my honey went with me to the yarn store. I also got the the most awesome bra's and underwear from Victoria's Secret. I tell you women of the world...these are the most comfortable bras I've ever owned. It's the full coverage IPEX bra. I will never go back! And the thing is, right before we went to Hawaii I had bought what I thought to be decent bras from Maidenform. I even had the twins measured to ensure accuracy ( I actually saw Oprah's bra and jean revolution and knew that I was one of the over 80% that was wearing an ill fitting bra).
I also bought one of Victoria's Secrets new sports bra's, it's called the ShockAbsorber. I. LOVE. IT. It is THE BEST sports bra I have ever owned. I am not a small chested (I'm not Pam Anderson either) woman and I can run without pain in this baby yet it is light and flexible and it doesn't cut in or leave makes; the straps are gentle (they are luxurious on the IPEX bras, BTW). It does not even have underwire in it and I do not bounce and swish all over the place in it. The sports bra cost me $40. I have never paid that much for a sports bra but ladies for this kind of comfort I would pay $100. I feel like a new woman...
I promise I will get to the acrylic yarn pics soon. Where does the time go?