Monday, August 28, 2006

Here is the "finished" product for the MaryJanes. I say "finished" because I am still lacking the little buttons to really put this baby to rest.
Anyway, there you have it. One Christmas gift down, 20 more to go. At this rate the odds aren't looking so good!
Nevertheless, I did start this project. It's my first attempt at entreloc and I am really enjoying it. I got the pattern off of It is the Danica scarf. What fun, it hasn't gotten boring yet. I am using Lion Brands Cashmere Blend yarn. It's knitting up ok. Not nearly as beautiful as the Debbie Bliss obviously but still very suitable. I'm not mad at you Lion your thing.

I've also got this little Christmas gift going as well. I don't know if it is a keeper yet honestly.The yarn is Lorna's laces; Bittersweet colorway,I think. This is my first pair of socks. I'm sure that you all recall the one start I had on a rather pathetic pair of socks with the sockatta yarn.Well, I'm at it again and I will get this down. I WILL DO THIS!!! As you can see I used my ball winder and I have a neat little couple of balls there. It's almost ridiculous how much I use that thing at this point! That was a $60 well spent. I'm working the socks from the toe up btw. I'm using these little itty bitty needles (size 1; on Pony Pearls per my sisters advice). I've actually knit and ripped these things about ten times already- my first attempts were at short row toe ups, then I cast on for a cuff down pair and didn't like the way it was looking, so then I switched back to the toe up and figured I'd do the same toe I did for the mary janes just with a starting 15 wraps (30 stitches) and work my way up to 72 (since my gauge is 8.5 per inch). I'm researching what I need to do once I reach my instep. This is all I've got so far and I'm pleased with it. I probably won't rip this out but once I get to the gusset I will be inserting a lifeline thank you very much.
I finished crocheting this little blanket (while getting my hair braided for 6 hours last Saturday; y'all know that takes forever; so I brought along my project) and amazingly I was even motivated enough to get it sent out in the mail. Isn't it cute? These pictures are before I weaved in the ends. The pattern is from Leisure Arts Sweet Baby blankets. It's called Crisscross because you crisscross all the little double crochets and make a cute little design like so>>
I used Lion Brand sports weight acrylic yarn. I used this yarn because I've had it in my stash forever (since my first nephew was born- I had originally intended to make a blanket for him out of it) and because it was cheap, and because the couple that I am sending the blanket to are hardcore vegans and do not condone any product or by product that comes from an animal. I don't know why but vegetarians and vegans are so interesting to me. I can not grasp not eating meat but I have a strange respect for non meat eaters. Maybe b/c on the inside i just can't imagine having that much self restraint or strong beliefs about not eating meat. Peoples different reasons vary from the practical to the political too and that is always interesting to hear about. Anyway, I had to really look around and make sure the "ingredients" in the yarn were ok, I guess I could have gone with cotton but I had the acrylic and it was good so I did it.


Becky said...

Those Mary Janes look REALLY cute, especially in that variegated yarn. I'm really impressed with your goal to knit another 20 Christmas presents. You got stamina, girl!

Ninabeena said...

Thanks! I love that Noro yarn. It's a good thing that a few of the gifts I'm knitting are these mary janes. They knit up in about 2 days. One if I'm not doing much else in the evening.
I also decided to knit a couple pair of socks. I've never knitted socks before! What was I thinking. I'm trying my hand at it now. The first set will go to my MIL if I can ever get them done