Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This morning me and my honey got up and ran together again. We ran 2 miles and I ran it in 23 minutes and 9 seconds. That’s a little more than 11 1/2 minutes a mile. I know for some of y’all that is chump change but to me I feel really good over it. I believe when I first started running it was almost 15 minutes for a mile.
I have to admit I’ve been worried about this competition because I’ve been on the diet for almost 4 weeks and haven’t seen much change—well actually I believe I’ve lost 10 pounds which wouldn’t be bad at all by typical standards but I am busting my tail to cut. I have 11 weeks and I’m fearing I won’t make it. I didn’t stick to my diet hard core last week either so I feel like I wasted precious time recouping mentally from the weigh in from the previous week.
Nevertheless, I’ve been getting comments on the progress that I’m making and I’m feeling more and more committed and strong each day. I am interested in what my body fat is because I do feel and look a lot leaner than before. My body is looking more slender (YAY!) and yesterday some girls at the gym mentioned how much I seem to be leaning out. That came at the perfect time because just earlier in the day I was lamenting to Tina about how if something major didn’t change with my body in September I was going to FREAK OUT!!!
Anyway don’t you know those girls' words rang in my head and pushed me further this morning when the run got a little tough for me. Good stuff....
I’m on my way!
BTW in knitting news: I sent out my ColorSwap package for August. I know- I’m cutting it extremely close huh? I had to admit there were a couple of items I almost kept for myself but I fought the selfish monster down and mailed the package. Now I’m excited to see how my partner likes it all! HURRY UP AND GET THERE ALREADY!!!!!

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Black Purl said...

Keep it up!!! I KNOW you can do it! I like the mj's they look great. Who is the baby blanket for? Cute cute cute!