Saturday, August 05, 2006

I went on vacation to Myrtle beach, South Carolina. I know some of y'all are probably saying, "didn't you just come back from Hawaii?" Yup sure did, you can never have too much vacation though.
I went to Knitting up a Storm with my sister while I was down there. We had a blast and she taught me how to do the cast on for these.
Yes that is Noro but no it is not the Noro that I pictured ages ago that my sister gifted to me. It's new Noro that I bought at Knitting up a storm along with this Noro( no Janet your eyes are not deceiving you, the stuff below is not the stuff I bought with you, I actually went back the next day and got this and the tweed that I put back when I was with you but the mary janes pictured above are from the yarn we bought together;I know really bad but true.)
So now I'm working with 6 skeins (well actually 4ish since I'm actually making the one pair of Mary Janes) of Noro wool in my stash. I love that stuff. It is so beautiful, artistic even.
The set pictured above are a Christmas gift. I think I will knit one more set for another gift and then eventually a set for me--it's really easy now that I know how to cast on for it, then again I haven't done any of the finishing but the the finishing is crochet and if I don't say so myself I'm pretty beast at crochet...anyway, I've actually bought a lot of yarn but I just haven't been showing it off. I am in the mists of consolidating my stash, getting rid of the stuff I've had since I was a little girl and organizing it all. I will try to take more pics of what I've got as the process goes on. Before I went on vacation I did order my ball winder and swift. Today for the first time. I rolled my own balls of yarn with them. I had some lovely Lorna's laces Bullfrogs and butterflies (wool/mohair blend) in my stash that I balled up. This stuff was an impulse buy long ago because I love wool and the colors were just so beautiful. I have 380 yds of it so if y'all have any suggestions feel free to tell me. I've actually been thinking of doing a blanket with this yarn as the focal point in the middle and some other yarn as borders. Don't totally know about that though so ... Do tell.
O yeah, can you believe that there is another black purl who has a biracial family and is living in California-AND she knits? What are the odds? Can we say twilight zone, well at least for my sister that is. Anyway, I have some yarn on it's way to you if you're reading. Its some cheapy stuff that I've been carrying around for ages but haven't used. I hope this helps you with your charity work. I have it packaged up and ready to mail to you this week so look for it next week. I'm sure I'll blog about when I've mailed it off.


blackpurl said...

those colors look great!

Sounds like you had a great time there!

Becky said...

Lucky you and your wonderful vacations! I think it's fab that your sister knits; I wish mine did. We have so much in common and I have fun with her, but I would have even more fun if I were able to knit with her. bicultural families! I come from one myself, and when I married I formed a multicultural family. Diversity is goooooooooood.

Ninabeena said...

My sister and I both married and have biracial families (though I don't have any children yet). I have to admit I think it is really beautiful and special. Diversity is indeed very good. :-)

Black Purl said...

Okay... I want that swift! Knitpicks? It's REALLY getting old using the back of the baby's highchair.
I cannot believe you bought more Noro....wait a minute, yes I can you LOVE that stuff. Oh yeah, I met some Army wives tonight @ a deployed spouse function....WOW thier husbands are gone for 15 months......and I am all in a tizzy over 4........

Ninabeena said...

My life is so much better since I got the ball winder and swift. It's the cheapy one but it gets the job done. Cost me 60 + at Knit Picks. I wonder if it really makes a huge difference to have a wooden swift. I love my plastic/metal just fine- it's like an umbrella, I had no idea
I do love that Noro. I couldn't help myself; plus with that sale going on there I slept on it and decided I couldn't resist. Especially since I'm going thru the process of purging my stash.
I'm glad you got a chance to talk to other women. I'm sure it helped to put things into perspective and also to provide some comfort too. You guys are all in the same boat.