Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This will be a drive by posting until I actually have time to put something proper up here but I just had to.

I had already received one awesome box of goodies from my sistah when our exchange first started as you all can remember from my post a bit ago. She sent me my very first stash of sewing material too which I hold near and dear to my heart though I've yet to make anything using my sewing machine. Then she sent me little notes in the mail that totally would make my day on those random blah days we all seem to have. Never failed, on those days my secret sistah would drop me a message or I'd get a little note in the mail. Well yesterday I was just thinking, "I wonder if I should post a message on the sistah friends site pleading for the identity of my sistah who had made my first exchange experience so fun and enjoyable."
Wouldn't you know it, I open my e-mail and there is a gift certificate to KNIT HAPPENS from none other than my secret sistah! I don't know if it's uncouth to shout out the certificate amount but let me just say "you outdid yourself sistah, Thank you so much. I really appreciate it from the bottom, center, top, left, and right of my heart. :-)" I did the happy dance at work!
I am so grateful. I've got a billion ideas of what I want to buy and wouldn't you know this weekend they are having a sale on the whole store...am I in heaven? Is this what it will be like?
Thank you, thank you again. So much.


anne said...

Wow that sounds awesome! You were an awesome secret sistah, so I am glad that you got one in return! :)

Ninabeena said...

Awww, Anne thank you so much! I was so worried you wouldn't like the package I put together for you. I mean how do you know if someone will really like what you've chosen for them? Anyway, it means so much that you liked the package and now I have two new sistahs in blogland...pretty cool setup.