Monday, September 11, 2006

Got my ColorSwap Pkg!

Look at the cute earth tone themed packaging. Of course with my love of receiving things in the mail you can only imagine my excitement to receive a package on Saturday morning. Here is what was inside:

Sock Yarn! Chocolate! Beads! Buttons! Sock Help (Lord knows I needed those) Novelty Yarn! Soft Bijou Yarn!

Could I use this for that anthropology inspired shrug? I've been wanting to knit it for some time but couldn't decide on a yarn. This may be a winner. It has little flecks of gold in it and I have a broach that will set this baby off perfect if I do make the shrug...things that make you go HMMMMMMMM..... You can see my very bountiful bag of glass beads in the background ever so slightly; I can make about a ton of stitch markers with all of those. It will give me plenty of opportunity to get better at it, I'm still chuckling at the sight and drama it took me to make my very first ones (lol sorry Anne you were my guinea pig!)

Now looka here...I know I shouldn't have this stuff in the house- I'm begging for trouble but look. Those raisinets have less fat in them and dark chocolate is actually good for us now. Surely these treats in moderation won't be the end of me! Abigail you've spoiled me girl. That dark chocolate was the best I've ever tasted (promise I only had a tiny bit)
Thank you so much Abigail. It was a blast colorswapping with you. August went by so quick but surely we'll be seeing each other around the blogosphere and of course we'll keep in touch! Thanks for all the wonderful treats!


Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I'm so glad that my little package pleased you:D

The sock yarn knits up so nice and the socks became softer after each wash. I used the same yarn.. here's the link to see the lovley gals.

Ninabeena said...

Thanks. I checked out your link, nice socks! I can't wait to make myself a pair now

Kristin said...

Yarn and chocolate.. is there anything better? Well, you know, besides alpaca. Nice haul there. Have fun!