Thursday, September 07, 2006

O Happy Day...

Oh happy daaaa-e-yay....when Jesus washed
(choir sings softly) ....when Jesus waaaaashed
He washed my sins away
I'm talkin' 'bout a happy day!

.....What? Have you never seen Sister Act?

It does seem that whenever I'm in a good mood or something good happens I end up busting out in song.

Today, I got at the very least a pound of alpaca in the mail from Kristin. I won a little contest she was having over at her blog last week. Now mind you I don't have a wheel or any of that jazz but I do have a drop spindle that I have been "GETTIN' IT" on whenever I have the chance. It will take me many moons to work a whole pound of soft luxurious alpaca out on the spindle but ask me if I care....
See, see my alpaca?
I've never known a love like this. It is sooooooooooo soft.
Iono, I might just have to take a spinning lesson or two. O, and it's smells REALLY good- really good. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you Kristin. You have given me a happy day; especially after interval cardio training and pop squats! :-(


Kristin said...

Yay! Glad it got there safe n sound. Have lots of fun with it! I'll be watching your blog for pics of it spun up!
Oh.. ps.. that's Philosophy's Grace perfume you smell. I love the delicate scent.. it's great on animal fibers for neutralizing any barnyard scents that might be lingering around. ;)

anne said...

mmmm...alpaca...if my kitties didn't also love it, i'd consider making my whole bed alpaca...

Ninabeena said...

I was wondering about the scent I was expecting something more obscene but when I opened up the bag I was pleasantly surprised!
Thanks again.
A whole bed of alpaca is something to think about- maybe you should make ur kittens their own alpaca beds! That's love!