Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movies 18 thru 21

18. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- I feel like I missed some stuff in this movie and need to watch it again and I would too if the movie wasn't Soooooo. Freaking. Long. I mean seriously it's a great movie but it goes on for so long you do get tired of watching. Me and the BIL debated whether it was worth it to go on I mean we know that Jesse is assassinated already! Lol. In hind sight it is worth watching.

19. Cronicas- (foreign w/ subtitles) OMG this was a good movie. Let me just say that John Leguizimos was amazing in this movie and Damian Alcazar, the guy that plays the imprisoned Bible salesman, is so freaking creepy it's chilling. Actually that whole story is chilling. It really got me thinking about the influence well known people and reporters have on popular culture and also how twisted the media is. I couldn't believe the motivation to get compelling and dangerous footage throughout the movie without having a strong moral urge to intercede or do the right thing. Also, in the beginning of the movie there is a scene where the press is attending a funeral for a child and they're just having a normal business as usual conversation with cell phones ringing and everything. The disconnect of respect and decency depicted was very poignant in my opinion.

20. Rocky Balboa- What is Sly even talking about in half of the movie!? It's just this big slurred jumbled mess of verbage- lol. Actually, I have to say, once it was all said and done I have to admit this was pretty good. It stuck to the original Rocky formulas so I couldn't be that mad at it for the bad acting, dialogue, and triumph with a fighter's heart outcome. You should rent if you need some eye of the tiger in your life and maybe are feeling a little down. J

21. There will be Blood- Talk about an interesting movie. I mean WOW. I kept waiting for the movie to get to the point honestly and in the end I was a little disheartened to find that I had sat through hours of (actually we ended up watching it over two days because it went on for so long) graphic craziness for pretty much more graphic craziness to ensue! The verdict is still out as to whether this movie should be called a good idea or not and I'll tell you why….though long and puzzling, it's intriguing- you want to keep watching because the story is so….so? The story is so compelling and insane and interesting and you're constantly wondering what is this leading up to? There's this sense of anticipation the whole time you're watching….and then…and you'll have to find out for yourselves!

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Nik said...

"There Will Be Blood".

What a movie. And I mean that in a "confused way". I was SO excited to see it because Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar. I admit, his PERFORMANCE was Oscar worthy (I would go up to people and say "I'm an OIL MAN" in his voice.), but that movie was a head scratcher. I left the theater thinking "HUH? What just happened?". I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. And like you, I kept watching because I just KNEW that the story was going to come to some climax.