Thursday, January 25, 2007

Like a fine wine

I went to a wine tasting tonight with two of the other Army wives; Misty and Brittany. They are both around my age. I had a really good time. I think we are all going to get together Wednesday of next week and hang out. I may have made two friends.
I tried 6 different wines tonight:
1. Quail Ridge Chardonnay
2. Quail Ridge Merlot
3. Quail Ridge Cabernet
4. Santelmo Malbec
5. Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc
6. Columbia Cellar Masters Riesling***
I am trying to "develop" my taste for wine and meet some folks down here. I think I accomplished both. I've come to believe that I prefer white wines over reds but these are the only 6 wines I've tried so don't take that as gospel. I'm going to another one on the 15th of Feb.
If I absolutely had to pick a red out of the bunch it would be the Cabernet. It had a good smoky aftertaste. I was impressed with myself that I could tell that. I even swirled the wine around the glass like I was some kind of professional who knew what they were looking for. I will probably buy the Cabernet for now just to cook with if it is not expensive.
Out of the white wines the Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc was deliscious but I loved this wine the most...


The DeDe said...

yum! You can't go wront with a wine from Columbia Winery. I think I've a bottle of their Gerwurtzraminer in my fridge!
If you're trying to get into wines you should check out this great book by Mark Oldman - "Guide to Outsmarting Wines".

Ninabeena said...

Oooooo, thanks for the tip on the book. And thanks for the tip on the wine! I definately will try them both.