Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Surprise, I’m a little late

Almost forgot, I went to the bookstore upon arriving here at the beginning of January. I had a gift certificate from Christmas and I picked up a couple of things. Of course I’m late posting them and now I need to pick up the new IK and the new Knit.1 because they are both packed full of things I like. I was peeping the new IK online the other day. There's some really cute stuff in there! Never mind all that.
Vogue Knitting has this really cool cabled Bolero that I would love to knit- that I will knit come hell or high water.
Knit.1 was just cute; nothing I just had to put on the list.
I really liked the style of the writing in Domiknitrix. It’s by Jennifer Stafford. Her book reminds me of Stitch n' Bitch. It's more straightforward and direct. (I found out she has a blog too-apparently I was the last to know)There are a couple of patterns in there that could come to fruition…but probably not.
There's just way too many things on the knitting wishlist these days and the only thing out of this bunch that made it on was the cabled modular bolero thingy from Vogue.
I. Want. That.Now

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anne said...

Hi Nina! Can't wait to see your Dominitrix projects!