Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I came, I saw…

…and it wasn’t that bad. Here’s the latest list of movies I’ve either seen in the theatre, was sick through, knit through, or relieved my boredom (our shipment didn’t arrive until over a week after we moved here) There were plenty more but I’ve decided to only list maybe five-ish a week and include a featured presentation because it’s my blog and I can. We’ll see how it goes.

1. John Tucker Must Die- Very Mean Girls-esque. Cleverly done like Mean Girls. These type of movies have been a dime a dozen –they’ve came and went and didn’t go as well. Still it is the typical teen movie. It goes a lil sumtin’ like this…“Let me make a dare to like/change/embarrass you etc., oh BUT WAIT! I actually really like you now that I know you, OH No! let me confess it all at the big dance at the end of the movie”. Exactly like that.
2. 40 Year Old Virgin- I didn’t go to see this in the theatre with everyone because I didn’t want to waste my money and I never looked back on that decision. Now the other day this happened to be on cable and it was freaking hilarious…I had a bunch of laugh out loud moments. There were several funny (and inappropriate) sketches in the movie but by far the most hilarious and uncomfortable ones to me were with Andy’s (Steve Carrell) female boss. She was all about “subtly” offering to take his virginity. Nevertheless, overall I thought the ending was sweet and being that Matty and I waited until marriage to "consummate" things, I respected it being put in print even if it was for comedic purposes.
3. Bamboozled- So good. Poked right into the stereotypes blacks (and collectively-all races, as a society) endorse (and have endorsed in the past) in the entertainment industry in order to get paid. Actually, in order to work period. There was a lot of actual footage from old movies, actual toys and figurines depicting pickaninnies and such. It's so crazy to wrapped my mind around that time frame when these images were acceptable and the norm. Funny enought, some of the content reminded me of what Hollywood Shuffle tried to bring light and humor in the eighties (I love that movie too) The pickaninnies particularly hit home with me in relation to a conversation I had with my in-laws last year. Anyway, it’s a fantastic thought provoking movie. It’s directed by Spike Lee and has Savion Glover in it. White and black people all over the world should watch and try to understand. It’s more of a film than just a movie.
4. House of Sand and Fog- I loved this film. Aside from it being beautiful to the eye the acting is great. The story is great. Now here is a warning: This movie is a tragic story but a unique one. I also felt it had civil lessons to take away with also some very cultural ones as well. Out of all five I would recommend this one as number one. Did Jennifer Connelly win something for this movie? She should have. She carries it off perfect. I’m also convinced that every frame in this movie could be a still picture that you could capture and put on your wall somewhere. So interesting. Also, if you rent it know it’s not a funny or action type movie and that it is for more mature audiences. It’s drama, so if you rent it and don’t like that kinda thing don’t come back over here harassing me, I warned ya.
5. The Producers- Had a few clever/funny parts. Had many set similarities and looks close to those in Chicago (I loved Chicago). The musical numbers were amusing for the most part. Still, this film movie musical was not my cup of tea-- although the depiction of “Hitler in Springtime” was unbelievable. I just sat there laughing out big “WOW’s” with each passing swastika. When Hitler finally popped up I did find it pretty amusing.


Black Purl said...

I actually watched Bamboozled a few years back and ii was intense. I actually had the same thought about Hollywood Shuffle. I still reference that movie.....

Anonymous said...

Hi From your Sockret Pal,
Love the new blog. happy to see the move went well and your Sockret box is going out tomorrow. Pray for it. I'm sending it Priority Mail this time!

Jeremiah said...

You're movie reviews are great. I haven't seen John Tucker Must Die, but i feel like that's a perfect synopsis.

I definitely want to check out House of Sand and Fog and 40 Year Old Virgin. I saw Bamboozled years back when it was in theaters, but i don't remember much about it except that i seemed to get too "preachy" towards the end.