Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pick up...

…where we left off shall we. Surprisingly I got the entreloc Danica scarf done. I was DREADING weaving in those ends ya’ll. It only took a couple of hours of Tivo’d American Idol to get them all woven in. I used a crochet hook!
I even blocked it!

And off it went….

I used 3 skeins Lion Cashmere (1 ½ blk, 1 ½ grey) and some scrap Debbie Bliss cashmerino on size 8 Susan Bates needles- aluminum straights.
I felt like a knitting superstar making this. It looks difficult but it wasn’t. Aside from Matty this is one of my first knitted gifts. I hope the recipient really likes it. I’d hate for it to be one of those things people sit out or dig up simply because you’re coming to visit…