Thursday, April 05, 2007

Almost totally forgot, February=5

Here are February’s finished dishcloths for the knit along.

Notice I did two of the Mid-month pattern. I was pretty excited to knit it and really enjoyed myself. I was a psso – ing and k2tog tbl fool.
I made one in white which is perfect without flaw( I have a lifetime supply of white lion cotton yarn) and the other one is SnC cotton. It’s a color called seashore; it ain’t so perfect. Anyway, the color is being discontinued and it was one of the skeins I bought for a mere $0.75
The first pattern was cute and Valentine’s dayish. I used Rose colored SnC and it turned out really sweet. I have to say that when you block these cotton dishcloths it makes a world of difference.
I never brought y'all totally up to speed after I got home from my trip to VA. Did I mention that I've got a lot of projects going on? Well, here's a peek. I'll give you a break down in the days to come

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