Friday, April 13, 2007


Went to my interview yesterday
Dressed professionally.
Got there 10 minutes early.
Politely approached front desk,"My name is Nina Bailey and I have an appt. for an interview with Fallon at 11:30."
Receptionist: "Oh, OK. You can have a seat."
I sit down in front of a glass windowed office where Fallon (complete with name tag) is looking directly at me. I smile. The receptionist goes over to her and they chat.
Receptionist returns: "OK, I'll be interviewing you today over here, I still need to cover the phones and front desk so excuse me," as she ushers me to the edge of some other random office. I hand her my resume.
"What time frame were you looking for? Is transportation an issue? What position are you looking for? OK, well she's done a lot of interviewing today and I'm not sure on how much hiring she plans to do. She'll give you a call."
Me? I'm still a little shocked that they've wasted my time to ask me questions that I filled out on the application the day before. I regained my mental composure, smile, thank her for the "interview". Fallon watches me as I exit. I give her a pleasant smile as well.
What. the. crap? Why do a call back specifically stating, "Would you like to come in for an interview with Fallon at around 11:30 tomorrow?" have me drive 20 minutes across town for a 3 minute interview with the receptionist while the original interviewer looks you dead in the face while doing nothing else important? Furthermore the receptionist informs you "She's had a lot of interviews today--uh, yeah I was under the impression that I was one of them." I have to admit that as I drove home I was pretty ticked.
I filled out another application to another place yesterday. I'm going to fill out more today. I'm still very irritated with the whole experience I've had here job hunting period. Literally every place that I've gone to has had some weird story or ridiculous level of incompetence/unprofessionalism involved. I am not being conceited- I promise you guys I'm not- but I know for a fact it's not me. 100% of the time I've been more professional and put together than any of the people I've been dealing with. Matty says that's the problem (of course he would say that).
I don't want to work an office job and I do not want to work retail.
More than anything I was really excited about this interview and I feel like I was wronged in some way today. I felt like something was fishy for some reason. I don't know what it was but I had the "What is really going on here?" feeling.


Anna said...

What the devil? I think your hubby's making an excellent point. I've been through some nutty interviews myself, so I can definitely empathize. Keep your chin up! I've been through Columbus and one of my old college roommates was from there. It definitely isn't you!

Jenniturbo said...

Wow.. I would have used some choice words under my breath as I left! I wouldn't have had the courage, but I'd have wanted to ask "why the heck are YOU interviewing me when Fallon is sitting right there doing nothing? If you've already made a decision then just tell me, don't make a little show of interviewing me." Oh, I woulda been pissed. You'll find something good, don't worry! and don't give up!