Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stash is out of control.

I have so much that I need to get done in these next months it's ridiculous. I look forward to the adventure and to learning new things.
One thing I have had time for was to buy more yarn. I'm pretty much sure my stash is officially out of control. I am definitely acquiring at a quicker rate that I could ever knit. Somehow I've managed to pick up yarn in each place that I've visited over the last two months…. except for Atlanta! Interesting….it's not because I didn't have plans to stop there that's for sure!
I showed you what I got in New Mexico, here's a look at some of the stuff I got in Italy. I found a great shop there called Bevilacqua Lane Vicenza.
The first stuff I picked up there was this great springy, squishy ZarOne yarn by Filatura Di Crosa. I got 8 balls in a sort or khaki color and knit Matty another scarf that he could take with him to Afghanistan. Can you believe I knit him a man sized 2x2 ribbed scarf in 3 days in the midst of all we were doing there? Of course I don't have any pics of the finished product for some reason….nevertheless, I really liked the yarn. I only used 6 balls so when I went to Sumter, SC to see my sister she got the other two. Two balls only gives you like 120 or something like that. I wonder what she'll make. I just hope she enjoys it as much as I did and maybe she'll post up a pic of the yarn. On the other hand before I got there to Italy I finished the original scarf I was knitting him in Cascade 22o. You get the idea. It's seed stitch. Amazingly, I actually do have a picture of it.

It took me a couple weeks to make. I have a whole lot of the dark brown left. Don't know what I'll make out of it.
Anyway, I also got my sister a big bag of really soft Italian wool in her favorite color-don't know the name and I don't have a pic- maybe she'll post one up whenever she gets back to blog land. With the new baby I don't know how much knitting homegirl will really be doing but when the time comes I got her enough to make herself something nice. I also got her 2 balls of Filatura Di Crosa mohair. It's pictured below.

I got myself the other two balls of mohair along with this crazy colored Mondial seven. I figured I could make some type of grocery store or market bag with that stuff.

Then I fell upon this bag of Filatura Di Crosa Print 127 on sale full of colors that just screamed "Nina, baby you know that you like my style, you know that you like my style." I was like, holler atcha girl, you could be a cute little blanket or something one day"

There's more traveling goodness but I fear that this is looking way too ridiculous, still you know that I didn't leave Sumter empty handed- mainly due to my sister. She's an enabler.

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